"Something is coming, I fear."
Fawnstep to Cloudstar about the omens she recieved in Cloudstar's Journey, page 218
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Chapter Number: 2 (of 10)
Page Numbers: 212-219

Chapter Summary

Cloudstar's PoV

Cloudstar finds himself only to be dreaming, in StarClan's vibrant hunting grounds. Hearing paw steps behind him, he turns around to see Maplestar, one the cats who gave him his nine lives. She greets him kindly, and asks Cloudstar to take a walk with her, and reminds him of the tale of Clear Sky, SkyClan's first leader.
Rowanstar, a former leader of SkyClan out the bushes next to them. He remarks that he was the cat who made patrolling borders a must, therefore as a part of the warrior code. All three cats are surprised to the arrival of Darkstar, who claims he made the greatest contribution to the warrior code. Cloudstar takes the opportunity to ask Darkstar why he gave ThunderClan a strip of SkyClan territory. Darkstar replies that it is everyone's duty to keep the five Clans going, and that SkyClan are noble, and shall endure the twolegs.
Cloudstar wakes up from his dream, and finds Fawnstep looking at him. She asks to speak with him outside the camp. She explains that she's seen omens on prey, saying that the hunting pile is getting smaller and twolegs might come into SkyClan territory. However, Cloudstar dismisses it, and heads towards the nursery to see Cloudstar feels his warrior ancestors watching over him and Birdflight, and their kits forever.






  • Darkstar is mistakenly called Duskstar[1].

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