Cherith Baldry (born in Lancaster, England) is a writer of fantasy fiction.[5] Baldry collaborates with Kate Cary, Victoria Holmes, and Tui Sutherland under the pen name of Erin Hunter, writing the Warriors book series.[6]


Cherith was born in Lancaster, England, UK, on 21 January 1947.[7] Cherith grew up on a farm and worked with house cats.
For a while, she took up the job of teaching, but gave it up in order to become a full time writer.[6] She was married to the late Peter Baldry, a scientist.[6] She had two sons named Will and Adam.[6] Will and Adam were adults when Cherith's husband died.[6]
She currently lives alone in Reigate, England[8] with her two cats Bramble and Sorrel, who inspired characters in the Warriors books (Bramblestar and Sorreltail, respectively).[9]

Warriors Books

Other Books

Eaglesmount Trilogy

  • The Silver Horn (2001)
  • The Emerald Throne (2001)
  • The Lake of Darkness (2004)

Abbey Series

  • The Buried Cross (2004)
  • The Silent Man (2004)
  • The Scarlet Spring (2004)
  • The Drowned Sword (2005)


  • Great Bear Lake (2009)
  • The Last Wilderness (2010)
  • Spirits in the Stars (2011)
  • Island of Shadows (2012)
  • The Melting Sea (2012)
  • Forest of Wolves (2014)
  • The Burning Horizon (2015)


  • The Book and the Phoenix (1989)
  • A Rush of Golden Wings (1991)
  • Storm Wind (1994)
  • Cradoc's Quest (1994)
  • Drew's Talents (1997)
  • Mutiny in Space (1997)
  • Exiled from Camelot (2000)
  • The Reliquary Ring (2002)
  • The Roses of Roazon (2004)


  • Her favorite characters in the Warriors series are Bramblestar, Dustpelt, and Leafpool.[14]
  • Her favorite book is The Darkest Hour.[14]
  • The first warrior name she came up with was Thistleclaw.[9]
  • Cherith wrote one book in a month, though it was hard work.[9]
  • During Erin Hunter Chat 2, Cloudtail and Brightheart is her favorite shipping.[14] However, in Erin Hunter Chat 3, her favorite shippings are Leafpool/Crowfeather Bramblestar/Squirrelflight, and Dustpelt/Ferncloud.[15]
  • If she could bring a cat into life, it might be Whitestorm or Yellowfang.[14]
  • It was hard for her to write the ending of Moonrise.[14]
  • If she could be a Clan cat, she would be in ThunderClan.[14]
  • Cherith's favorite books to write and read are either The Darkest Hour or Firestar's Quest and Into the Wild, respectively.[14]
  • Her favorite color is blue-green.[15]
  • In the third chat, she revealed that her favorite villain is Hawkfrost and favorite warrior name is Brightheart.[15]
  • Her favorite perspectives to write from are Squirrelflight's and Leafpool's.[15]
  • Her favorite death to write was Darkstripe's.[15]
  • If she could make Ravenpaw into a warrior, she would name him Ravenwing.[15]
  • If she could be married to a Clan cat, she would choose Bramblestar.[15]
  • Both Kate and Cherith write for 6 hours a day.[15]
  • Her favorite Clan is ThunderClan.[15]

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