• Ronluda

    Just joined!!

    March 21, 2018 by Ronluda

    baisically ive been here a few time..... then i made an account!!! so im new so yea i love warriors btw squirrelflight is one of my FAVS i love her!!!! so yea this is a small post. BYE!!!!!!!!!! and may starclan light your path.

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  • Jayraven

    1. Brokenstar. I hate him. Hate him. He made three-moon old kits apprentices. Who does that!? And then there's the whole ThunderClan thing. He's just - I con't even begin to describe how much I hate him. 

    2. Tigerstar (the one from Thunderclan). Really, dude? Did you have to be so power-hungry as to try to kill your own deputy and leader? And then there was the whole becoming-leader-of-ShadowClan thing. I just hate him.

    3. Clear Sky. He was such an evil idiot. He cut off his brother and other friends because he wanted to be cool, and became so power-hungry. 

    4. Thistleclaw. He's a good fighter, but that was his problem. He can't just fight his way through life, ans then pass it on to other cats (cough, cough, Tigerstar, cough). 

    5. Ashfur. He …

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  • Appledash

    As an active history nerd, I have been doing much research into wars, which, as we know, our lovely cats are sent off to. They also fight, and with each battle, they risk losing their lives. I want to delve into why we should not be considering leaders such as Firestar or Pinestar "cowards" because they do not always jump headfirst into battle.

    If you think about it from a real life perspective, you would obviously be afraid of battle. Yes, putting yourself in a warrior's paws, you are a warrior and that is what you have trained for. However, that does not mean you are not afraid. Yes, it is against the warrior code to kill, but not everyone follows the warrior code. And who says you cannot bleed from your wounds after?

    War and fighting is a…

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  • SwiftManor

    Okay, In Bluestar’s prophecy we see a lot of insight into ThunderClan before Firestar came. We see Pinestar become a kittypet, Sunstar come to be leader, and Bluestar become deputy after Tawnyspots retires and then dies towards the end of the book. This is the critical part. Darkstripe is listed as Tawnyspot’s and Willowpelt’s son, but we do not see him born in Bluestar’s prophecy, and I’m pretty sure Willowpelt was still an aprentice when Tawnyspots dies. (Not 100% sure on that one). This begs the question, how is this possible? Also, on a completely unrelated note, during Into the Wild, their is a cat with the suffix Leopard, Lion and Tiger at the same time, I feel like this should be significant.

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  • For starclans sake longtail dont be so racist

    hi there im new to warriors wiki i joined cause well...i love warrior cats!:3

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  • Silverspalsh

    I know we have all of our opinions on Warrior cats. But im letting you guys know mine.

    10. Holly: I dont like her how she just protects Jagged Peak like he is some kit. And plus I really never liked her she was rude to Quiet Rain when she first came. 

    9. Thornclaw: DOnt be mad at me for this. I just dont like how his charcter is. He patrols alllll the time. But its Thronclaw the patrol guy.

    8:Lionblaze: I just never liked him to be honest. Lel

    7. Graystripe: Ahhhh. Im going to be ranted on so much...He acted like he was Riverclan when he was meeting with Sliverstream.  But i just didnt like how he is living for so long! Erins just kill him off!

    6. Onestar: everyone doesn't like him and he was just rude to everyone when he became leader. He beca…

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  • Jaysnow

    Super Edition 12

    March 7, 2018 by Jaysnow

    So, recently, Kate confirmed on her Blog that we will be getting another Super Edition. If you got to pick the main focus, who would you choose? I would take someone other than the modern Clans, really. They get way too much focus when there is so much other Warriors lore out there. My first pick would be Half Moon, because I always found the Ancients and the Ancient Tribe of Rushing Water very interesting. I want to learn more about them, and the cats who lived by the lake before the Clans. They're pretty underrated. If not her, then Lightning Stripe, if they don't want to give her a whole series. I'd take one on Riverstar as well, because we barely saw ancient RiverClan in DOTC. 

    Your thoughts? 

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  • StormStarIsBestCat

    Hello! I wanted to talk about our warrior cat OC’s. I have heaps, enough to make more than four clans! But my most recent one is Cypressclouds, a light brown she-cat with yellow splotches that look like clouds. I’d like to hear about everyone else’s oc’s, and all give tips to improve them. May StarClan Light Your path!!

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  • WThunderstaRw

    Warriors Wiki

    February 28, 2018 by WThunderstaRw
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  • StarlightGirlHSS
    How to Get Away With Being a Jerk: Warriors Edition

    In Warriors, no one is perfect (no, not even Firestar). Everybody acts like a jerk, everybody gets pissed, everybody does something bad at one point. However, that does not mean cats in this world can go on a killing/stealing/maiming rampage, because that is against their laws and will land them in the Place of No Stars, aka the Dark Forest, aka cat hell. Which means they live their afterlife in a place that is basically torture. No food, no scratching post, no cat toys . . .

    Wait, that's kittypet hell.

    Back on track.

    StarClan punishes those who do wrong, but StarClan is not the equivalent of God. God is wise and all-knowing. StarClan is full of cats who don't become omni-benevolent upon asce…

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