"That territory no longer belongs to SkyClan. The Twolegs have stolen it from us, and there is nothing we can do. We will have to look for some other way to find enough food."
Cloudstar to SkyClan in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 7
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Chapter Number: 7 (of 10)
Page Numbers: 255-260

Chapter Summary

Cloudstar's PoV

Faint dawn light filters through the branches as Cloudstar lies beside Petalfall. The tom is too troubled to sleep, but unwilling to let the elder rest alone. Fawnstep mews to the leader that he should go take a walk, telling him she'll take care of Petalfall. Cloudstar heaves himself up on numb paws and stumbles out into the clearing. He leaves camp, and pads out into the forest. The pale gray cat doesn't like the silence of his surroundings, and notes that it seems unwelcoming. Cloudstar then emerges in the area that the Twolegs had destroyed, and sees that many old landmarks are missing. The leader surveys the area, and concludes that new Twoleg nests are being built. He feels a sharp pain in his chest, as he knows they will never reclaim this territory. Cloudstar lets out an anguished yowl for his home.
The pale gray tom pads back to camp, wondering what to tell his Clanmates. When he crawls through the brambles, Fawnstep tells Cloudstar that Petalfall died a few moments ago. The leader turns and sees Hawksnow and Starlingfeather crouching beside their friend, mourning their denmate. The medicine cat continues that Petalfall slept better after he’d told her that SkyClan will be okay. Cloudstar wishes her well on her journey to StarClan, then watches two elders pull the body into the clearing. Fawnstep explains to the pale gray tom that they will sit vigil for her today, and then bury Petalfall at dusk. Cats begin to add herbs onto the elder's pelt as the medicine cat tells Cloudstar not to go on patrol. She meows that he needs rest, and he walks away. The leader meets Birdflight beside the sitting cats, and they both grieve for the former deputy. Buzzardtail sends out the patrols, and each of the remaining cats pay their respects to Petalfall.
Suddenly, the brambles crackle and Mousefang races into the clearing. She calls for Fawnstep to come, as Nightfur and Oakpaw follow behind. Cloudstar demands to know what has happened, and they report that the apprentice found a squirrel, but had chased it into a ditch where he fell. Fawnstep rushes Oakpaw to her den, and says that he's not too badly hurt. Buzzardtail comments that he was really lucky this time, and Cloudstar agrees. The pale gray leader orders that they will not hunt on that border, as it is unsafe. Nightfur protests, but the tom tells him that the territory is now the Twolegs', and there is nothing they can do.





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