• HanayoForever

    Brackenfur is old

    July 19, 2018 by HanayoForever

    really im serious though why isn't he an elder yet :/ no offense i love everycat!

    Graystripe was older than him but that was only a one-book difference. he's been alive for 36 books now

    wait  but then theres mistystar oop

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  • JadetheWingedDJwolf

    Hello My Darlings It's Jade And Let's Talk About Snowfur Yeah She Died From a Monster(Car) But She also Had A Sister A Kit and A Evil Mate Well Thistleclaw Was A good Warrior until Snowfur's Death And He was pissed when Bluestar took Whitepaw(Whitestorm) But Snowfur only died because Bluestar told her about oakheart or the battle with the rouges or Riverclan cats. yeah it was pretty sad But I guess Bluestar felt better when she met spottedleaf. I cry each time I think of Snowfur or see a White cat it's a pretty sad death I Love Snowfur She was kind, Beautiful, Stubborn and Curious Kinda like me but I didn't die well yet....Anyway If Snowfur lived I bet Bluestar would have made her deputy.that's all of me so Cya!

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  • WarriorCatGirl37


    July 2, 2018 by WarriorCatGirl37

    I've seen you on Warrior Cats Answers Wiki. Hi! ~ WarriorCatGirl37 🐈

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  • CreeperPlazMC

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and I had to get it out. Let me start by stating that I'm not an award-winning author, so I'm not going to cite everything, and I'm mostly going off memory, and looking back at the book a bit. Here goes.

    Here is a brief run-down for the story behind Code 12:

    Graywing, the Riverclan medicine cat, is by the river when she and two other cats, Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker, see three Windclan kits fall into the river. Brindelclaw wants to go after the kits but Graywing stops her, and says that the drowning kits are Windclan's problem.

    Back at camp, Ivystar is shocked by the kit's death, but agrees with Graywing not to save them. Tired, she goes to her den to take a nap.

    Graywing wakes up in a dream and is gr…

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  • Littleclevergem123

    Mothwing is the best cat to me, becuase she is a medince cat and doesnt belive in Starclan, yet she is still a good healer and kind. also, shes just the best!

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  • Leechshadow Ghoulhound

    I’m pretty sure that in Tigerclaw’s Fury, there was a cat named Fenneldust. This wiki has a page for every cat remotely mentioned, but not him. I started thinking he was a part of my imagination, but then I googled, him and I got various results. There’s another, much, much smaller Warriors themed wiki, and under the Dark Forest section, Fenneldust was listed. Here’s the link: I also found a Warriors Wiki image of Fenneldust, link to that: So i’m just wondering, why is there not page on him? Was there one before and it was deleted? Did people forget about him? I’d start a page on him myself, but I don’t think i’m allowed to do that. Anyway…

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  • Storm-in-Rain

    I was not expecting any more on Squirrelflight. I mean, we've heard her side of things so many times now.

    I've got a few ideas for this book.

    1. Her raising Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather. 2. Those three finding out about their real parents, and Bramblestar ending their relationship. 3. Her during her pregnancy and raising her real kits. 4. Her now, in the present.

    Whatever it is, I know it'll be interesting.

    That's it for ow, my fellow warriors. Stay strong, believe in StarClan, and be loyal!

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  • Riverkitti


    June 2, 2018 by Riverkitti

    Ok, this has annoyed me forever! I think that Spottedleaf is so just overrated! She is used so much, just beacause someone thought that she was hot when she died, so now she is the cat that is like the only medicine cat to give prophecies! 

    ( I might be overreacting, but I hate Spottedleaf. I don't mind if other people like her but I don't. Please don't hate me for this ;)

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  • Kittygirl12


    May 28, 2018 by Kittygirl12

    are these firestar's siblings, or was i lied to;;

    a friend of mine told me that these three are firestar's siblings, but im not sure if i believe them, since they aren't listed on his page, and i haven't gotten far enough into the series to confirm it for myself.

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  • Shining eyes 123

    my favorit book sereis would have to be wariors its just awsome 

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