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Chapter Number: 9 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 125-141

Chapter Summary

Leafpaw's PoV

A mournful yowl coming from below the rock cleft jolted Leafpaw awake. For a heartbeat, she thought she was back in that cage, trapped, and that her escape had only been a dream. Forest smells touch her nose, the scent of the woods, and the river, and an icy breeze, and she remembers she's at Snakerocks. She blinks, and peers over the edge of the hollow. Cody, her kittypet friend, whispers to her. Cody had stayed with ThunderClan, and slept with Leafpaw in the apprentices' gully. Leafpaw feels Cody's soft fur bristling against her flank, and she replies that the yowl had sounded like Ferncloud. She spots Dustpelt; the tabby tom stands on the frosty slope, silhouetted by the early dawn light.
A kit is dangling loosely from the tom's jaws, and he takes it away. Another sorrowful yowl follows Dustpelt, coming from the makeshift nursery, and Leafpaw scrambles from her den.
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Important Events

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References and Citations

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