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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in A Clan in Need that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

Chapter 1

  • Ravenpaw and Barley are seen at the Moonstone.
    • Barley has a dream in which he is bringing prey to his sister, Violet, then dreams about his brothers, Snake and Ice, being commanded by Scourge to attack Violet.
  • Barley wakes up and Ravenpaw reassures him that it's alright.
  • They decide to ask ThunderClan for help.
  • They are stopped by a WindClan patrol while crossing over the territory, and are accused of stealing a WindClan kit, named Crowkit.
    • Ravenpaw tells them they didn't and Mudclaw then recognizes Ravenpaw
    • They agree to keep an eye out for Crowkit.
  • Ravenpaw and Barley arrive at Fourtrees and see Crowkit trying to climb the Great Rock.
  • They take Crowkit back to the WindClan cats.
    • They arrive to see WindClan accusing a ThunderClan patrol of stealing Crowkit.
    • Ravenpaw and Barley stop the argument by returning Crowkit.
  • Ravenpaw and Barley go with the ThunderClan patrol back to their camp.
  • They are greeted warmly by old Clanmates and are introduced to Firestar's kits, Leafkit and Squirrelkit.

Chapter 2

  • Firestar welcomes Ravenpaw and Barley to the ThunderClan camp.
    • They share prey and Ravenpaw tells Firestar about the trouble with the rogues on the farm.
  • Firestar allows them to rest in the camp, then walks away.
  • Warriors come back into the camp with injuries and Cinderpelt treats them.
  • Firestar explains to Ravenpaw that rogues have been attacking patrols and stealing prey.
    • Ravenpaw understands that they can't spare a patrol.
    • They will take part in hunting patrols while in ThunderClan.
  • Ravenpaw and Barley go on a hunting patrol with Cloudtail and Graystripe.
    • Rogues from Twolegplace ambush them and steal their prey.
    • Another ThunderClan patrol arrives and the rogues run off with the prey.

Chapter 3

  • Graystripe asks Barley if he knew the Twolegplace cats, since they seemed to know him.
    • Barley tells him he doesn't know them.
  • Ravenpaw confronts Barley about the rogue cats as well.
    • Barley tells him that part of his life is over, and that he doesn't want to talk about it.
  • Firestar asks Barley if he can speak to him.
    • He tells Barley that if he knows anything about those cats, that ThunderClan will find them and fight.
    • Barley gets angry and says that he can't help them, and runs off.
  • The whole of ThunderClan is starving from the loss of prey.
  • Rainpaw tells Ravenpaw and Barley that Sorrelpaw was hurt badly by the rogues.
    • Ravenpaw and Barley go to help her.
    • They find Sorrelpaw, and she says that there were so many of the rogues, and she couldn't fight them.
    • The patrol brings her back to camp.
  • Rainpaw and Sootpaw hope that Sorrelpaw is okay.
    • Rainpaw says he tried to protect Sorrelpaw, but there were too many rogues.
  • Barley tells Ravenpaw that the rogues tried to kill his sister.
  • Barley says he will help, and they go talk to Firestar.
  • Firestar calls a Clan Meeting and Barley tells the Clan about the BloodClan cats.
    • Ravenpaw suggests they talk to Violet and Barley agrees.

Chapter 4

  • Ravenpaw and Barley go into Twolegplace.
  • They meet Violet at a Twoleg Nest and talk to her about BloodClan.
  • They go to talk to Violet's friend Mitzi.
    • Mitzi tells them how her son, Fritz, was taken by BloodClan.
  • Mitzi takes them to BloodClan's camp and they see many cats on guard outside, including Snipe.
  • They leave BloodClan's camp and thank Mitzi for showing them.
  • Violet decides to go with Ravenpaw and Barley to fight BloodClan.
    • The three of them go back to ThunderClan.

Chapter 5

  • A patrol of ThunderClan cats, including Firestar, Ravenpaw, Barley, Violet, Graystripe, and Brightheart, are seen leaving to go attack BloodClan.
  • They scare away the cats guarding BloodClan's camp then go inside and wait to attack.
  • Snake and Ice are seen giving a speech to BloodClan.
    • Violet emerges from the shadows and reminds Snake and Ice that their real names are Hoot and Jumper, and that she is their sister.
    • Barley is angered by the way the BloodClan cats talk to his sister, so he attacks and the rest of the patrol soon follows.
  • The ThunderClan cats are victorious against the BloodClan cats.
    • Snake and Ice try to make a deal with the ThunderClan cats but Barley declines and tells him it's too late.
  • Snake and Ice blame the prey stealing on the other BloodClan cats, and they are angered.
    • The other BloodClan cats chase Snake and Ice away from their camp.
  • Fritz appears in the camp and Violet agrees to take him home.
  • Firestar and the rest of the cats go back to ThunderClan while Barley takes Violet home.
    • He thanks Ravenpaw for all the help and tells him he will take a patrol to go take the farm back for Ravenpaw and Barley.
  • Barley returns to the ThunderClan camp and Ravenpaw greets him.
    • Ravenpaw happily tells him that they will be taking back the farm soon.
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