Graystripe's Adventure is the collective name for the three graphic novel-style books featuring Graystripe. These books explain how he escaped from his Twoleg captors, met Millie, and eventually found his way back to ThunderClan and Firestar.

The full-color release of these novels are marked as such, and the books contained are as follows:

  • The Lost Warrior - the first book, this features Graystripe's escape from his Twolegs.
  • Warrior's Refuge - the second book, this features Graystripe and his new companion, Millie, as they shelter in a barn along with other former kittypets.
  • Warrior's Return - the final book, this shows Graystripe's final leg of his journey, and his return to ThunderClan, and his best friend, Firestar.


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