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This is a list of events that will happen in 2017. First book editions are shown in bold text.


1st - ZH-TW paperback edition of The First Battle is released (最初戰役)[1]
16th - NL edition of Long Shadows is released (Lange schaduwen)[2]
31st - FR paperback edition of Twilight is released (Crepúsculo)[3]


1st - ZH-TW paperback edition of Tales from the Clans is released (說不完的故事2)[4]
6th - DE paperback version of Eclipse is released (Zeit der Dunkelheit)[5]
6th - DE paperback version of Long Shadows is released (Lange Schatten)[6]
6th - DE hardcover version of The Apprentice's Quest is released (Die Mission des Schülers)[7]
13th - DE paperback version of Crookedstar's Promise is released (Streifensterns Bestimmung)[8]
13th - DE hardcover version of Secrets of the Clans is released (Die letzten Geheimnisse)[9]


2nd - FR Kindle version of The Last Hope is released (le Dernier Espoir)[10]
15th - FI version of The Fourth Apprentice is released (Neljäs oppilas)[11]
16th - FR paperback version of The Last Hope is released (le Dernier Espoir)[12]
17th - DE paperback version of A Dangerous Path is released (Gefährliche Spuren)[13]
21st - DE paperback version of Into the Wild is released (In die Wildnis)[14]


4th - DE paperback version of The Darkest Hour is released (Stunde der Finsternis)[15]
11th - US paperback and E-book editions of Legends of the Clans are released.[16]
11th - US hardcover and E-book editions of Shattered Sky are released.[17]
15th - ZH paperback version of Moth Flight's Vision is released (蛾飛的幻象)[18]


15th - ZH paperback version of A Forest Divided is released (分裂森林)[19]
18th - DE paperback version of Rising Storm is released (Vor dem Sturm)[20]
Late May - JP version of Night Whispers is released (夜のささやき[21]


15th - FI version of Fading Echoes is released (Etäiset kaiut)[22]


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


5th - US hardcover and E-book editions of Tigerheart's Shadow are released.[23]
30th - ES paperback version of Sunset is released (Atardecer)[24]


Coming Soon


7th - US hardcover edition of Darkest Night is released.[25]


Coming Soon


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