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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in The Sun Trail that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading.

  • Half Moon is watching several cats fight over an eagle carcass.
  • A group of cats return from hunting with no prey.
  • Lion's Roar comes up to Half Moon and tells her that something must be done about the starving cats.
  • Half Moon protests that Jay's Wing had promised the mountains were their home.
    • Lion's Roar questions if Jay's Wing was right, but Half Moon insists he was.
  • Half Moon receives a sign in the form of a brilliant light and realizes that only some of the cats need to leave the mountains.
  • Half Moon knows she will never leave and will stay for her twilight moons.

  • Gray Wing and Clear Sky are out hunting.
    • They catch a hawk and bring it back to the cave.
    • Bright Stream compliments Clear Sky on the catch and Silver Frost comments that they will be mates and nudges Gray Wing toward Turtle Tail.
  • Shaded Moss and Stoneteller call a meeting to announce that Stoneteller had a sign and that those who choose to go can leave with Shaded Moss.

  • Gray Wing and Bright Stream go out hunting.
    • They discuss Stoneteller's dream and leaving the mountains.
    • They catch a snow hare.
  • Fluttering Bird dies of starvation.
    • Quiet Rain refuses to bury her while her body is still warm.
  • Eventually, she and her remaining kits bury Fluttering Bird.
  • Clear Sky tries to convince his mother to come with him on the journey.

  • Dewy Leaf argues with Moon Shadow about leaving the mountains.
  • Stoneteller sets up a vote to decide whether or not the journeying cats should leave.
    • It is decided that if a cat wants to leave, they may.
  • Gray Wing goes out to hunt.
    • Stoneteller and he discuss Stoneteller's dream and the leaving cats.

  • The traveling cats leave the cave on the path of the rising sun.
  • The remaining adult cats go out hunting.
    • Gray Wing catches a young hawk.
    • Dewy Leaf and Twisted Branch catch a snow hare.
  • Jagged Peak goes on a hunting lesson with Gray Wing.
    • A hawk almost carries Jagged Peak off.
    • He manages to kill a snow hare.
  • Jagged Peak goes missing the next morning.
    • Misty Water and Gray Wing attempt to track him and find that he is trying to follow the journeying cats.
    • It is decided that Gray Wing will go find Jagged Peak and join the traveling cats.

  • Gray Wing is prevented from finding Jagged Peak because of a blizzard.
  • When he is able to leave, Gray Wing is given advice by the elders.
  • Gray Wing and Quiet Rain search for Jagged Peak until they come across a thinly iced waterfall and Quiet Rain tells Gray Wing she cannot go any farther.
    • Gray Wing runs across the ice and it breaks after he crosses.
  • After losing Jagged Peaks scent for a little while, Gray Wing finds him being attacked by an eagle.
    • They drive the eagle away, although Gray Wing is injured, and Gray Wing comforts Jagged Peak.

  • Gray Wing and Jagged Peak continue to follow the traveling cats
    • After climbing a sheer cliff face, they are forced to shelter from a blizzard.
  • Gray Wing falls into a stream.
    • Jagged Peak saves him with a stick.
  • Jagged Peak leads the two of them on the scent trail of the other cats.
    • They soon tire and find shelter for the night.
  • Gray Wing dreams that he is in the cave with the other cats, and when he wakes up, he can still hear their voices.
    • He discovers that the traveling cats are very close and he and Jagged Peak run to meet them.
    • The others greet them warmly.

  • The cats continue their journey.
    • Gray Wing and Turtle Tail walk together in the back.
  • Clear Sky tells Gray Wing that Bright Stream is expecting kits.
  • The cats walk in pairs across a scree.
    • Jagged Peak spots eagles coming towards them.
    • Gray Wing rescues Dappled Pelt from slipping.
  • Clear Sky makes a plan to catch one of the four eagles since they are trapped.
    • Gray Wing, Bright Stream, Turtle Tail, and Cloud Spots lead three of the eagles away, while the others kill the fourth eagle.
    • Bright Stream is caught by one of the eagles when she is trying to save Gray Wing.

  • Gray Wing attempts to save Bright Stream, but Turtle Tail and Cloud Spots stop him.
    • Clear Sky listens to Gray Wing explain what happened
  • The cats cross a river via some stepping stones.
  • The cats decide to settle down for the night in a thicket of bushes.
    • Jagged Peak and Moon Shadow catch some prey.
  • The cats run into a herd of sheep.
    • Gray Wing races across the field and catches a rabbit.
    • No one can eat very much, as they are all full from the night before.

  • The traveling cats continue along the riverbank.
  • The cats smell a acrid scent and hear rumbling.
    • Clear Sky and Gray Wing go ahead to check it out and discover a Thunderpath.
    • The two brothers investigate and help the other cats cross.
  • They continue through the forest, and Clear Sky and Tall Shadow jump into a high oak to see how far the trees go on.
    • They say the trees end not too far away, but won't say what is beyond them.
  • Shattered Ice scents a dog, and the dog chases after them until a Twoleg comes and retrieves it.
    • It begins to rain when the cats start traveling away from the trail where the dog had chased them.
  • They come across a Twolegplace, and Shaded Moss tells the others they have to find shelter.

  • The traveling cats travel alongside the Thunderpath to the Twolegplace.
    • They settle down for the night in an abandoned monster den.
  • Gray Wing takes first watch with Rainswept Flower.
    • A monster comes close to the sleeping cats, but it doesn't find them.
    • Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry take second watch.
  • Moon Shadow goes out hunting.
    • Moon Shadow gets into a fight with some kittypets and the other cats save him.
    • The cats decide to leave the Twolegplace.
  • They all hunt in the open away from the Twolegplace.
    • Gray Wing fails to catch anything.
  • They cross a marsh before finding a barn with plenty of mice to shelter in.
    • Rainswept Flower wonders if the barn is their new home.

  • With the exception of Gray Wing, the mountain cats all agree the barn would be a safe place to live and raise kits.
    • The group settles down in the dry grass to sleep.
    • They are woken up by the noise of pounding feet.
  • Hawk Swoop is the last cat to wake and the sheep coming into the barn trample over her, but Clear Sky manages to grab her before she is crushed.
    • They discover her leg is dislocated and Cloud Spots puts it back into place.
  • The group continues to travel, and quickly lose their enthusiasm for the trip, as it is soggy and prey is scarce.
  • They run into a strange cat who questions their motives for traveling and wishes them luck.
  • Dappled Pelt finds a stream and fishes for the others while Shattered Ice and Moon Shadow hunt in the forest.
  • Gray Wing hears a dog and the cats run in terror towards the Thunderpath.
    • Too late, Gray Wing warns Shaded Moss to stop, and a monster kills him.

  • Gray Wing throws himself in front of the other cats and yowls that Shaded Moss was hurt.
    • Tall Shadow races across the Thunderpath and fetches Shaded Moss' body.
    • Cloud Spots confirms that Shaded Moss is dead.
  • Rainswept Flower, distraught, refuses to leave her father's body behind.
    • The group carries him across the Thunderpath and lay his body down on the other side.
    • They cover him with sticks and leaves while mewing their farewells to Shaded Moss.
  • The group continues along the sun trail and soon reach the end of the Twolegplace, where they settle down for the night in the copse.
    • The noise and chill of the wind wake the cats, and Tall Shadow suggests they continue.
  • They soon reach the top of Highstones and look out at the landscape below them.
    • They gain optimism and begin to make plans about where they could live in the land below.
    • Tall Shadow suggests they explore, and Jagged Peak attempts to run ahead, only to be reprimanded.
  • They suddenly hear the rumbling of a Thunderpath, and many of the cats balk at the thought of crossing, Shaded Moss's death still fresh in their minds.
    • Shattered Ice suggests they split into groups to cross and the others agree.
  • The first two groups make it across safely.
  • Gray Wing's group begin to cross, but halfway through, a monster approaches suddenly.
    • Everyone but Jagged Peak makes it across safely, and Clear Sky runs into the Thunderpath to save him, narrowly missing the monster.
    • Clear Sky snarls at Jagged Peak, and Gray Wing tries to tell Clear Sky that he should have realized Jagged Peak wasn't with him.
      • Quick Water intervenes, saying he could walk with her for a while.

  • The group spends the next few days in a hollow next to a pool, while exploring the surrounding area.
    • Gray Wing and a few of the others go out to explore and find a forest just beyond the moor.
    • They find what will later become Fourtrees deeper in the forest.
    • Gray Wing suggests they hunt and they soon are eating under the four great oaks.
    • Jagged Peak scents rogue cats in the surrounding forest, but Gray Wing tells him not to fight.
  • A few days later, Gray Wing is out hunting on the moor. As he chases a rabbit, another cat rams into him, later revealed to be Wind.
    • She and Gorse argue with Gray Wing until Tall Shadow and Hawk Swoop come and defend him.
    • Back at camp, the cats discuss whether they would have to fight every time they went out hunting.
  • Four sunrises later, Moon Shadow comes to camp with two squirrels, saying he had caught them in the forest
    • Tall Shadow reprimands him, and when he retorts that she wasn't leader, she claims that Shaded Moss made her his successor.

  •  Gray Wing confronts Clear Sky to tell him the truth about Bright Stream's death.
    • Clear Sky tells him it was not Gray Wing's fault, but his.
  • Gray Wing and Clear Sky go explore the territory downriver.
    • They meet a black she-cat who tells tells them to leave.
    • Clear Sky and Gray Wing catch a squirrel and share it.
    • When they finish eating, Gray Wing feels as though someone was watching them.
    • When they're returning to the camp, they spot a tortoiseshell she-cat, a kittypet, who later turns out to be Bumble.
  • When they return, they find Tall Shadow arguing with her brother.
    • Moon Shadow tells his sister that all she ever does is order the group around.
    • Hawk Swoop stops them, saying that all they ever do is argue.
  • Gray Wing and a few of others go hunting.
    • Jackdaw's Cry catches a hawk and Rainswept Flower tells him he can keep it for himself.
    • Dappled Pelt catches the mouse that a hawk had been hunting.
    • Gray Wing notices that everyone was trying too hard to pretend that their new home was perfect.

  • Gray Wing, Clear Sky, and a few of the others are hunting in the forest.
    • They hear a screech, and Clear Sky recognizes it as Moon Shadow's.
  • They find him fighting with three other cats over a squirrel.
    • Clear Sky and Gray Wing rush in to defend Moon Shadow.
  • The three cats argue with the group over prey, and eventually run off, taking the squirrel with them.
  • Tall Shadow and her brother argue about hunting in the forest.
    • Tall Shadow agrees to let them hunt more in the forest, but only if they stuck together.
  • Moon Shadow and Clear Sky go hunting with a few of the others, but Gray Wing decides not to go with them.
    • Turtle Tail offers to go walking with him, and they go to the four oaks.
      • They climb up onto a rock and relax in the sun.
  • A voice suddenly calls up to them, and Gray Wing recognizes it as the she-cat that had been watching him and Clear Sky when they had come to the hollow.
    • They tell the she-cat, who introduces herself as Bumble, about the mountains and why they left.
    • After Bumble tells the pair about what she does as a kittypet, they laze in the sun until the mountain cats tell her they must go hunting.
  • As the two head back towards the moor, Turtle Tail scents a rabbit.
    • The two work together to catch it and eat before heading back to camp.
  • When they return, all of the cats gather and eat and Tall Shadow thanks Stoneteller for sending them to their new home.
  • A few days later, Gray Wing looks over at the four great oaks and thinks in amazement about all of the plants in their new home.
    • He begins running, just for fun, when he hears the squeal of a rabbit and sees Wind and Gorse chasing after it.
    • The rabbit runs down a hole, but, to Gray Wing's amazement, Wind dives in after it.
    • He walks up to Gorse and Wind pops out of the tunnel with the rabbit in her jaws.
  • Gray Wing asks if he could go down in the hole, and Wind tells him it was the rabbit's home, not hers.
    • He hesitates at the entrance, and Wind offers to go down with him.
    • As they work their way through a tunnel, Gray Wing panics, and Wind eventually shows him out, calling him a mouse-brain.
    • He thanks Wind for showing him the tunnel, and they say their farewells.

  • Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots discuss going looking for herbs.
    • Gray Wing overhears them and offers to join them to help carry herbs.
  • When they get to the river, Gray Wing relaxes in the sun while his two companions search for herbs.
    • Dappled Pelt exclaims that the herbs are much more abundant than in the mountains.
  • After collecting almost all that they could carry, Dappled Pelt scents tansy and notes that Jackdaw's Cry could use some.
    • She wades into the river and swims across it and back to retrieve the herbs.
  • As they walk back, Gray Wing hears voices and peeks through some ferns to investigate.
    • He discovers Turtle Tail and the kittypet Bumble eating a vole together.
    • Turtle Tail asks why she doesn't live on the wild all the time, and Bumble tells her she would never go hungry with her housefolk.
    • They decline her offer to see her nest and continue on.
    • Gray Wing tells Turtle Tail he doesn't like her hanging around with kittypets, and she becomes defensive.
  • That night, Gray Wing is thinking about their new home when he sees and smells creatures in the hollow, later revealed to be foxes.
    • He yowls to attack, but a fox gets to Shattered Ice first, holding him by the shoulder as he thrashes and screeches.

  • Gray Wing, Turtle Tail, and Clear Sky watch the other cats battling the foxes.
    • Clear Sky charges towards the foxes, but Gray Wing stops him, saying they needed a plan.
    • They develop a plan, and attack the first fox.
  • The three of them send the first fox running and help the others fight off the rest.
    • At the end of the battle, no cat is seriously injured, but Gray Wing and Clear Sky agree that they had to practice their fighting, in case there was more trouble.
  • In the morning light, Gray Wing notices how much damage the battle caused.
    • He also sees Clear Sky and Moon Shadow pad up to Tall Shadow.
  • They announce that they wished to live in the forest.
    • Tall Shadow and Rainswept Flower argue with them, which pulls more cats into the argument.
    • It is decided that they would vote on whether to stay or go to the forest.
  • More cats decide to stay than to leave, and Tall Shadow tells them the matter was settled.
    • Clear Sky and Moon Shadow protest, saying they should be able to leave if they wanted to live in the forest.
    • Tall Shadow tells them to leave if they wished but that they were always welcome back.

  • The leaving cats say their farewells before leaving for the forest.
    • Quick Water and Falling Feather tease Jackdaw's Cry.
    • Gray Wing agrees to accompany them a little ways, though he would be staying on the moor.
    • Tall Shadow wishes them luck, and they leave.
  • When Gray Wing returns to the hollow, the remaining cats are recovering from the attack.
    • Cloud Spots suggests they go hunting and he agrees.
    • The two toms head out onto the moor and soon find a rabbit.
    • Working together, they kill the rabbit.
  • A few sunrises later, Gray Wing is paused at the edge of the trees, hoping to spot his brother or one of the others who had left.
    • He spots Turtle Tail secretively slinking out of the trees, and he stops her, startling the she-cat.
    • He asks her what she had been doing and she reveals that she had been visiting Bumble in the Twolegplace.
    • Shocked, Gray Wing warns her not to go, which begins an argument.
  • He stalks off into the woods, only to be stopped by his brothers, who drop out of a tree to greet him.
    • They invite him to join them hunting in the trees.
    • He agrees, and soon after climbing up a tree, they spot a squirrel, and Clear Sky runs after it through the treetops.
    • Jagged Peak follows, but when Gray Wing tries, he falls off his branch and is clinging to one below until Jagged Peak directs him down.
    • They make their way to the forest cats' camp, where Gray Wing catches up with his old Tribe-mates.
    • He notices that Falling Feather seemed particularly interested in having other cats join their group.
  • Leaving the camp, Gray Wing heads back, lost in his thoughts.
    • Suddenly, a a silver tabby jumps out of the bushes ahead of him, causing him to bump into a tree stump.
    • She accuses him of stealing prey, and he calmly introduces himself, saying there was enough prey for all of them.
    • The silver cat informs him that he had almost run into a wasp nest and bounds off.
  • As he climbs into the hollow, he spots Turtle Tail and asks her if she wanted to go hunting.
    • She agrees and they run out of the hollow.
    • They soon spot a rabbit, and Gray Wing tells her he would send the rabbit over to her to kill.
    • When he does, she misses and Gray Wing becomes angry at her.
  • She runs off to go see Bumble, saying the kittypet didn't expect her to be perfect.
    • That night, Turtle Tail still hadn't returned to the hollow, and Gray Wing anxiously waits for her.

  • Gray Wing creeps along the Thunderpath, searching for Bumble's nest.
    • The silver tabby he'd met previously comes up behind him and asks what he was doing there.
    • He asks for her name instead, and she tells him her name was Storm, and he tells her he was looking for Bumble's den.
    • Storm offers to take him to Bumble's den, and he follows her further on the Twolegplace.
  • She shows him to Bumble's fence and leaves him to investigate.
    • He calls for Turtle Tail, and she comes out of a cat flap with Bumble.
    • He tells her he came to rescue her, and she becomes angry, snapping she didn't need rescuing and was only sheltering for the night from the rain.
    • She apologizes to Bumble about Gray Wing's behavior and stalks off through the fence, Gray Wing close behind.
  • After walking for a bit, Gray Wing apologizes, saying he had been worried about her.
    • She forgives him and tells him about the den, but trails off, noticing he wasn't interested.
  • Two days later, Gray Wing is in the trees and hears yowling.
    • He races towards it and discovers a white cat and a yellow tabby had Storm trapped in some oak roots.
    • He rushes in and tackles the white tom, fighting him off until the two leave.
    • Storm tells him she could've handled it, and asks if she could see where his friends had been living.
  • He agrees and takes her to the camp.
    • Turtle Tail comes into camp while Gray Wing is showing Storm around.
    • She introduces herself to Storm and fiercely tells Gray Wing she wasn't going to the Twolegplace before stalking off.
  • He lets Turtle Tail go and asks Storm if she would show him around the woods the next day.
    • She agrees, and trots away.
  • Rainswept Flower teases him about falling for a rogue, and he denies it, even though the idea of her moving to the moor keeps creeping into his thoughts.

  • Gray Wing notices Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry standing close together on the hollow.
    • Dappled Pelt comes up behind him and says kits would be good for everyone.
    • Shattered Ice grunts that it would be more mouths to feed, but with a gleam of approval in his eyes.
  • Gray Wing races out of the hollow, thinking about Storm.
    • A rabbit suddenly crashes into him and he lashes out at it.
    • He sees Gorse and Wind running up and apologizes for stealing their prey.
    • Wind tells him it was alright and offers to share it with him.
  • While they eat, Gray Wing tells them about the group.
    • He asks if they want to see the hollow and they offer to bring the hare with them.
  • As they enter the hollow, Tall Shadow asks who the newcomers were.
    • They introduce themselves and offer to share the hare with the rest of the moor cats.
    • Tall Shadow agrees, and soon the whole group is sharing the rabbit and answering all the rogues' questions.
  • After they leave, Turtle Tail comes back and Gray Wing immediately asks where she had been.
    • Cloud Spots enters the hollow afterwards, thanking her for helping him gather herbs.
    • Gray Wing apologizes, saying it isn't up to him to decide where she goes.
  • The next day, she offers to go hunting with him, but he tells her he had to go meet Storm.
    • Turtle Tail, looking hurt, stalks off.
  • He almost immediately forgets her reaction and runs to the forest to meet Storm.
    • He decides to climb up one of the oaks to jump down on Storm and surprise her, but ends up dangling by one paw.
    • Storm finds him like this and asks him if he was having fun.
    • Scrambling down, he follows her into the forest.
  • She shows him around, pointing out different spots in the forest.
  • He asks if she wanted to meet Clear Sky and she agrees.
    • As they near the camp, a brown tom stops them and insists on escorting them to Clear Sky.
    • When they get to the clearing, Clear Sky introduces the tom as Fox and another cat in the clearing as Petal.
  • Gray Wing introduces his brother to Storm, and the two have a stuttered conversation before Storm briskly runs off to go hunt.
    • Gray Wing follows her and asks if she was okay.
    • She replies that she was fine, but rejects his offer to meet again.

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