"Even when they are warriors, I will watch over them.They will be the most precious parts of my life, alongside you of course."
Cloudstar to Birdflight about their kits in Cloudstar's Journey, page 209
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Chapter Number: 1 (of 10)
Page Numbers: 203-211

Chapter Summary

Cloudstar's PoV

Cloudstar, leader of SkyClan, is hunting with his deputy, Buzzardtail, within the borders of SkyClan territory. While hunting, the pair discuss their mates, and other kin. Buzzardtail tells Cloudstar that the only burden he'll have on his shoulders is his kits keeping him awake once they're born, as Birdflight plans on letting their kits stay in Cloudstar's den to give the queen some rest. The leader says he doesn't mind this, and his kits will be welcome, once they're born.
As they talk, Cloudstar scents ThunderClan cats, and questions if he smells a patrol. His questions are proven true when he soon sees the face of Seedpelt, ThunderClan's deputy, and another warrior, Nettleclaw. The two cats question whether or not Cloudstar has been hunting prey on ThunderClan land, and SkyClan's leader denies the accusations, saying he would never. After their discussion, Cloudstar and Buzzardtail make their way back to camp, talking about Darkstar, and his decision to give up a portion of SkyClan territory to ThunderClan. Although Buzzardtail thinks Darkstar was crazy, Cloudstar understands why he did it, and says that according to the warrior code, a leader's word is law.
Once they return to camp, Cloudstar is ambushed by four rambunctious kits, Webkit, Hatchkit, Emberkit, and Mistlekit. These turn out to be the kits of Hazelwing, and the queen apologizes for her kits, saying that the only way her offspring would give Birdflight peace, is if their mother promised that they would learn battle moves. Cloudstar says they must wait five more moons to start actual battle training, but tells the kits to go wait for him by the hazel bush, so he can keep them entertained for a while.
After the kits scamper away, Birdflight walks over to Cloudstar, and wonders if their kits will be as lively. Cloudstar says that he would like a litter of four kits, just like Hazelwing, or more, so their sons can watch over their daughters. Birdflight teases him, saying that their daughters will be able to watch over themselves, and maybe even their own siblings.
Just as Cloudstar is about to walk over to the hazel bush to play with Hazelwing's kits, Fernpelt and her patrol returns from hunting. When the leader looks, he notices that only Snailpaw is carrying prey, and asks if that's all they found. Fernpelt bristles, saying there was nothing else to find. Cloudstar is confused, and wonders why, since it was close to greenleaf. Fernpelt says that Twolegs are causing an uproar, and scaring away the animals they hunt. Stoatfur, another warrior on the patrol, says that he thinks they should stop hunting there, for fear of their own safety, but Cloudstar disagrees, saying that they just had a bad day hunting.






  • Darkstar is mistakenly called Duskstar[1].

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