"Catch our own food?"
— Ajax uncertain about hunting in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 100
Current: Kittypet[1]
Kittypet: Ajax[1]
Book Appearances
Living: Tigerheart's Shadow

Ajax is a burly black-and-white tom with a wide head.[1]


In the Super Edition Arc

Tigerheart's Shadow

Ajax is first mentioned by Fuzzball when Tigerheart asks him if he knows of Twoleg nests that reach into the sky. It is said he used to live in a nest so high, he could look down at the birds.
At his Twolegs' nest, the tom greets Fuzzball warmly, and warmly asks him if he is looking for a fight. When Fuzzball says that Tigerheart beat him, Ajax responds that even Rose could beat him. Fuzzball says he will be the best fighter in the neighborhood one day, and Ajax responds that he will need to spend less time at the food bowl, and more patrolling his territory if he wishes for that to happen. When Tigerheart asks if kittypets patrol their territory, and he responds that they will if they have territory to patrol. Tigerheart points out that they aren't warriors, and Ajax asks what a warrior is.
When Fuzzball says he is a stray, Ajax blinks at Tigerheart sympathetically, saying he could find a twoleg to take him in. He then says that Tigerheart looks like he is lost. Tigerheart mentions his friend, and Fuzzball explains that his friend was finding a gorse-spined den. Ajax snorts when Tigerheart says she, and asks if he's on a romantic quest. The burly black and white kittypet adds that there's plenty of she-cats in Twolegplace.
Tigerheart replies to his statement, his pelt pricking, but Ajax only shrugs. He says that if his friend was heading for a tall Twolegplace, she was probably headed for the city. It's said that it's where Ajax used to live. Ajax mews that the Twoleg dens there were huge, and even the monsters looked like prey. Tigerheart swallows, worried for Dovewing, then asks if there was a den with spines on the top. The kittypet tom narrows his eyes, echoing what Tigerheart had said, and appears to think. Ajax replies it's probably a Twoleg gathering place, then adds that he could see where they gathered from his den.
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