• PepperPiper11

    Hey guys! Hope you like my opinion!

    8- StarClan

    Alright, this Clan is so inconsistent. It can fight in the battle of Df vs The Four Clans, but it can't fight in the BloodClan battle?? Also, they don't know who the Fourth cat is, but then they suddenly knows it is Firestar. It also has very poor standards to get in if Ashfur is in StarClan; and poor Thistleclaw, who only had a grudge and tried to kill nobody, went to the Dark Forest.

    7- WindClan

    WindClan is way too ambitious to me. They are pretty much drama central. They created like, half the fights in the series, and are just so stubborn. And boy did it get worse when Onestar became leader. He practically killed half of ShadowClan off because he refused to give them and a herb, and he retrea…

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  • Ferndust

    Leaving this wiki

    August 17, 2017 by Ferndust

    Okay, the reason I am leaving is because OKAY I CANNOT GIVE CREDIT!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aslo, people are undoing my talk page :/ Please stop that. 

    You can find me in here!

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  • StarlightGirlHSS

    Here. I'm going to write another blog since forever. Tada!

    Okay so it'll be about my favorite to least favorite books in each arc and why. Top is favorite to least favorite.

    Please note that I have not read some of these books in a while, so my memory will be rusty.

    Hawkwing's Journey is a superb book. It is a wonderful example of how loss can affect a cat. The Erins did a great job weaving the story of Hawkwing, who loses his brother Duskpaw to a fire. He blames Pebblepaw, a cat he does not like very much, and loses his father and home to rogues some time afterwards. Hawkwing's Journey is a good example of how hardship, loss, and other things can give way to a good cat. And it doesn't hurt that he becomes deputy. I like this personally becaus…

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  • Shypaw11


    August 13, 2017 by Shypaw11

    Before the Forest of Secrets, how come no cat was suspicious of Mistystar and Stonefur? They look exactly like the kits that "got eaten by a fox" and have the same names, after all. Of course, as we all know, nobody doubts a queen's word when it involves her kits, but if Oakheart hadn't said anything connecting the dots, no cat would have knew. Also, why did Leopardstar choose Mistystar as her deputy if she hates half-clan cats? How is Mistystar still leader, and not turned on like ShadowClan with Rowanstar?

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  • Slushstar


    "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws," Skywatcher in Firestar's Quest. 

    "The end of the stars draws near. Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts forever," Voice in Jayfeather's dream. 

    So, if you read all the way from Into the Wild to The Last Hope (which both ironically have Firestar on the cover) you would know that the four cats are Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Dovewing, and Firestar. The first three have mountain cat reincarnations. Jay's Wing, Lion's Roar, and Dove's Wing. Hollyleaf, a cat believed to be part of the propechy at first doesn't have a reincarnation. But Firestar is part of the prophecy. So does he have a reincarnation? There is o…

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  • Bluescar and smudgeface
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  • Ferndust

    Okay, so.. If you don't already know, Squirrelflight and Scourge share the same genetic trait with their white paw. Coincidence? I don't think so. The Erins already gave us our first hint when saying that Scourge and Firestar were related by being half-brothers. It comes to my attention that we don't learn so much Scourge in general when he dies; where did he go? Well, based off of that small detail that the Erins put in to describe Squirrelflight, I believe that Scourge is somehow more connected to Squirrelflight than her sister, Leafpool.

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  • Ferndust

    Is Socks BONE?!?

    August 6, 2017 by Ferndust

    Here's a theory: Is Socks Bone? Well, some people think Socks has a red or a dark green collar. AND some people think Bone has a red or a dark green collar! Also, there both black and white! AND Socks' eye color is a mystery but, Bone isn't. SO.. Socks and Bone MIGHT have the same eye color! If you don't believe me, then fine!

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  • Ferndust

    In this, you will try to make me a warriors wiki character! Here's an example: 

    (i don't own that, all copyrights reserved)

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  • Homosneksual


    July 25, 2017 by Homosneksual

    Howdy! Today I'm here to complain about Ashfur and call it a "properly written blog". Alrighty so, I just really want to know why people like him as a character?

    Pros of Ashfur:

    1. He was loyal as an apprentice and for the most part as a warrior. He followed directions, stuck to the warrior code, and loved his Clan, his family, etc. He was a good cat at one point.

    2. He was a genuinely nice cat to Squirrelflight before the whole... thing.. happened. He would've made a good mate if not for that.

    Cons of Ashfur:

    1. There's, of course, the whole fire thing. He disobeyed the warrior code and attempted to murder his Clanmates.

    2. He was extremely obsessive and clingy, obviously. He liked Squirrelflight, she goes back to Brambleclaw, obviously he has …

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