These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Escape from the Forest that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

Chapter 1

  • Sasha refuses Tigerstar's offer to join ShadowClan and he leaves her.
  • She returns to Twolegplace after saying good-bye to Pine, and attempts to find Ken.
  • After a series of bad turns in Twolegplace, she finds Ken's old coat; Ken has died.
    • She is chased out by a Twoleg shortly afterwards.
  • Two BloodClan cats find her and bring her to the edge of their territory, threatening her as she leaves.
  • She comes across a boat place, smelling fish.

Chapter 2

  • Sasha falls asleep on a cruise boat, and wakes up when it is afloat in the river.
  • The Captain of the boat lets her off once it stops, but she stays at his place and rests.
  • The next morning, a family comes to the boat place, attracted by the fact that the Captain has a ship's cat.
  • The children spot Sasha.
    • The Captain, in an effort to make it seem like Sasha is his, quickly names her Brownie.
  • Sasha comes on the boat again and begins to enjoy the attention and motions of the boat.
  • The boat is redone and the Captain becomes happy with his business, and Sasha gets to be fed and fussed over on the boat.
  • Sasha warns the Captain when some vandals pour gasoline on the dock, and he is able to call the police and have the vandals, who belong to the cruise ship company, charged.

Chapter 3

  • One day on the boat, Sasha sees a small sack in the water. It is then fetched by the Captain, and a half-drowned kitten is revealed.
  • Sasha revives and soothes the kitten, and the Captain takes him home and names him Patch.
  • The river soon freezes over when leaf-bare comes, and Sasha knows that she is pregnant with Tigerstar's kits.
  • The Captain is preparing to move to his summer home, and Sasha decides not go with him.
    • He respects her decision and leaves with Patch.
  • Sasha walks off as it begins to snow, knowing it would best for her kits to be born in the forest.
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