Cats of the Clans
Chapter Number: 5 (of 5)
Page Numbers: 76-90
Point of View: Rock
Preceded: Cats of the Clans/RiverClan
Next: N/A

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Chapter Number: 5 (of 5)
Page Numbers: 76-90

Chapter Summary

Rock tells Mosskit, Adderkit, and Blossomkit about cats outside the four Clans; loners, rogues, such as BloodClan, kittypets, current members of the Tribe of Rushing Water, and SkyClan cats, both of past and present.
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Ravenpaw and Barley

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Princess and Smudge

Coming Soon

Brook Where Small Fish Swim and Talon of Swooping Eagle

Coming Soon

Teller of the Pointed Stones

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Cloudstar and Skywatcher

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Leafdapple, Echosong, and Sharpclaw

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Scourge and Bone

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References and Citations

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