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"Would you sacrifice our own kits and elders to save theirs? If we don't attack now, ThunderClan will be destroyed. Is it not worth risking a few WindClan lives to save all of ours?"
— Adderfang in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 113
Current: StarClan[1]
Past: ThunderClan[2]
Senior Warrior:
StarClan Resident:
Patchpelt, Redtail
Leopardfoot, Spottedleaf, Willowpelt
Mentor(s): Harepounce[3]
Apprentice(s): Thistleclaw,[5] Redtail or Willowpelt[6]
Temporary Deputy Position
Preceded by: Tawnyspots[4]
Succeeded by: Bluefur[7]
Book Appearances
Living: Goosefeather's Curse, Tallstar's Revenge, Yellowfang's Secret, Crookedstar's Promise, Bluestar's Prophecy, Battles of the Clans
Dead: The Last Hope

Adderfang is a mottled,[2] dark[8] brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.[2] He has massive shoulders[9] and a broad head.[10]


In the Super Edition Arc

Tallstar's Revenge

Adderfang does not formally appear in Tallstar's Revenge but is listed in the allegiances.

Yellowfang's Secret

Adderfang does not formally appear in Yellowfang's Secret but is listed in the allegiances.

Crookedstar's Promise

During a Gathering, Adderfang is boasting that there was a good batch of apprentices for ThunderClan that year. As the Gathering continues, Oakheart shouts that ThunderClan had always been kittypet friends. Adderfang whips his head around, eyes blazing, and snarls who was he calling kittypet friends.
Adderfang is on the ThunderClan patrol that encounters RiverClan when they try to take back Sunningrocks. Before they could fight, Mudfur stops it and proposes that he fight Adderfang alone to save bloodshed. Mudfur eventually pins down Adderfang like a trout and Adderfang surrenders. Adderfang is then helped home by his Clanmates, and, due to this reason, Mudfur steps down to become a medicine cat apprentice, gradually telling Hailstar he would like to save lives, not destroy them.
After Crookedjaw becomes the RiverClan deputy, Adderfang hisses at him, wondering why Hailstar made him deputy. He reasons that Crookedjaw wasn't ever ready to fight with his Clan. When Fallowtail mentions that Crookedjaw was RiverClan's strongest warrior, Adderfang slides from the crowd, sniffing that he thought Crookedjaw had never fought in a real battle. Hollyflower flicks her tail, and says that Adderfang was still sulking after being beaten by a medicine cat. Adderfang scowls, saying he wasn't a medicine cat at the time, and shoots an angry glance at Mudfur.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Adderfang first appears as a senior warrior of ThunderClan. He is the father of Swiftbreeze's kits, Leopardkit and Patchkit.
Adderfang is first seen playing with his kits, Leopardkit and Patchkit, outside of the nursery. Bluekit, who is  watching from the nursery, thinks that Adderfang is a good father to them. She wishes that her own father, Stormtail, would pay as much attention to her as Adderfang does to his kits.
When Bluekit and Snowkit meet Goosefeather, they ask Goosefeather to interpret the clouds as a prophecy. Adderfang walks by, archly asking if there is another prophecy. Bluekit appears surprised, wondering if Adderfang believed in prophecies. Snowkit asks if the prophecy meant her and Bluekit and Goosefeather replies that it could. Hearing this, Adderfang snorts at this as he pads away.
Before the apprentice ceremonies of Leopardkit and Patchkit, Adderfang is noted to be sitting beside Swiftbreeze at the edge of the clearing. His chest is thrust forward, and his chin is held high while Pinestar begins the meeting. During Patchkit's ceremony, Pinestar acknowledges that Patchkit already had Adderfang's courage shining in his eyes.
Later, Adderfang expresses his opinion heavily on how ThunderClan should fight against WindClan. After Goosefeather has a sign from StarClan, Adderfang's will becomes all the more stronger, and he is heavily supported by Stormtail. When Pinestar talks to Bluepaw about battles, he looks at Adderfang and remarks that only mouse-brains run into battle without fear.
Adderfang later receives Thistlepaw as an apprentice. When Bluefur leads a hunting patrol, he gives her a look when she gives him an order. He later scolds his apprentice for yowling and alerting the prey, so he puts Thistlepaw in charge of guarding the catch. When Tawnyspots, the ThunderClan deputy, is ill, Adderfang is the one who fills in for him. Bluefur thought that Adderfang or Stormtail would be chosen as deputy after Tawnyspots retired, but Sunstar wanted a younger cat to succeed him and instead chose Bluefur. He is also seen after Bluefur loses her kits, asking her gently if she'd like to join a hunting patrol.

In the Omen of the Stars Arc

The Last Hope

When Jayfeather unites StarClan and leads them over a ravine in the territory, Adderfang is seen among them, having joined with Tawnyspots, Frostfur, and Swiftbreeze.

In the Novellas

Goosefeather's Curse

Adderpaw is first seen following his mentor, Harepounce, at the back of a hunting patrol, despositing their prey on the fresh-kill pile. Adderpaw twitches his tail and invites Goosekit to try the mouse he proudly caught himself. Goosekit goes over to sniff at it, and gives a wince since he prefers his mother's milk. Adderpaw asks if he doesn’t want it, obviously sounding disappointed. Goosekit grabs the mouse but is shoved by a cat, and Adderpaw calls to Nettlebreeze to watch out. He also points out there is plenty of food to go around. Nettlebreeze asks if Adderpaw said something, but is distracted by Goosekit. Windflight mentions later that he wants to take Swiftpaw out to battle training with Harepounce and Adderpaw.
Adderpaw has his warrior ceremony along with Stormtail and Swiftbreeze, and is renamed Adderfang. The Clan cheers their new names. After ThunderClan starts burying prey to keep them fresh, Adderfang staggers past Goosefeather and deposits a squirrel into one of the holes.

In the Field Guide Arc

Battles of the Clans

When Lionpaw runs away from a battle with ShadowClan, Adderfang and his former apprentice, Thistleclaw, show up to help drive out the intruders.


  • Vicky originally wanted to name him Adderflight.[11]
  • Vicky thinks he might be descended from Spottedpelt.[12]

Character Pixels

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Swiftbreeze:[13] Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Patchpelt:[14] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Redtail:[15] Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Leopardfoot:[14] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Spottedleaf:[15] Deceased, No Residence
Willowpelt:[15] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
See more
Longtail:[16] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Graystripe:[17] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Darkstripe:[18] Deceased, Verified Place of No Stars member
Rainwhisker:[19] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Sootfur:[19] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Tigerstar:[20] Deceased, No Residence


Mistkit:[20] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Nightkit:[20] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Sandstorm:[17] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Sorreltail:[21] Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Stormfur:[22] Living (As of Sign of the Moon)
Bumblestripe:[23] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Bramblestar:[24] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Hawkfrost:[25] Deceased, No Residence
Tadpole:[25] Deceased, Residence Unknown
Molepaw:[26] Deceased, Verified StarClan member


Feathertail:[22] Deceased, Verified Tribe of Endless Hunting and StarClan member
Blossomfall:[23] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Briarlight:[23] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Tawnypelt:[24] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Mothwing:[25] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Leafpool:[27] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Squirrelflight:[27] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Cinderheart:[26] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Honeyfern:[26] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Poppyfrost:[26] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Seedpaw:[28] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Lilyheart:[28] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)


Pine That Clings to Rock:[29] Living (As of Sign of the Moon)
Lionblaze:[30] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Jayfeather:[30] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Tigerheart:[31] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Flametail:[31] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Molewhisker:[32] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Alderheart:[33] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Juniperkit:[33] Deceased, Verified StarClan Member
Larkpaw:[34] Status Unknown


Lark That Sings at Dawn:[29] Living (As of Sign of the Moon)
Hollyleaf:[30] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Dawnpelt:[31] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Cherryfall:[32] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Sparkpelt:[33] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Dandelionkit:[33] Deceased, Verified StarClan member
Honeypaw:[34] Status Unknown
Leafpaw:[34] Status Unknown


Juniperclaw:[34] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Fernsong:[35] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)


Sleekwhisker:[34] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Hollytuft:[35] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)
Sorrelstripe:[35] Living (As of Thunder and Shadow)

Distant Relatives:

Cloudstar: [36] Deceased, Verified SkyClan ancestor
Birdflight: [36] Deceased, Verified SkyClan ancestor
Spottedpelt: [36] Deceased, Verified SkyClan ancestor
Gorseclaw: [36] Deceased, Verified SkyClan ancestor


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    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Adderfang: "It's interesting that Pinestar chooses now to make you apprentices. One might almost think it was unplanned."
Bluepaw: "What do you mean?"
Moonflower: "He doesn't mean anything. Do you?"
Adderfang: "Well, it has certainly distracted the Clan from WindClan's thieving."
—Adderfang talking about Bluepaw and Snowpaw's apprentice ceremony Bluestar's Prophecy, pages 63-64

Adderfang: "Stay with me. You nearly fought with a ShadowClan apprentice last time."
Thistlepaw: "You always tell me only cowards turn away from a fight."
Adderfang: "I didn't say you shouldn't have fought him. Just not at a Gathering. You're too impulsive."
—Adderfang and Thistlepaw before a Gathering Bluestar's Prophecy, pages 154-155

"Who are you calling kittypet friends?"
—Adderfang to Oakheart Crookedstar's Promise, page 242

Adderfang: "This is too easy. Are you happy with this?"
Hailstar: "Yes. Do you want to check with Sunstar before we do this?"
Adderfang: "I'm acting as deputy now and I say it's fine."
—Adderfang and Hailstar after Mudfur's challenge of one on one Crookedstar's Promise, page 368

Hollyflower: "You're still smarting after being beaten by a medicine cat."
Adderfang: "He wasn't a medicine cat then."
—Adderfang and Hollyflower talking about his defeat at Mudfur's paws Crookedstar's Promise, page 398

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