"Snow, if you don't take your paw out of my ear, I'll scratch you!"
— Dark warning Snow in Sign of the Moon, page 152
Dark Shadow on Water
Current: Tribe of Rushing Water[1]
To-be: Dark Shadow on Water[1]
Book Appearances
Living: Sign of the Moon

Dark Shadow on Water, more commonly known as Dark, is a black tom.[1]


In the Omen of the Star Arc

Sign of the Moon

Dark is first seen when the Clan cats return to the mountains, attacking them and telling them to get off the Tribe's territory. Wing stops him, and proceeds to introduce both him and Rain, commenting that he has no more sense than to attack four cats by himself.
When the Clan cats reach the Tribe, Dark, Rain, and Snow tell the Clan apprentices how catching an eagle isn't so hard. During this time, it is then revealed that he is training to become a prey-hunter. Snow and Rain agree to demonstrate how to catch an eagle. Snow offers to jump from one of the ledges in the cave while Dark and Rain attack her. Night scolds them and they run off to eat some prey. Soon after, Dark, in annoyance, hisses at Snow to get her paw out of his ear and then threatens to scratch her.


Dark: "Get off our territory!"
Squirrelflight: "Wait--"
Wing: "Dark! Stop!"
Dark: "But they're trespassing!"
Wing: "No, they're not."
—Wing and Dark when the Clan cats arrive Sign of the Moon, page 141

"This to-be, the one who has no more sense than to attack four cats all by himself, is Dark Shadow on Water, and this is Rain That Passes Quickly."
—Wing introducing Dark and Rain Sign of the Moon, page 142

"So? You can pretend, right? You know what prey-hunters do."
—Dark persuading Rain to pretend to be a prey-hunter Sign of the Moon, page 150

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