Bramblestar's Storm
Chapter Number: "Manga" (of 35)
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Point of View: Squirrelflight
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Below contains in-depth information for the manga of Bramblestar's Storm. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: Manga (of 35)
Page Numbers: N/A

Chapter Summary

Squirrelflight's PoV

In the manga, Squirrelflight is shown at Fernpaw, Sorrelpaw and Hollypaw's apprentice ceremony. Squirrelflight mentions to Sandstorm that she is so proud of Lionblaze. Bramblestar tells Squirrelflight that they will make fine warriors. After Bramblestar questions Squirrelflight if she is alright, she snaps that she is fine. Bramblestar tries to talk to her about patrolling. Squirrelflight thinks that she's never felt like this before, and ThunderClan cannot have a weak deputy.
Squirrelflight is interrupted by Bramblestar while sleeping, telling her he's already taken the first dawn patrol out. Squirrelflight panics and apologizes to Bramblestar, saying it won't happen again. Bramblestar again questions if she is ill, and Squirrelflight responds she is not. She runs to where battle training for the new apprentices are underway, and tells them that she and Bramblestar will watch them train. After watching them try a move, she tells them to watch her so she can teach them a trick she learned around the apprentice's age. Just as she starts to rear up, she loses her balance and falls. Bramblestar rushes over and asks her if she is alright and if she is hurt. She once again insists she's fine, but Bramblestar makes her visit the medicine den. She tells Leafpool she had been feeling unwell lately, very tired, and her bones ache. Squirrelflight says that if she were any other she-cat, she'd bet Leafpool would say Squirrelflight should be headed for the nursery soon.
That night, Squirrelflight can't stop thinking about a dream she had a long time ago, in which Yellowfang tells her Squirrelflight will never have kits of her own. Squirrelflight feels sicker than ever. She leaves the camp, and is very scared. She turns to find Bramblestar, who followed her out. Suddenly, Yellowfang comes down and says she lied to Squirrelflight. She thought it was for the best, since Squirrelflight had to take care of Leafpool's kits, and Yellowfang thought it was the only way she could persuade Squirrelflight. Yellowfang leaves, and Bramblestar asks what it was all about. Squirrelflight says it doesn't matter now, and says she isn't ill. Bramblestar asks what's wrong. Squirrelflight says that nothing is wrong, and that they are going to have kits.




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Important Events

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