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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in A Dangerous Path that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading.

  • Twolegs bring dogs to guard the Treecut Place after the fire.
    • They are unloaded from a vehicle and locked in a fenced area.
  • One night, the Pack Leader discovers a hole leading under the fence.
    • They dig a tunnel and escape.
    • They set out to hunt for prey in the forest.

  • The ThunderClan warriors return to the camp.
  • Fireheart tells the cats in the camp that Tigerclaw - now Tigerstar - has taken over ShadowClan.
  • Fireheart talks with Cinderpelt; she misses Yellowfang.
  • Fireheart tells Bluestar about what happened at the Gathering.
    • She is angry over this fact and appalled that ShadowClan accepted him after what he did.
    • Fireheart reminds her that no other Clan knows of his deeds.
    • Bluestar states that ThunderClan is doomed, and asks Fireheart to double the patrols.

  • Several days have passed, but there is no sign of attack from ShadowClan.
    • The cats are busy rebuilding the camp.
  • Whitestorm reports that his patrol found scent of dogs near Snakerocks.
    • Fireheart dismisses the report, assuming that it was only a Twoleg walking a pet dog in the forest.
  • Prey is scarce after the fire, and several hunting patrols set out, doing border patrol duties as well.
  • Fireheart and Sandstorm head for Sunningrocks, where they meet Graystripe.
    • Graystripe tells that RiverClan is worried about Tigerstar.
    • He also tells that Crookedstar is very weak from old age, and Leopardfur is leading the Clan.
  • Cinderpelt tells Fireheart of a dream she had that night: animals roaming the forest, and strange voices chanting "pack, pack" and "kill, kill".
    • She does not know what the dream means, and Fireheart is not interested, as he has already enough on his mind.

  • ThunderClan is surviving, but all warriors are overstretched.
  • Fireheart assesses the fighting skills of Brightpaw, Cloudpaw, Thornpaw, and Swiftpaw.
    • He thinks they are ready to be made warriors.
  • Fireheart sees Bramblekit hurt Snowkit while they are trying to play.
    • Bramblekit accuses Snowkit of being unable to play properly.
  • Fireheart still feels hostile towards Bramblekit, due to his resemblance to his father, Tigerstar.
    • Goldenflower says that she wants her kits to grow up happy, not feeling guilty because of what Tigerstar did.
    • She also says that Fireheart should tell them about what their father did.
  • Brackenfur comments to Fireheart that something might be wrong with Snowkit; he is slow, unresponsive and undeveloped.
    • Speckletail stands up for her kit, and tells that nothing is wrong with him.
  • Fireheart talks to Bluestar about making Brightpaw, Cloudpaw, Thornpaw, and Swiftpaw into warriors.
    • Bluestar refuses to make any but Cloudpaw, Fireheart's apprentice, into a warrior.

  • Fireheart asks Cinderpelt to casually look over Speckletail's kit.
  • The next day, Cinderpelt heads for Highstones for the medicine cat's meeting; her first time as a full medicine cat.
  • At Fourtrees, they meet up with Runningnose and Littlecloud.
    • Littlecloud is now Runningnose's apprentice.
    • Runningnose tells about the rogues that came to ShadowClan; he says they act as loyal Clan cats.
    • He also reveals that Nightstar did not get nine lives from StarClan, possibly because Brokenstar was still alive.
  • Cinderpelt, Runningnose, and Littlecloud leave for Highstones, and say farewell to Fireheart.

  • Fireheart dreams of a dark forest.
    • He calls out for Spottedleaf, but Spottedleaf does not show up.
  • Fireheart wakes up and goes hunting with Sandstorm.
  • They meet Princess near Tallpines.
    • Sandstorm is initially hostile, but Fireheart reveals that she is his sister.
    • Princess is relieved that both him and Cloudpaw are all right after the fire.
  • A monster comes by and three Twolegs get out of it, looking for the escaped dogs, but do not find them.
  • Fireheart and Sandstorm pass by RiverClan territory where Graystripe is waiting.
    • He mentions a possible allegiance between Tigerstar and Leopardfur.
  • Mistyfoot comes by and announces that Graypool, a RiverClan elder, is missing.
  • Fireheart notices Graypool climbing a slope towards Fourtrees where Tigerstar is waiting.

  • Fireheart finds Graypool talking to Tigerstar, thinking he is Oakheart.
    • Graypool reveals Bluestar's secret, that Mistyfoot and Stonefur are Bluestar's kits.
    • She realizes Tigerstar isn't Oakheart and while backing away, rolls down a steep slope and dies.
  • Tigerstar leaves, and Mistyfoot and Graystripe arrive to see Graypool's dead body.
    • Fireheart does not tell about Graypool's discussion with Tigerstar.
  • Bramblekit catches his first prey, and Fireheart reluctantly praises him.
  • Cinderpelt tests Snowkit's hearing and it is revealed he is deaf.
    • Bluestar declares that he will never become a warrior, and Speckletail takes it badly.

  • Fireheart leads a patrol near Snakerocks.
    • They smell strong dog scent and find scraps of prey and dog dirt, just like Whitestorm's patrol some days before.
    • Fireheart concludes that these could not be Twoleg pets, and assumes that a dog is loose in the forest.
  • Whitestorm tells Fireheart that his patrol found traces of dog near the RiverClan border.
  • Speckletail is trying to teach Snowkit hunting techniques, but with no success.
  • Fireheart reports to Bluestar about the loose dog near the border.
    • Bluestar thinks that it is WindClan hunting on their territory, and does not believe that there is a dog.
    • She gets angry and does not want to hear Fireheart's reasoning.
  • A hawk plunges into the camp, and the cats run for cover.
    • Snowkit is taken by the hawk because he does not hear the warnings others shout at him.
    • Speckletail and Fireheart try to save him, but without success.
    • Bluestar thinks that this is a sign from StarClan, and they are at war with ThunderClan.

  • The hawk's attack and Bluestar's claim make the Clan cats shocked and frightened.
    • Fireheart wants to speak with Bluestar, but she demands to be left alone.
    • Brackenfur and Swiftpaw chase the hawk, but cannot catch up with it, and return soon.
  • Cloudpaw reveals that he does not believe in StarClan, and Brightpaw is shocked.
  • Fireheart and Cinderpelt try to convince the cats that StarClan did not abandon them, and the hawk had nothing to do with StarClan.
    • The panic gradually subsides.
  • Fireheart tells the Clan about the loose dog, and that they should be careful.
  • Fireheart talks with Cinderpelt about Bluestar's condition.
    • Cinderpelt says that the Clan Leader's opinions and judgment should be always respected, and they argue.

  • Bluestar leads ThunderClan to the Gathering herself.
    • Fireheart cannot decide whether this is a good thing or not, due to Bluestar's mental condition.
  • Onewhisker introduces Gorsepaw to Fireheart.
  • It is revealed that Crookedstar is dead, Leopardstar is the new RiverClan leader, and Stonefur is her deputy.
    • Graystripe tells Fireheart of Leopardstar's plans to take back Sunningrocks.
    • Fireheart says that Graystripe shouldn't tell him that, and fears for his friend.
  • The Gathering starts.
    • Leopardstar announces the deaths of Crookedstar and Graypool.
    • Tigerstar announces new apprentices and kits in ShadowClan. He does not seem hostile to other Clans.
    • Bluestar accuses WindClan of stealing prey, and Tallstar accuses ThunderClan of the same thing.
  • Fireheart sees Darkstripe and Tigerstar talking about Tigerstar's kits.

  • Bluestar calls Fireheart to her den, telling that she plans an attack on WindClan.
    • Fireheart protests, saying that it was not WindClan stealing the prey, and that ThunderClan is too weak for a fight.
    • Bluestar does not listen, and asks Fireheart to choose warriors for the battle.
    • Fireheart hesitates, and Bluestar tells that she will lead the attack herself.
  • Fireheart wants advice from Cinderpelt, but she is out collecting herbs.
  • He sleeps, hoping that StarClan will give him advice in his dreams.
    • He sees Spottedleaf and Yellowfang, who tell him that the battle must be prevented.
  • Fireheart decides that he will prevent the battle, even if that means disobeying the leader.

  • Fireheart slips out of camp, planning to arrange a meeting between Bluestar and Tallstar to discuss the loss of prey.
  • He arrives at Fourtrees, and smells ThunderClan scent.
    • He sees Darkstipe taking Bramblekit and Tawnykit toward the ShadowClan border.
    • He sees them meet Tigerstar, who reveals to the kits that he is their father.
    • Bramblekit asks why is he the ShadowClan leader when their mother is a ThunderClan cat.
  • Fireheart reveals himself and asks Tigerstar and Darkstripe what are they doing.
    • Tigerstar says he just wanted to see his kits, and that he hopes they are in good care.
  • Fireheart orders Darkstripe to take the kits back to the ThunderClan camp.
  • He continues towards WindClan territory.

  • Fireheart reaches WindClan territory by dusk.
    • He sees Mudclaw, Gorsepaw, and Onewhisker; but they do not detect him.
    • He calls out to Gorsepaw, and asks him to tell Onewhisker that he is there.
  • Onewhisker is hostile, but agrees to take him to the WindClan camp, to meet Tallstar.
  • Fireheart tells Tallstar and Deadfoot about Bluestar's plan to attack them.
    • He suggests a meeting between Tallstar and Bluestar at dawn at Fourtrees, and Tallstar accepts.
    • He asks Tallstar to send Bluestar a message through Ravenpaw about the meeting.
  • Fireheart returns to the ThunderClan camp and tells Whitestorm what he has done.
  • They tell all the warriors about the plan of a peaceful meeting instead of a battle.
    • The warriors are reluctant to go behind their leader's back, but finally accept.
    • Sandstorm is hostile towards Fireheart; their friendship suffers.
    • Fireheart arranges a party of warriors and apprentices to escort Bluestar to Fourtrees.
  • Fireheart asks Cinderpelt whether he did the right thing, but she says that it is his decision.

  • Ravenpaw arrives and Fireheart takes him to Bluestar.
    • Ravenpaw says that Tallstar wants to talk with Bluestar.
    • Bluestar eventually agrees to talk with Tallstar.
  • The ThunderClan cats arrive at Fourtrees.
    • Tallstar also brings warriors with him.
    • The leaders talk, Bluestar is finally convinced that WindClan did not steal prey, and the battle is avoided.
  • The cats head back to the camp.
  • Bluestar accuses Fireheart of treachery, and says that all ThunderClan cats are traitors.
  • Longtail tells Fireheart that Swiftpaw should be made a warrior.
  • Cinderpelt tells Fireheart that she cannot find Bluestar anywhere.

  • Cinderpelt says she looked everywhere, but Bluestar is not in the camp.
    • Fireheart wants to assemble a search party, but Whitestorm says that Bluestar can look after herself.
    • Sandstorm, Brindleface, and Cloudpaw go looking for Bluestar, but cannot find her.
  • Bluestar returns to the camp the next day.
    • She went to Highstones on her own, to challenge StarClan.
    • StarClan told her that there was evil loose in the forest; a pack that would bring destruction.
    • Fireheart wonders what did they mean, and thinks that the "pack" might mean ShadowClan.
  • Fireheart remembers Cinderpelt's dream in which she heard the words "pack, pack" and "kill, kill".

  • Fireheart sets up more patrols, so the Clan could warned in time in case of danger.
  • The forest has recovered after the fire, but autumn comes, the days grow colder, and prey is scarce.
  • One morning, Bluestar decides to lead a patrol.
    • They meet RiverClan cats at Sunningrocks, including Leopardstar.
  • Leopardstar states that Sunningrocks belongs to RiverClan.
    • The two Clans fight, but ThunderClan are hopelessly outnumbered.
    • Fireheart sends Swiftpaw for reinforcements, and a hunting patrol arrives soon to help them.
  • Mistyfoot and Stonefur are about to kill Bluestar, who refuses to fight them.
    • Fireheart reveals that Bluestar is their mother.

  • Fireheart tells them about how Bluestar gave them to RiverClan.
    • Mistyfoot and Stonefur are reluctant to believe him.
  • Graystripe warns Fireheart in time for him to dodge Leopardstar's attack.
    • Graystripe pulls Leopardstar off Fireheart.
    • She exiles him from RiverClan for this.
  • More ThunderClan reinforcements arrive, and RiverClan is driven away.
  • Bluestar invites Mistyfoot and Stonefur to join ThunderClan, but they refuse and are hostile to her.
  • Bluestar allows Graystripe to rejoin ThunderClan, saying that one more traitor in the Clan will not make any difference.

  • The cats return to the ThunderClan camp.
    • Tawnykit asks who is Graystripe, and Darkstripe replies that he is a traitor.
    • Graystripe and Fireheart visit Cinderpelt to get their wounds treated.
  • The Clan is reluctant to accept Graystripe, and are suspicious of him.
  • Bluestar decides to make Cloudpaw a warrior.
    • She refuses to promote the other apprentices, disapproving of their belief in StarClan.
    • Longtail is angry that Swiftpaw does not become a warrior.
  • Bluestar calls a Clan Meeting for Cloudpaw's Warrior Ceremony, naming him Cloudtail.
    • Only a few cats welcome him; the other apprentices are offended.

  • Cloudtail finishes his vigil and Fireheart plans to take him on a hunting patrol.
  • Fernpaw tells Fireheart that Swiftpaw and Brightpaw have gone to Snakerocks.
    • They were planning to find out who is stealing prey, hoping that they would become warriors after their brave actions.
  • Fireheart, Sandstorm, Graystripe, and Cloudtail go searching for the missing apprentices.
    • They pick up a trail leading to Snakerocks.
    • They find the apprentices; Swiftpaw is killed, ripped by enormous teeth, while Brightpaw is seriously injured.
  • The cats fear that whatever creature did this, might return; but nothing moves.
  • Sandstorm dashes off to fetch Cinderpelt.
  • Brightpaw says that the Pack did this to them.

  • Cinderpelt tends to Brightpaw, then takes her back to the camp.
    • She was unable to save Brightpaw's eye or ear, and is unsure whether she will survive.
    • Cloudtail is protective of Brightpaw, and blames Fireheart for her injury.
    • Fireheart agrees and tells him that he tried his best.
  • Bluestar gives her the warrior name of Lostface in a rarely used ceremony for a dying apprentice who is ready to be a warrior.
  • Lostface mutters again about the Pack, and Bluestar believes that it is the same thing StarClan warned her about.
    • Bluestar believes that the Pack was sent by StarClan to punish her.
  • Fireheart decides to take Bramblekit as his apprentice, as he still does not trust him, and wants to keep an eye on him.
  • Graystripe suggests that Sandstorm should mentor Tawnykit, but Fireheart declines, afraid of what Tigerstar might do to her.
    • Sandstorm is angry at this, and turns her back on Fireheart.
  • Lostface wakes up, but is still very weak, and has nightmares about the Pack.
  • Bluestar holds a Clan Meeting where Bramblekit and Tawnykit are apprenticed.

  • Fireheart and Brackenfur take Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw to show them the ThunderClan territory.
    • Bramblepaw is brave, curious, and eager to learn.
    • They came upon the Thunderpath and see monsters passing by.
  • Bramblepaw asks whether he can visit his father in ShadowClan.
    • He asks why did Tigerstar leave ThunderClan, and Fireheart tells him about Tigerstar's past.
    • Fireheart tells that no cat will blame Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw for what their father did.
    • Bramblepaw does not believe this, sensing Fireheart's mistrust of him.
  • Lostface gets better and her wounds are healing.
    • Cloudtail suggests that she should live with the elders, and Lostface agrees.
    • She cannot recall anything about the dog attack.

  • There is a Gathering, and Bluestar leads ThunderClan, despite her condition.
    • Tigerstar and Leopardstar are very friendly towards each other.
    • Mosspelt tells Graystripe that his kits are apprentices now; Featherpaw and Stormpaw.
  • The Gathering starts.
    • Tallstar makes a report on WindClan.
  • Tigerstar asks for his kits back, saying that they belong to him.
    • He says that ThunderClan have a poor record in looking after their young cats, and Fireheart realizes it must have been Darkstripe who told him about Snowkit, Swiftpaw, and Brightpaw.
    • He also says that this would not be the first time when ThunderClan gave up kits; referring to Mistyfoot and Stonefur.
  • Bluestar promises an answer at the next Gathering.

  • Fireheart, Graystripe, Cloudtail, and Lostface go on a patrol towards Tallpines.
  • They visit Twolegplace, where they meet Princess.
    • Fireheart introduces Graystripe and Lostface to Princess, and tells that Cloudtail is now a warrior.
    • He asks her whether she heard about a loose dog in the forest, but Princess says she did not.
    • She is uneasy when she sees Lostface's injury, and Lostface takes it badly.
  • Lostface asks to see her face in a puddle, and is horrified by what she sees.
    • She is comforted by Cloudtail.
  • Fireheart dreams of Spottedleaf, who repeats her earlier warning about an enemy that never sleeps.
  • Sandstorm is still hostile towards Fireheart, and spends time with Dustpelt.
  • Longtail reports that he scented Tigerstar near Snakerocks, and Fireheart should come to see.
    • Fireheart thinks that Longtail wants to lure him in a trap, but Cinderpelt tells him to go.
  • Longtail says that several enormous dogs are living in a cave at Snakerocks, and Tigerstar is feeding them with rabbits.
    • They wonder why Tigerstar does that.

  • Fireheart and Sandstorm admit their love for each other.
  • Cinderpelt tells Fireheart that the forest is dark with evil, but the Clan stands beside him.
  • At dawn, Fireheart takes a patrol to investigate Snakerocks.
    • They find Tigerstar's scent on dead rabbits.
    • They see that Tigerstar has laid a trail of rabbits to the ThunderClan camp.
    • Fireheart plans to dump the rabbits in the river, but knows that the scent would still lead the dogs to the camp.
  • They race back to the camp to warn the others.
    • Cloudtail finds Brindleface's dead body at the end of the trail.

  • Brindleface is carried back to the camp and buried.
  • Fireheart tells the Clan about the pack, and about Tigerstar's plan to lure them to the camp.
    • He tells that all cats should leave the camp at once.
  • Fireheart forms a plan to take the dogs to the gorge, and lure them over the edge.
    • He chooses some warriors and apprentices to lure the dogs; the rest of the Clan go to Sunningrocks.
  • Darkstripe tries to take Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw out of camp, but is stopped by Fireheart.
    • Fireheart asks Brackenfur and Whitestorm to watch over Bramblepaw, Tawnypaw, and Darkstripe.
  • He tells Bluestar about the pack, and she agrees to lead the fleeing cats to Sunningrocks.

  • Fireheart stations the warriors and apprentices at different positions.
    • The first in the line are Ashpaw and Fernpaw; next are Sandstorm, Longtail, Dustpelt, Mousefur, and Graystripe.
    • Fireheart goes to the steepest part of the gorge himself, taking over the final stretch.
  • The dogs do not come, and Fireheart wonders why is it taking so long.
    • Eventually, he hears barking, and Graystripe appears, chased by the Pack Leader.
  • He runs toward the gorge in his turn, but Tigerstar appears and leaps on him.

  • Tigerstar holds down Fireheart until the Pack Leader catches up, then flees.
  • The Pack Leader grabs Fireheart by his scruff, and shakes him.
  • Bluestar comes out of nowhere, and drives the leader down the gorge, but she falls over as well.
    • The Pack Leader and two other dogs drown, while the rest of the pack scatters.
  • Fireheart jumps down to save Bluestar, but cannot drag her out of the water.
    • Mistyfoot and Stonefur save Fireheart and Bluestar.
    • Graystripe and Tigerstar show up as well.
  • Mistyfoot and Stonefur recognize Bluestar as their mother, and forgive her.
  • Bluestar reconciles with StarClan.
    • She names Fireheart as her successor, revealing the meaning of the prophecy "Fire will save the Clan".
  • Bluestar dies, and Fireheart now has leadership rights over ThunderClan.
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