• SoftheartTheThunderclanWarrior

    If you would like to read my own Warriors book about my oc, then here's the link:

    If you have any questions or comments, just DM me on Twitter or facebook! Thanks!

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  • Appledash

    Adopting The Wiki

    September 17, 2017 by Appledash

    Hey guys. Spooky made a good point on the PC talk page and after much discussion, Jayce and I have decided that it is time to do something about the inactive admins. Right now, our only option is to attempt to adopt the wiki in order for the both of us to gain bureaucrat rights. After several attempts of contacting Kitsufox, we have not been able to get a response from her. The only way I see it is that we should send a request to get them. Now, the both of us are admins, and we agree on this. Now we just need the community's agreement.

    Warriors Wiki, are you all right and do you approve of Jayce and I adopting the wiki / getting these rights in order to fix what we need to? If not, may you explain why?

    Thank you. Sorry that it is a short po…

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  • Skiddley-Riddley

    Remember Lilywhisker from Tallstar's Revenge? You know, the elder with the hind leg?

    She's in the Dark Forest. Why, you may ask? According to Su (please note that Su is not an Erin!), Vicky said that "[Lilywhisker] went to the Dark Forest due to being furious about her broken leg, and being unable to accept her fate."

    Well... that seems pretty weird, doesn't it? She never seemed furious in Tallstar's Revenge. I'm just going to express my opinion about this.

    For now, I think that Lilywhisker in the Dark Forest is unnecessary and pretty silly, too. She was actually quite nice, in my opinion, when I read Tallstar's Revenge. Please note that I am aware that the reason why Lilywhisker (and Brightflower, for that matter too) are currently secrets. S…

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  • Bluestar11796

    Who is Pumpkin?

    September 8, 2017 by Bluestar11796

    So, in Tigerheart's Shadow, we hear about a cat called Pumpkin. He is mentioned to have taught the guardian cats about herbs, and Fierce mentions that he once lived with forest cats. Tigerheart ponders if he lived with SkyClan when they lived in the gorge. Now, in Hawkwing's Journey, a bunch of SkyClan cats are taken by Twolegs, including the medicine cat, Fidgetpaw. My theory is that Fidgetpaw lived with Twolegs for a while, who gave them the name Pumpkin. He eventually left, trying to find his Clan, and stumbled across what would become the guardian cats. He taught them how to heal wounds and illnesses, then left to continue his search.

    What do you think? Could Pumpkin and Fidgetpaw be the same cat? Or do you think it's someone else?

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  • Jayfeather2375

    Lionheart = Lionblaze?

    September 7, 2017 by Jayfeather2375

    So it must be well known, Lionblaze an important character throught the series, but, Lionheart, is his great uncle, so, thye both are alot alike, they both are good hunters, and good in battle so is it possible that Lionblaze is lionheart???

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  • Bumbleclaw

    Favorite warrior cats!

    September 1, 2017 by Bumbleclaw

    Rainflower - Okay, she did bad things to Crookedjaw, but if you read the books, it sounded like she loved him because when Rainflower died, Crookedjaw was really sad :(

    Silverstream - She is so nice!! I CRIED HER DEATH

    Scourge - He's so cute :)

    Leapordstar - SHE'S DA BEST

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  • Plume de Paon

    I am the foundator of a wiki about a French Warrior Cats fanfic, and I recently created a project of exchange of French-English correspondents. The project is for you to discover, guided by a member of my wiki who speaking your language, the French wiki of Warriors (not a fanfic wiki!). If you are interested by this exchange, please contacting me on my message wall.

    Thank you :-)

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  • Bumbleclaw

    Firestar - Firestar is just mean. He killed Scourge, REJECTED Cinderpelt, Killed Tigerstar WHEN HE WAS ALREADY DEAD! OH MY!

    Yellowfang - She's just a brat. She killed her last kit! If your son is evil, that doesn't mean you kill them!

    Sandgorse - HE REJECTED HIS OWN SON!!


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  • PepperPiper11

    Hey guys! Hope you like my opinion!

    8- StarClan

    Alright, this Clan is so inconsistent. It can fight in the battle of Df vs The Four Clans, but it can't fight in the BloodClan battle?? Also, they don't know who the Fourth cat is, but then they suddenly knows it is Firestar. It also has very poor standards to get in if Ashfur is in StarClan; and poor Thistleclaw, who only had a grudge and tried to kill nobody, went to the Dark Forest.

    7- WindClan

    WindClan is way too ambitious to me. They are pretty much drama central. They created like, half the fights in the series, and are just so stubborn. And boy did it get worse when Onestar became leader. He practically killed half of ShadowClan off because he refused to give them and a herb, and he retrea…

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  • StarlightGirlHSS

    Here. I'm going to write another blog since forever. Tada!

    Okay so it'll be about my favorite to least favorite books in each arc and why. Top is favorite to least favorite.

    Please note that I have not read some of these books in a while, so my memory will be rusty.

    Hawkwing's Journey is a superb book. It is a wonderful example of how loss can affect a cat. The Erins did a great job weaving the story of Hawkwing, who loses his brother Duskpaw to a fire. He blames Pebblepaw, a cat he does not like very much, and loses his father and home to rogues some time afterwards. Hawkwing's Journey is a good example of how hardship, loss, and other things can give way to a good cat. And it doesn't hurt that he becomes deputy. I like this personally becaus…

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