• Snowclaw5553

    Starclan vs. Nightstar

    December 14, 2017 by Snowclaw5553

    Okay I know I, I am not a popular blogger but who cares. Why would they not give Nightstar his nine lives because Brokenstar( Brokentail) was still alive? That's just rough. That is no reason, Brokentail was breaking the warrior code! Does that mean that Nightstar doesn't get his nine lives? This one is called Starclan vs. Nightstar for a reason! Nightstar deserves his nine lives while Brokentail does not. All I am trying to say is that Brokentail deserved what he got.

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  • Snowclaw5553

    I am sorry but I think that frecklewish and ravenwing got what was coming to them. Maybe not ravenwing death but a couple blows that should left him something to think about but frecklewish she needed to die. I mean she saw patchkit,petalkit and larchkit drowning the warrior code says to help kits no matter where they are from, and think that snake should have bitten her not spit venom into her eyes.

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  • DrScourge

    Appledusk Rant

    December 6, 2017 by DrScourge

    Okay, we all know this Buttface Appledusk, right? Well, let's rant about him! Appledusk is a character who blamed Mapleshade killing their kits because he is a jerk! But, why does he half to be? WHY!! Appledusk is hated, and I am glad :/

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  • Cherrybird

    Crow Leaf

    December 5, 2017 by Cherrybird

    Okay I was editing an article and I thought how sad was it that Crow and Leaf never so much as look at each other again?

    I am so sad why would the erin hunters just leave it like that??

    cherry goes to corner to cry

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  • Snowclaw5553

    Starclan vs. skyclan

    December 1, 2017 by Snowclaw5553

    I agree a lot with some of the things starclan is. Though the one thing is why did starclan keep the secret of skyclan form firestar? I know it was bluestar was the one that told firestar and kept telling him to forget about it, but why maybe for the reason of keeping firestar safe because maybe she knew that sandstorm would get swept away temporarily, and maybe she knew that firestar would lose his second life because of some rats that can speak to cats ( WICH I think is weard). Or maybe she wanted to keep firestar in the clans all to their selfs. Why where they kicked out of the territory anyway I know because the twoleg monsters but why couldn't thunderclan give the territory that skyclan previously owned bye skyclan that was given to t…

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  • Shebyr

    This question has bothered to me with the Warriors Series for years. Should Ashfur have gone to StarClan? I have reasons he should've gone to StarClan, and reasons why he would've been better off in the Place of No Stars.

    I get that you're probably going to say that he just loved too much or something like that in the comments, if you believe he's fine in StarClan, but I disagree. I believe Yellowfang was just trying to find an excuse for why Ashfur should've gone to StarClan without offending Jayfeather in her words. I do personally believe that the reason Ashfur went to StarClan is because after he tried to kill Squirrelflight's "kits", Ashfur was satisfied in the fact that he ruined Squirrelflight's life by making her foster kits hate he…

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  • Børing

    Ashfur in StarClan

    November 6, 2017 by Børing

    Ashfur in StarClan Ok remember Jayfeather was talking to Yellowfang and then we find out Ashfur is in StarClan. I was so mad when I found out he was in StarClan. First of all, the only reason he is there is because HE LOVED TOO MUCH. Thats basically saying Mapleshade could be in StarClan too, because she loved too much. Now okay I know that Mapleshade killed three cats, but Ashfur is that cat who told Firestar there was an intruder, to lead him to the fox trap! He tried to murder four cats! Thats even more cats than Mapleshade had killed!

    To be honest, I think Ashfur should be in The Dark Forest. Yellowfang defended him most likely because she broke the code so much, that StarClan gave her a present (aka Brokenstar). Gosh I find this annoying!…

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  • Jaysnow

    As we all know, a seventh arc is going to be releasing following the closure of A Vision of Shadows. What do you want it to be about? There is so much potential for basically any time period other than following AVOS, which is what it will most likely be about. I just want a series or at least an SE on Lightning Stripe. 

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  • Homosneksual

    This is a really big issue I have with the newer arcs.

    The Warrior Code is no longer regarded with respect.

    I mean, ShadowClan couldn't even control its apprentices. In TPB, those apprentices would've obeyed everything their mentors said and, you know, not joined a group of ROGUES.

    Literally these cats are falling apart. completely. The code is regarded with such high respect and authority at the start but as the years go on you have to wonder, do some kits even know it by the time they're apprentices? I mean, I'd imagine they would since six months is a long time to learn a few simple rules, but with the more recent offenses, I don't know. Rule 14 (no murder bcos honor rule) has been broken so many times unnecessarily. A recent one would be …

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  • Børing

    Smudge's Parents?

    November 6, 2017 by Børing


    Spoilers for Tallstar's Revenge

    We all know Smudge. Firestar's friend from when he was a kittypet named Rusty. But who are Smudge's parents? And where are they now? But this may change everything... what if Tallstar and  Reena are his parents?

    Of course it would all be accidental but imagine if it's true! Tallstar is where he got his fur, and eye color from, and Reena is who the pattern is from. How did Reena and Tallstar meet? In the book Tallstar's Revenge, she is one of the visitors. When she visited she trained and talked with Tallpaw. When they come to twolegplace, she is very pleased to see him. When he leaves, she seems as if she's hurt... as if she wanted something.

    Reena wanted to tell Talltail about the kit'…

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