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A Clan Meeting is an event held in the Clan camp when a Clan Leader convokes the Clan members to share important information with them.[1]


A Clan Meeting has one or more of the following purposes:

  • Announcing important events or sharing information. (such as relating what happened at a Gathering.)
Example: Firestar sharing the news of the Gathering when RiverClan proclaimed that the lake was theirs.[2]
Example: Firestar calling a Clan meeting for the appointment of Lionblaze as a warrior.[3]
  • Warn Clan members about dangers. (such as the fox traps, a flood, or an impending attack.)
Example: Firestar calling a Clan meeting from the results of the battle with WindClan and ShadowClan.[4]
  • Bring the Clan members together to discuss an important matter.
Example: Leafstar calling the cats together to decide what to do about the Twoleg torturing cats.[5]


It is the privilege of the Clan Leader to convoke a meeting.[6] However, sometimes other Clan cats do it; for example if they feel that an important information or question must be brought to the Clan (such as Mousefur calling a meeting in Sunset),[7] or if the leader is not available (such as when Fireheart called a meeting in A Dangerous Path).[8]

To begin the meeting, the leader climbs to a high place (such as the Highrock in the ThunderClan Forest Camp) where all cats gathered below can see and hear them well.[9] They open the meeting with the words "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highrock (or Highledge) for a Clan meeting".[2] This type of call has only been verified for ThunderClan. RiverClan's call is: "Let all cats old enough to swim gather to hear my words!".[10] ShadowClan and WindClan's calls have not been stated in the books yet. On the rare occasions of Clan meetings in the Dark Forest, a leader calls out with these words: "Let all cats old enough to kill their own enemies gather here!"[11] Once having the attention of all cats, the leader passes the message or performs the required ceremony.[12]

Clan Meetings have no fixed dates; a meeting can be called at any time, whenever the leader feels the need to do so.[13]

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