"You are right. StarClan must not wish us to take inferior food from inferior Clans."
— Brindlestar to Stonestar in Code of the Clans, page 23

Brindlestar is a she-cat[2] with an unknown description.


In the Field Guide Arc

Code of the Clans

Brindlestar is an ancient ShadowClan leader.
Brindlestar immediately jumps onto the Great Rock before the other leaders, even though she is the newest leader. During the Gathering, she complains that ThunderClan does not have the right to drive her cats out of their territory, as ShadowClan is having trouble finding food and feeding their Clan in their own land. She and Whitestar keep fighting and eventually both of their deputies get into the dispute.
As the Clans are fighting, a huge tree branch crashes to the ground, and Brindlestar, along with the other leaders, call to their Clans to find out if they are alright. She waits until Stonestar of WindClan and Emberstar of RiverClan and Whitestar find out that their Clans are uninjured, and then calls out to her own Clan. Once she is sure that her Clan is safe, Whitestar of ThunderClan calls for his warriors next. She agrees with the other leaders that it is a sign from StarClan, and that the rule that borders should not be crossed should be added to the warrior code. She also comments that StarClan must not wish ShadowClan to take inferior food from inferior Clans, a veiled insult at ThunderClan. The other leaders encourage her and her Clan to use the skills they have that no other Clan has to find prey.


"Lakestorm's right, ShadowClan is safe."
—Brindlestar, shocked that the branch failed to hurt any cat Code of the Clans, page 23

Brindlestar: "StarClan has spared my cats for a reason."
Stonestar: "Find food in your own territory. Use the skills that only your Clanmates have—your cunning, stealth, ability to walk through the darkest nights. The prey is there, and you're the only Clan that can find it."
Brindlestar: "You are right. StarClan must not wish us to take inferior food from inferior Clans."
—The Clan leaders discussing the fallen branch Code of the Clans, page 23
Leader Info
Name From To
Lakestorm Code of the Clans Code of the Clans

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