"Their special moment has been spoiled because their leader is such a mouse-brain!"
Ivypool's thoughts on Larkpaw and Crouchpaw in The Forgotten Warrior, page 81

Crouchfoot is a ginger tom.[2]


In the Super Editons

Bramblestar's Storm

Crouchfoot does not formally appear in Bramblestar's Storm, but is listed in the allegiances. He is now a warrior by the name of Crouchfoot.

In the Omen of the Stars Arc

The Forgotten Warrior

Crouchpaw and Larkpaw are announced as new WindClan apprentices at a Gathering. Only WindClan cheers for them, as Onestar had picked an unfair fight with Firestar shortly before, due to the fact that WindClan had thought they had seen a ThunderClan warrior in their territory. Ivypool thinks how sad it is that their special moment where they are recognized by all the Clans was ruined due to their leader.

The Last Hope

When Jayfeather is attacked by Dark Forest cats, Crouchpaw is on the WindClan patrol that finds him. As Gorsetail helps him up, Crouchpaw asks what she's doing, and calls Jayfeather the medicine cat that murdered Flametail. When they escort Jayfeather back to the border, Crouchpaw and Nightcloud hang back, distrusting the ThunderClan medicine cat. Owlwhisker calls back to them, telling them to go and hunt.

In the Novellas

Dovewing's Silence

Crouchfoot does not formally appear in Dovewing's Silence, but is listed in the allegiances.



  • He is not listed in the allegiances in The Last Hope despite being made an apprentice in The Forgotten Warrior.[3]
  • Kate originally called Crouchfoot black on her blog.[4] This has been changed to his current ginger appearance.[2]

Character pixels

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"That's the medicine cat that killed Flametail!"
—Crouchpaw about Jayfeather The Last Hope, page 79

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