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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Cats of the Clans that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

Three Lost Travellers

  • Three kits from StarClan, smelling of stars and night, have lost their way and end up at the underground tunnels.
  • A strange tom tells them he won't hurt them, and they can lie down. He will show them the way back to StarClan at daybreak.
  • Each kit is introduced as the tom identifies them:
  • The tom promises to tell them about the cats they left behind if they will settle down.
  • He says that it would take a moon and more to hear off all the cats.
  • He introduces himself as Rock; the keeper of the world below the one the kits' Clanmates walk, the watcher for more moons than they can dream of, and the seer for all the moons to come.
  • He tells them to be still and listen as he begins.

  • Rock begins with ThunderClan, saying that to many it is the noblest Clan, and the Clan of heroes, but he takes no sides, and that all the Clans have their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • He explains that ThunderClan are skilled hunters, but he wouldn't want to live under trees his whole life.
  • He then tells of the hunting crouch, where a cat gathers its strength into its hindquarters for the final leap. He also notes that is not used by any other Clan.
  • He also says that they have always been the fiercest guardians of the warrior code, and that to fight, they must feel it is justified, unlike other Clans. He mentioned that if any cat breaks the warrior code, you think ThunderClan would be wounded.
  • Here, Blossomkit speaks up in defence of her Clan, but Rock shushes her and asks if he mentioned ShadowClan by name.
  • He speaks of their share of border trouble, of Sunningrocks in the old forest and ShadowClan's border in the new forest.

  • Rock tells Adderkit he realizes the ThunderClan leader was a kittypet, but that it makes no difference to him where a kit takes its first breath.
  • He explains how Firestar has not given the Clans a chance to forget his origins, in the case of bringing Cloudtail and then Daisy into the Clan, and it is no wonder they are suspicious of him bringing loners and kittypets into his Clan.
  • He asks Mosskit what her mother was thinking, bringing this too-brave, too-curious kit into her Clan, and if she was blinded by the color of his pelt because of the prophecy. He says that StarClan wanted him as much as Bluestar did.
  • Rock then tells how Firestar scarcely can close his eyes without StarClan murmuring in his ear, and says he has lived up to this burden well.
  • He says that maybe it took more than a Clan cat to see Tigerstar's treachery or bring WindClan safely home.
  • He says he wishes Firestar a long and peaceful life, then laughs at himself, saying those were empty words from he who knows how each one of his nine lives will end.

  • Rock tells Mosskit that her mother, Bluestar, was a great leader and never wanted to give up her kits.
  • He then explains to Mosskit that if Thistleclaw was made the deputy instead of Bluestar, there would've been great bloodshed, and she should be proud of Bluestar for saving her Clan.
  • Mosskit then asks if Firestar was a replacement for the kits that she didn't get to raise.
  • Rocks responds by saying that Bluestar truly loved Firestar.
  • Rock then concludes that Bluestar was loyal to her Clan to the very end by giving up her ninth life to save ThunderClan; he also says that she spent her last moment making peace with her kits, Mosskit's brother and sister.

  • The old cat wonders if Graystripe has any enemies
  • He then tells Blossomkit that not even ShadowClan is every cat's enemy
  • He explains to the kits how Graystripe fell in love with Silverstream, a she-cat from RiverClan, and fathered her kits.
  • After Silverstream dies, he takes the kits to RiverClan because that is the only place they would be truly welcomed. However, Rock tells them Graystripe felt torn, but returned when he realized that he truly belonged in ThunderClan.
  • Rock then talks about Graystripe's new mate Millie and that ThunderClan doesn't realize how much they owe her, it was her determination that got Graystripe out of Twolegplace. She also sacrificed everything she knew to be with him.

  • Rock asks the kits if Sandstorm will only be remembered as Firestar's mate; he feels she deserves more respect than that.
  • He comments on how if it wasn't for her, Firestar wouldn't have led the Clans to fight Scourge and BloodClan.
    • The kits prick up their ears, and Rock nods and says that without Sandstorm there might have not been a battle against BloodClan.
  • He says that Firestar truly loved and trusted her, and he says that she knows him better than he and Spottedleaf do.
  • He says that Sandstorm's courage matched his when they were rebuilding SkyClan and fought just as hard as he did even though she only had one life to lose.
  • Rock says that he holds Sandstorm's esteem higher than most cats, and that he hopes Firestar will appreciate her as much as she deserves.

  • Rock tells the kits that Yellowfang walks the same skies as them, and if she becomes cranky it's their fault for disturbing her.
  • He describes Yellowfang as cranky, stubborn, impatient, and the most loyal cat you would ever meet.
  • He also says that her whole life was a quest for loyalty: to the kits she bore in secret, to ShadowClan, and to ThunderClan.
  • Yellowfang felt that it was her own fault for Brokenstar's murders, so she killed her own son, and avenged the death of Blossomkit and all of the kits forced to train too young.
  • Rock then says that Yellowfang fought enough battle for nine lifetimes.

  • Rock explains that StarClan did not mean for Cinderpelt to end up in Tigerclaw's trap, and they were horrified when she did.
  • He says that StarClan did not whisper in her ear as closely as they have with other medicine cats.
  • He recalls the fire and tiger prophecy to which Cinderpelt was mistaken but StarClan forgave her.
  • StarClan gave her one last test: they let her know she would die and let her live with knowledge that Leafpool was about to leave ThunderClan.
  • Rock says that Cinderpelt lived in the shadow of her own death with such dignity, resisting the temptation to beg Leafpool to stay that she proved herself worthy of a second life, as one of Sorreltail's kits, Cinderkit.

  • Rock tells the kits that Leafpool was never destined to be anything but a medicine cat.
    • He sees Blossomkit's ears prick up and asks her if that was the path she would have followed.
  • Rock explains that StarClan fostered a link between Squirrelflight and Leafpool, because they knew Squirrelflight would be travelling far away.
  • He says for a while Leafpool knew what was around every corner, by knowing where the Clans would settle, and she knew that blood would spill blood before the Clans could settle.
  • Rock explains that the one thing Leafpool did not foresee was falling in love with Crowfeather.
  • He says that all that path did was lead both of them to misery.

  • Rock describes Squirrelflight as fire, the exact opposite of her sister, Leafpool.
  • He admits he would trust Squirrelflight with his life because she is incapable of doing anything but what she believes is truly right.
  • Rock tells Blossomkit that this is not the same as telling the truth, even Squirrelflight has secrets.
  • Rock says it was bold of StarClan to let her go on the quest to the Sun-Drown-Place with Brambleclaw, though he remembers that Squirrelflight gave him little choice and would follow him anyway.
  • But, by going on the journey to the Sun-drown-place she proved she had the courage and determination of her parents.
  • He thinks that if she would have stayed in the forest she would have always been the too feisty apprentice.
  • He explains how Stormfur and Ashfur both loved her but Brambleclaw was the only one that could match her fire, not contain it.
  • He concludes by saying that Squirrelflight has been a wonderful mother to Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw.

  • Rock explains that Brambleclaw has had to work extra hard to earn the trust of his Clanmates because his father was Tigerstar.
  • He says that Bluestar trusted him by picking him to go on the journey to the Sun-drown-place.
  • He says that not even Firestar could have led the cats on the journey, because his generosity would have distracted him.
  • Rock praised Brambleclaw for being such a great leader on the journey to the Sun-drown-place, and not stopping until he got to Midnight to hear the prophecy.
  • Rock also tells that Tigerstar visited Brambleclaw in his dreams but Brambleclaw eventually realized it wasn't the right thing to do.

  • Rock asks the three kits if the StarClan elders fretted over where his past would lead since had lost Squirrelflight's affection.
  • He says that it's a shame that Ashfur is most famous for quarrelling with Brambleclaw over Squirrelflight, saying that Ashfur tried too hard to protect her.
  • Rock says that he holds nothing against Ashfur, and would want him in battle on his side any day.
  • Rock says that no ThunderClan cat can argue that Ashfur hasn't turned Lionpaw into one of the best fighters in the Clan.
  • He tells the kits that Ashfur is a loyal ThunderClan warrior, and that is how he should be remembered.

  • Rock says he has something in common with Brightheart: cats shy away from both of them after they see their face.
  • He explains that it breaks Brightheart's heart every time she sees her reflection, and asks why she hates going down to the lake.
  • He says that she is brave to her Clanmates, not flinching when a kit or a newcomer shrieks at the sight of her scars.
  • Rock also says that when Brightheart is alone she can hear her first warrior name, Lostface, ringing in her ears.
  • Rock says that Cloudtail knows what it means to be different, because his mother was a kittypet.
  • He tells them that Cloudtail is loyal and protects his Clan every day, even if he doesn't believe in StarClan, although the warrior code requires nothing more.

  • Rock tells of how Firestar waited in dread for these kits to be born as they will "have the power of the stars in their paws", and wondered what kind of cat could have more power than StarClan.
  • He describes Lionpaw as the fighter, or warrior and as brave as Tigerstar.
  • Rock describes Hollypaw as the politician, or thinker.
    • He reminds the kits that wits can be stronger than claws.
  • Rock then describes Jaypaw as the blind cat who can see in dreams and has powers unlike any medicine cat before him, he says he wouldn't like a cat disturbing his dreams though.
  • He then concludes that power is neither good nor bad, but it is the user that makes it so.

  • Rock begins, saying that ShadowClan cats are evil, chilled by the wind that blows from the mountains.
  • He quickly tells Blossomkit to put her claws away and tells her he is telling the same stories in nurseries.
  • Rock says that their territory is the least rich in prey, and wouldn't decline any offer to have more, richer prey.
  • ShadowClan cats are night hunters, since they don't have any ferns or brambles, so darkness is their only cover, and says that this is also a good battle strategy.
  • Rock says that no cat can deny that ShadowClan have been the reason for blood-shed in the recent moons, but it is the leader who leads them into battle, and you can't blame the warriors and apprentices for being loyal and running behind.
  • He says that ShadowClan are trained to be fierce, proud, and independent. Ready to chase enemy Clans off their borders.
  • He says that StarClan may share the other Clans' fear of ShadowClan when they refused to grant Nightstar his lives, and ShadowClan will have to compete against the more favored Clans of StarClan.

  • Rock wonders if Tigerstar thinks of himself as ThunderClan or ShadowClan, he lived far longer in ThunderClan but died when he was a member of ShadowClan.
  • Rock notices that the kit claws are scraping the floor at the sound of Tigerstar's name, and he asks if Tigerstar is used to scare kits even in StarClan.
  • Rock goes on to list the memorable dead: Redtail, Runningwind, Brindleface, Swiftpaw, Bluestar, Stonefur, and all the cats that died in the battle with BloodClan, since he brought Scourge to the forest.
  • He says that Tigerstar was too foolish and was killed by his own ambition.
  • Rock says that Tigerstar prowls the Dark Forest with Hawkfrost, and wonders if he remembers that Hawkfrost is one of the half-Clan cats.
  • Rock states that Lionpaw should be careful, because these cats are not his allies.

  • Rock assures Blossomkit that Brokenstar cannot hurt her in the cave.
  • He says that even Brokenstar's birth was forbidden by StarClan.
  • Yellowfang, then the ShadowClan medicine cat fell in love with the ShadowClan leader, Raggedstar, and bore his kit, Brokenkit. She then gave Brokenkit to the hateful queen, Lizardstripe, who made sure Brokenkit knew that he was not welcome in her den.
  • Brokenstar believed that killing Raggedstar and taking over to become the "greatest leader" would be the only way that he could gain the clan's respect.
  • Rock says that StarClan could only watch helplessly as Brokenstar forced WindClan out of their home, then turned on ThunderClan and Spottedleaf died in the raids. Even after he was taken in by ThunderClan and shown mercy he united against them.
  • Rock remarks that it is fitting he didn't die a warrior's death, but was forced to eat deathberries by his mother.
  • Rock then concludes that Yellowfang avenged Blossomkit's death and all the other kits forced to train too early.

  • Rock declares that ShadowClan will have to go through many leaders before they can shake off the memory of Brokenstar's and Tigerstar's deadly reigns.
  • Rock states that Blackstar has done well, but he doesn't envy him, having to follow in Tigerstar's footsteps, and rebuilding a Clan from blood-shed and tatters.
  • Blackstar never harks back to the days where ShadowClan won every battle and it looked like they would take over the forest.
  • Rock says that Blackstar has made his clanmates proud once more to be ShadowClan, and the other Clans respect them.
  • Rock reprimands Mosskit for disliking Blackstar because he threatens the border with ThunderClan, then says that it is because ShadowClan has once more been given the land least rich in prey.
  • Rock concludes that Blackstar has a long way to go to fully rebuild ShadowClan, but he should not be punished for having pride in his Clan.

  • Rock thinks that ThunderClan would be able to hate ShadowClan more if Tawnypelt hadn't joined them.
  • He says that ThunderClan should have judged by her own actions, instead of her father's.
  • StarClan chose Tawnypelt to represent ShadowClan on the journey to find Midnight, Rock believes that Tawnypelt was chosen to challenge ThunderClan, saying that she found her true home.
  • Rock says that the journey would have failed without her willingness. She recognized Crowpaw's strengths before Feathertail did, and Feathertail would have fought much harder to keep from loving Crowfeather if Tawnypelt hadn't encouraged her.
  • Tawnypelt refuses to listen to Tigerstar, because she can get what she wants without him; loyalty, security, and peace.
  • Rock concludes saying that Tawnypelt has proved that being loyal does not mean treating others as your enemy, and Blossomkit should be proud of Tawnypelt, because Tawnypelt and her kits could help salvage ShadowClan's reputation.

  • Rock describes Boulder as; the cat who was born a BloodClan cat, and the warrior who led Tigerstar to Scourge, bathing the forest in blood.
  • Boulder was a foolish warrior, who wanted to impress Tigerstar.
  • Rock states that Boulder was not an evil cat, just a cat that had too much faith in the warrior code.
  • Boulder lived a wretched life in BloodClan, so when a forest cat told him about the Clans, with warriors and apprentices, and well defended borders, Boulder went to live with the Clans.
  • Boulder's memories of BloodClan became his nightmares, and he paid a high price for misjudging Scourge.

  • Rock tells Blossomkit that Runningnose tried so hard to save her life, and that she had been the third kit he had seen die that day, with the fur ripped open and their blood red like a deathberry.
  • Rock states that Runningnose must have regretted the day he became Yellowfang's apprentice, because as Brokenstar's medicine cat he was forced to interpret omens that meant nothing but success.
  • He also says that Runningnose also had to keep the secret of Nightstar not receiving his nine lives, which must have weighed on his conscience, like a stone.
  • Rock then speaks about Littlecloud who was Runningnose's apprentice.
  • Littlecloud was inspired and became a medicine cat because of Cinderpelt, because she saved his life when sickness spread through ShadowClan.
  • Rock says that Cinderpelt was punished for using ThunderClan supplies but, now ThunderClan has been rewarded with the medicine cat from a rival Clan that will never forget the debt he owes.

  • Adderkit stands a little straighter at the mention of his birth Clan, to which Rock says he should be proud of his Clanmates.
  • Rock explains the difference between weakness and vulnerability, WindClan being the latter.
  • WindClan are closer to StarClan, which may explain the many times their Clan has been spared.
  • Rock says that is has become hard to befriend a WindClan cat, saying that they have become like the rabbits they chase; quickly startled and fiercely protective of their Clanmates.
  • WindClan has a reputation for being a peaceful Clan, bouncing from ally to ally, just to avoid being damaged the most in a battle, which Rock says is a strength, no matter what the other Clans say.
  • He then says that WindClan suffered the most when Twolegs expanded the Thunderpath, and they showed great courage by not fleeing the forest before the other Clans made up their mind.
  • Rock concludes by saying, as long as there are cats by the lake, WindClan will be among them, swift pawed and watchful, and clinging to the warrior code, like moss to a rock.

  • Rock asks Adderkit if he knew that Tallstar killed the snake that bit him.
  • He says that Tallstar spent nine long lives fighting for his Clan, defending borders, and forging alliances that would grant his Clan one more moon of peace.
  • Some cats thought that he was too quick to make alliances with other Clans, but Rock asks what he was supposed to do when Fireheart and Graystripe came to bring his Clan home.
  • Rock then points out that showing gratitude and respect for two young warriors, is different than rolling over and showing the soft spots of your underbelly.
  • Tallstar fought as fiercely as a lion, but preferred not to watch his Clanmates bleed into the grass, which is why Tallstar trusted Fireheart when he came to ask Tallstar to not fight, because Bluestar was mistaken.
  • Tallstar led his Clan to their new home, and then surrendered his ninth life. In his very moments, he made Onewhisker his deputy, instead of Mudclaw who Tallstar thought would let his ambition ruin WindClan.
  • Rock concludes saying that Tallstar must have watched as his final decision as Clan leader, almost destroyed the Clan he had fought so hard to protect.

  • Rock says that Onestar is a cat who could tell about the loneliness of power.
  • Rock explains that he and Fireheart were good friends from the moment they met on the Thunderpath, both recognizing each other in a sense of fairness and ambition to serve their Clan. Rock goes on to say that was party Onewhisker who convinced Tallstar not to fight with Bluestar.
  • He recalls that Firestar depended on their friendship and was only too pleased when Tallstar changed his deputy to Onewhisker.
  • Rock then says that Onestar didn't believe that he could lead his Clan and be Firestar's friend, too. He knew that the other Clans called him "Firestar's kittypet."
  • Onestar needed to gain his own Clanmates respect because many of them supported Mudclaw, so he had to make WindClan independent, confident that they could face challenges without the help of ThunderClan.
  • This was a hard lesson for Onestar, because he truly missed his friend, and when he needed Firestar the most, he had to walk alone.

  • Mudclaw was WindClan's most senior warrior, made deputy because even Tallstar recognized that his own peace-pursuing leadership needed the support of a warrior not afraid to show his claws.
  • Rock says that Tallstar replacing Mudclaw with Onewhisker was a terrible betrayal of Mudclaw's loyalty.
    • Rock also doubts Tallstar's decision saying that Mudclaw was ambitious, but his only ambition was to his Clan, and he would have surrendered all nine of his lives protecting his Clan.
  • Mudclaw sought to take back power and he had supporters in RiverClan and ShadowClan, though his main ally was Hawkfrost.
  • Rock then explains that the attack failed and Mudclaw was killed by a falling tree.
  • Rock concludes by wondering if it was just unlucky for that tree to fall or if StarClan wanted to get rid of a troublesome warrior and make a passage to the island where the Clans could have Gatherings.

  • Rock wonders what made StarClan pick this inexperienced, reserved, defensive apprentice to make the journey to the Sun-drown-place.
  • Rock also points out that Crowfeather was the only cat on the journey who wasn't a warrior and didn't have an old friend on the journey.
  • Rock then says that Crowfeather fought just as hard as the other five cats because he knew that he had the right to hear Midnight's message as well.
  • He says that Feathertail saved him, in the other cats’ eyes, because she saw past his shyness and sharp-tongue and found something to love.
  • Crowfeather loved Feathertail too, with a quiet fierceness that nearly split him in two when he saw her die. Rock then recalls that he chose his warrior name in honor of Feathertail.
  • When Crowfeather fell in love with Leafpool, Rock wondered if StarClan had forgotten about him or were punishing him for a deed not yet done
  • Rock concludes that Crowfeather loved Leafpool too much to let her abandon her Clan, and they eventually went back, but by letting her go, did she lose any hope of happiness for himself.

  • Rock claims that Nightcloud is not an easy cat to feel sorry for, even though Crowfeather only took her as his mate only to prove his loyalty to WindClan.
  • Rock says that Nightcloud isn't just protective of her mate and kit, she is jealous and arrogant.
  • Rock declares that she should let Breezepaw prove his own worth without trying to protect him all the time.
  • She should also remember that of all of Crowfeather's mates, she is the one they spared to live by his side.
  • Breezepaw shares his mother's arrogance, he has heard the whispers that his father is not loyal and he has a weakness beyond the borders, but Breezepaw doesn't know this weakness's name.
  • Breezepaw is determined not let his Clanmates think the same of him.
  • Rock says that Breezepaw is the type of warrior that Onestar needs, fierce, brave, and loyal.
  • He concludes that Breezepaw must learn that a battle isn't fair if secrets are hidden in the shadows.

  • Rock tells the kits that Heatherpaw sat in the same cave, pretending that she was a part of DarkClan with Lionpaw.
  • Rock wonders if Heatherpaw believed that the warrior code didn't apply to her, because she met Lionpaw in the tunnels.
  • Rock says that Heatherpaw is guilty of nothing but selfishness, she still remained loyal to her Clan.
  • Some say that she showed courage going into the tunnels to save the WindClan kits, but Rock points out that the kits would never have found the tunnels if she hadn't accidently led them there.
  • Rock says that the reason they survived was because the river spared them.

  • Rock tells Mosskit that she could swim the river if she tried, saying she is Half-RiverClan, and all RiverClan cats are born for a love of water.
  • He says that RiverClan never go hungry, and remain plump from the fish from the river.
  • He recalls when Fireheart and Graystripe brought fresh-kill across the river when RiverClan was starving, though Rock doesn't think the favor will ever be returned.
  • Rock thinks that their pride is too close to smugness, because they say their territory is protected by the river.
  • He says that RiverClan suffered in the old forest, every greenleaf Twolegs would come and build temporary dens, and sometimes cats would be stolen. He is not surprised when the kits haven't heard of this before, saying that RiverClan tries to keep quiet about it.

  • Crookedstar was born when RiverClan was fighting with ThunderClan over Sunningrocks. When he was a kit, he was playing on the rocks with his littermate, but they played too roughly and he broke his jaw when he fell, earning his warrior name.
    • Rock says that from then he had to fight harder and catch more fish to earn his Clanmate's respect, as a less than perfect cat is not always welcome in RiverClan.
  • Rock tells the kits that he knew Mistykit and Stonekit were kits to Bluestar because of their scent, and knew Oakheart was lying with the story about how he found them.
  • Rock also says that Crookedstar knew it would be a weakness to ThunderClan if RiverClan launched an attack on them, so he chose to ignore that they were half-Clan.
  • Rock says that he was not so welcome to Graystripe when he travelled to RiverClan with his kits.
  • Rock says that Crookedstar's cunning and confidence made him one of the strongest leaders the Clans have ever seen.

  • Rock starts by saying that Leopardstar was Crookedstar's deputy, and became leader when he died.
  • She shared Crookedstar's pride and ambition, but she lacked wisdom and tried too hard to protect herself against other Clans.
  • Rock the states that Leopardstar only saw Crookedstar's attitude to half-clan cats as anything but a weakness.
  • When Tigerstar became leader of ShadowClan, and offered a new way of living, Leopardstar formed TigerClan.
  • When Tigerstar made her deputy, Stonefur, fight to the death, she realized that this was wrong, but wouldn't speak up because she couldn't admit to her Clanmates that she was wrong.
  • Leopardstar saved her clanmates by joining LionClan on the eve of the battle.
  • Rock concludes by saying, if Leopardstar is hostile to the other Clans, it is because she no longer trusts her own judgment.

  • Rock tells Mosskit that she should be proud of her littermates, and it was RiverClan's loss that they didn't get to raise her.
  • Rock says that Oakheart knew that Graypool would recognize the scent, but trusted her to keep quiet.
  • Mistyfoot and Stonefur never questioned that Graypool was their mother because they all had similar colored fur.
  • He says that all three of them inherited your father's strength and courage, which made Leopardstar chose Stonefur as her deputy, and Mistyfoot and Stonefur mentored Feathertail and Stormfur, respectively.
  • When Tigerstar took control of TigerClan, Mistyfoot fled across the river to ThunderClan, but Stonefur was killed by Blackfoot and Darkstripe.
  • Rock concludes by saying that Mistyfoot will succeed Leopardstar, making a half-Clan cat a leader, but it would be a foolish ThunderClan cat who thought that Mistyfoot, had any loyalty except to the Clan that raised her.

  • Silverstream was Crookedstar's only daughter.
  • Being the daughter of the leader, Silverstream had the respect of the clan before she ever caught a fish.
  • Rock explains that she was dismayed when she fell in love with Graystripe, and every time she went to meet him, it felt like she was stepping on thorns.
  • Rock says, that loyalty and love are two very different things, and all his life he's chosen loyalty, which makes life easier but dull.
  • Rock concludes by saying, in the end, Silverstream paid the highest price for letting herself fall in love, bleeding out her life by giving birth to Feathertail and Stormfur.

  • Feathertail was imprisoned in the abandoned fox den when Tigerstar took over, and were forced to watch Stonefur murdered, all because they were Half-Clan.
  • Feathertail went with Mistyfoot to ThunderClan when Tigerstar took over, but returned to RiverClan after the battle with BloodClan.
  • Starclan chose Feathertail to go on the quest to find Midnight, and Stormfur went with her, as these two cats had been through too much to be separated.
  • Feathertail was the subject of the Tribe's prophecy as well, and died fulfilling it, killing the beast Sharptooth.
  • Rock concludes by saying, though a small life, one that deserves to be remembered for many moons to come.

  • Stormfur wasn't going to let Feathertail go on the quest to find Midnight when he almost lost her to Tigerstar, so he went with her.
  • He saw Feathertail die in the mountains, saving the Tribe of Rushing Water.
  • Rock says that you would think Stormfur would hate the tribe but, he became Brook's mate, and joined the Tribe of Rushing Water.
  • Stormfur could not forgive his clanmates for giving him up to Tigerstar.
  • He was more loyal to the warrior code than to his clanmates, so he was driven out of RiverClan and taken in by ThunderClan
  • But it was only too soon, before the mountains called him back.

  • Rock starts by saying that as son of Tigerstar and Sasha, Hawkfrost would never be looked favorably upon by his Clanmates.
  • Sasha brought her kits to RiverClan because she thought they would be safer there than in the wild, she returned to Hawkfrost and Mothwing when the Twolegs destroyed the forest, but Hawkfrost and Mothwing refused to abandon their clan, because they felt loyalty to RiverClan.
  • Rock says that even before Hawkfrost knew who his father was, he wanted to be leader, so he trained harder than any apprentice, and caught more fish. As a reward, he made temporary deputy, when Mistyfoot was captured by Twolegs.
  • But, he knew that being Leopardstar's favorite didn't give him his Clanmates' respect, so he made the moth's wing sign, knowing that with his sister as the medicine cat people would respect him.
  • Hawkfrost listened to Tigerstar, and plotted with Mudclaw, as well as a Thunderclan cat to kill Firestar.
  • He was killed by Brambleclaw, fulfilling the prophecy "Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red."

  • Mothwing is a medicine cat who doesn't believe in StarClan, and Rock says she is a constant puzzle to StarClan.
  • Rock says that Mothwing is allowed to stay, only because she cares so much about helping her Clanmates.
  • Rock explains how her brother, Hawkfrost, threatened to reveal Mothwing's secret unless she made false prophecies, such as the two stones in the water.
  • Mothwing could not receive signs from StarClan, so Leafpool was given them for her
  • Willowpaw was the solution to the problem; StarClan could speak through her instead, and Feathertail and Leafpool have continued to be her mentor for the StarClan part of her training.
  • Rock concludes by saying that Willowpaw respects her mentor's lack of belief in StarClan.

Cats Outside the Clans

  • Rock tells the kits about different groups of cats such as: The Tribe of Rushing Water, BloodClan, or kittypets or rogues.
  • He says that for Clan cats, the warrior code has served them well and kept them fed, but you don't see bodies of loners or rogues because they have starved to death.
  • Rock says that the distinction between a loner and a rogues is, loners live on their own but do not cause problems with the Clans. However, rogues also live on their own, but cause problems with the Clans.

  • Rock says that Ravenpaw's mentor, Tigerclaw, would never respect Ravenpaw's love of peace and sympathy to both sides of an argument, he saw this as nothing but a weakness.
  • After Ravenpaw saw Tigerclaw kill Redtail, he was in danger from Tigerclaw, so Firepaw took him away to safety, sending him to go live with Barley.
  • Barley was a loner with a good life on a farm, and Ravenpaw found peace here without having to worry about fighting.
  • Barley was born in BloodClan.
  • When Barley was found living with his sister - which was against BloodClan's rules - he had to watch Violet being beaten up by their other two littermates, Snake and Ice.
  • Violet survived and became a kittypet, while Barley fled to the farm.

  • Blossomkit doesn't think that the kits need to hear about kittypets, but Rock tells about them anyway.
  • Rock wanted to know if kittypets really were so bad, simply because they have food, shelter, and let Twolegs pet them.
  • Smudge was Rusty's nearest neighbor, and came into the forest when he had dreams about SkyClan.
  • Smudge never understood why Firestar wanted to live in the forest, but never forgot their friendship. Rock says he had loyalty, courage, and respect, and then asks if you would expect anymore from a warrior.
  • Princess is Firestar's littermate, and Cloudtail's mother.
  • She gave Fireheart Cloudkit to be a warrior, because she thought it was a nobler life, than living as a kittypet.
  • Princess was a good friend to Firestar, and still stares out into the forest, wondering if her brother and son are safe.

  • Rock explains that Tribe cats are named after the first thing their mother sees when they are born.
  • Brook met the Clan cats on their journey to sun-drown-place.
  • She believed that Stormfur was the chosen cat that would save the tribe from Sharptooth, and fell in love with him, when she taught him how to hunt hawks and eagles, loving his sense of readiness.
  • She shared his grief for Feathertail when she died, saving the Tribe from Sharptooth.
  • Talon is Brook's brother, who found it hard to accept Stormfur but, eventually did because Brook loved him.

  • Also called Stoneteller, he is the leader, deputy, and medicine cat of the tribe.
  • The Healer is always called Stoneteller, because that is what their job is, to go into a cave and interpret signs off of stones, from The Tribe of Endless Hunting.
  • Rock explains that herbal skills are less needed in the mountains because there are fewer herbs, and since they have no neighbors, no battles are fought.
  • Stoneteller was a proud cat, desperate to save his Tribe when Sharptooth prowled the mountain that the Tribe had such difficulty living on
  • He was very grateful to Feathertail, and buried her above the Waterfall, an honor bestowed on the noblest cave-guard and/or prey-hunter.

  • Rock could not believe that the other Clans would be so selfish, that they would let SkyClan be driven out of the forest.
  • He explains that Cloudstar was the leader when SkyClan was driven out of the forest, and he lost everything when he left the forest, especially his mate, Birdflight, and their kits.
  • They promised they would wait for each other, but it was not for many moons later when they were finally able to reunite.
  • Skywatcher was the only cat who knew about SkyClan, and held his own Gathering every full moon, trying to keep the traditions of SkyClan alive.
  • Skywatcher was thought to be mad by cats who lived around him, but then SkyClan arose again, his dreams became a reality.

  • Leafdapple became Leafstar, the current leader of SkyClan.
    • She was originally a rogue, called Leaf, with the talent for jumping, just like SkyClan cats, which made Firestar ask her to join the Clan.
    • She was wise enough to realize that kittypets were needed to make SkyClan grow.
  • Echosong was pure kittypet who dreamed of Firestar and Sandstorm before they arrived.
    • She became Skyclan's new medicine cat, and is a fast learner when it comes to herbs.
  • Sharpclaw was a rogue named Scratch.
    • He had the SkyClan ability to jump, and the courage of a warrior.
    • He is deputy, but he needs to learn peace from Leafstar before becoming leader.
  • Rock explains to Mosskit that you would no longer see SkyClan ancestor's walking the same skies as StarClan.

  • Rock tells this story just before dawn.
  • Scourge was the self appointed leader of BloodClan.
  • There was no warrior code in BloodClan, and they were bound together through fear.
  • Scourge's greatest strength was his greatest weakness; he didn't believe in the warrior code or in honor and didn't have any sense of wrong or right.
  • Because Scourge did not follow StarClan, he only had one life, which Firestar took from him.
  • Bone was deputy of BloodClan, who was killed by a swarm of apprentices after he killed Whitestorm.
  • Rock ends his tales by saying that he liked to remember all of the cats, because they deserved to be remembered.
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