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These notes are brief, noting major and minor events in The Sun Trail that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.


  • Half Moon is watching several cats fight over an eagle carcass.
    • A gray-and-white elder grabs it and gives it to Misty Water, who refuses to eat.
  • Lion's Roar comes up to Half Moon and tells her that something must be done about the starving cats.
  • Half Moon protests that Jay's Wing had promised the mountains were their home.
  • Half Moon receives a sign in the form of a brilliant light and realizes that only some of the cats need to leave the mountains.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

  • Gray Wing and Bright Stream go out hunting.
    • They discuss Stoneteller's dream and leaving the mountains.
    • They catch a snow hare.
  • Fluttering Bird dies of starvation.
    • Quiet Rain refuses to bury her while her body is still warm.
  • Eventually, her and her remaining kits bury Fluttering Bird.
  • Clear Sky tries to convince his mother to come with him on the journey.

Chapter 3

  • Dewy Leaf argues with Moon Shadow about leaving the mountains.
  • Stoneteller sets up a vote to decide whether or not the journeying cats should leave.
    • It is decided that if a cat wants to leave, they may.
  • Gray Wing goes out to hunt.
    • Stoneteller and he discuss Stoneteller's dream and the leaving cats.

Chapter 4

  • The traveling cats leave the cave on the path of the rising sun.
  • The remaining adult cats go out hunting.
    • Gray Wing catches a young hawk.
    • Dewy Leaf and Twisted Branch catch a snow hare.
  • Jagged Peak goes on a hunting lesson with Gray Wing.
    • A hawk almost carries Jagged Peak off.
    • He manages to kill a snow hare.
  • Jagged Peak goes missing the next morning.
    • Misty Water and Gray wing attempt to track him and find that he is trying to follow the journeying cats.
    • It is decided that Gray Wing will go find Jagged Peak and join the traveling cats.

Chapter 5

  • Gray Wing is prevented from finding Jagged Peak because of a blizzard.
  • When he is able to leave, Gray Wing is given advice by the elders.
  • Gray Wing and Quiet Rain search for Jagged Peak until they come across a thinly iced waterfall and Quiet Rain tells Gray Wing she cannot go any farther.
    • Gray Wing runs across the ice and it breaks after he crosses.
  • After losing Jagged Peaks scent for a little while, Gray Wing finds him being attacked by an eagle.
    • They drive the eagle away, although Gray Wing is injured, and Gray Wing comforts Jagged Peak.

Chapter 6

  • Gray Wing and Jagged Peak continue to follow the traveling cats
    • After climbing a sheer cliff face, they are forced to shelter from a blizzard.
  • Gray Wing falls into a stream
    • Jagged Peak saves him with a stick
  • Jagged Peak leads the two of them on the scent trail of the other cats.
    • They soon tire and find shelter for the night
  • Gray Wing dreams that he is in the cave with the other cats, and when he wakes up, he can still hear their voices
    • He discovers that the traveling cats are very close and he and Jagged Peak run to meet them.
    • The others greet them warmly.

Chapter 7

  • The cats continue their journey
    • Gray Wing and Turtle Tail walk together in the back.
  • Clear Sky tells Gray Wing that Bright Stream is expecting kits.
  • The cats walk in pairs across a scree.
    • Jagged Peak spots eagles coming towards them.
    • Gray Wing rescues Dappled Pelt from slipping.
  • Clear Sky makes a plan to catch one of the four eagles since they are trapped.
    • Gray Wing, Bright Stream, Turtle Tail, and Cloud Spots lead three of the eagles away, while the others kill the fourth eagle.
    • Bright Stream is caught by one of the eagles when she is trying to save Gray Wing.

Chapter 8

  • Gray Wing attempts to save Bright Stream, but Turtle Tail and Cloud Spots stop him.
    • Clear Sky listens to Gray Wing explain what happened
  • The cats cross a river via some stepping stones.
  • The cats decide to settle down for the night in a thicket of bushes.
    • Jagged Peak and Moon Shadow catch some prey.
  • The cats run into a herd of sheep.
    • Gray Wing races across the field and catches a rabbit.
    • No one can eat very much, as they are all full from the night before.

Chapter 9

  • The traveling cats continue along the riverbank.
  • The cats smell a acrid scent and hear rumbling.
    • Clear Sky and Gray Wing go ahead to check it out and discover a Thunderpath.
    • The two brothers investigate and help the other cats cross.
  • They continue through the forest, and Clear Sky and Tall Shadow jump into a high oak to see how far the trees go on.
    • They say the trees end not too far away, but won't say what is beyond them.
  • Shattered Ice scents a dog, and the dog chases after them until a Twoleg comes and retrieves it.
    • It begins to rain when the cats start traveling away from the trail where the dog had chased them.
  • They come across a Twolegplace, and Shaded Moss tells the others they have to find shelter.

Chapter 10

  • The traveling cats travel alongside the Thunderpath to the Twolegplace.
    • They settle down for the night in an abandoned monster den.
  • Gray Wing takes first watch with Rainswept Flower.
    • A monster comes close to the sleeping cats, but it doesn't find them.
    • Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry take second watch.
  • Moon Shadow goes out hunting.
    • Moon Shadow gets into a fight with some kittypets and the other cats save him.
    • The cats decide to leave the Twolegplace.
  • They all hunt in the open away from the Twolegplace.
    • Gray Wing fails to catch anything.
  • They have cross a marsh before finding a barn with plenty of mice to shelter in.
    • Rainswept Flower wonders if the barn is their new home.

Chapter 11

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Chapter 12

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 14

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Chapter 15

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Chapter 16

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Chapter 17

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Chapter 18

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Chapter 19

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Chapter 20

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Chapter 21

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Chapter 22

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Chapter 23

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Chapter 24

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Chapter 25

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Chapter 26

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