Applefur is a mottled[1] brown she-cat[1] with pale green eyes.[2]


In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

Seeing Tigerclaw has just returned to the ShadowClan camp after a successful hunting patrol, Applefur takes the opportunity to ask the former ThunderClan cat why he left his Clan. Tigerclaw studies her, noticing a look of curiosity in her eyes. Tigerclaw answers her after a moment of thought, telling her that she will hear enough rumors about him to come up with her own story. Applefur rests her cheek on the ground and tells Tigerclaw that's why she is asking him for the truth. Tigerclaw stands, telling Applefur that he can't be loyal to a Clan that listens to a kittypet over its deputy. Tigerclaw also states that he still believes in the warrior code, even if his former Clanmates do not.
After the death of Nightstar, ShadowClan is worrying about their lack of a leader and deputy. Fernshade tells Rowanberry that the Gathering is just one night away, and asks if Runningnose had told her what he was going to tell the other Clans. Russetfur states that Runningnose won't need to tell the other Clans anything, as it is obvious that Nightstar has died and that ShadowClan is without a leader. Applefur adds that it will also be obvious that they don't have a deputy. She says that the other Clans will laugh ShadowClan out of Fourtrees. Tangleburr tells them to be patient, as there is still time for StarClan to send an answer to their prayers.


Applefur: "Why exactly did you leave ThunderClan?"
Tigerclaw: "You'll hear enough rumors about me to make up your own stories."
Applefur: "That's why I'm asking you for the truth."
—Applefur asking Tigerclaw why he left ThunderClan Tigerclaw's Fury, page 5

"The other Clans will laugh us out of Fourtrees."
—Applefur on ShadowClan's lack of a leader and deputy Tigerclaw's Fury, page 10

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