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This is a timeline of the Warriors series, starting with Into the Wild. It is not a summary of books - it is a table that shows when a particular event occurred, so users can see the succession of events and calculate how much time passed between two moments, or how old a cat is at a certain point in the books.

Only major events and characters are listed. For additional details on plots, click on the book titles. For a complete list of births, check the Nursery page. For a complete list of deaths, check the StarClan page. A blank box indicates that no cat was born and/or died at that time.


Season Books Events Births Deaths
Year 0
Leaf-bare[1][2] Tallstar's Revenge Tallstar and Finchkit are born, Finchkit dies soon after. Tallstar,[3] Finchkit[4] Finchkit[4]
Year 6
Leaf-bare No known events
Newleaf Into the Wild


Rusty joins ThunderClan as Firepaw, and begins his apprentice training
Lionheart becomes deputy after Redtail is killed in the battle with RiverClan
Greenleaf Into the Wild Bluestar loses a life to rats

Yellowfang joins ThunderClan, and later becomes their medicine cat after Spottedleaf dies
Tigerclaw becomes deputy after Lionheart's death
Ravenpaw leaves, and Fireheart and Graystripe are made warriors

Leaf-fall Fire and Ice


WindClan is brought back from exile
Brokenstar is overthrown and Nightstar becomes the new ShadowClan leader
Cinderpaw becomes Fireheart's apprentice, but she is injured after being hit by a monster
Cloudtail [7]


Year 7
Leaf-bare Fire and Ice Graystripe starts meeting with Silverstream
Greencough breaks out in ThunderClan

Bluestar loses a life to greencough

The rogues attack ThunderClan
The Clans battle with each other

Newleaf Forest of Secrets'Tigerclaw's Fury Cloudpaw is made Fireheart's apprentice
Tigerclaw is exiled and Fireheart is made the new deputy
Silverstream dies while giving birth; later Graystripe joins RiverClan
Greenleaf Rising Storm [8]

Tigerclaw's Fury

Cloudpaw takes food from the Twolegs; later captured by Twolegs; Fireheart, Sandstorm, and Ravenpaw save him

Bluestar becomes mentally unstable
A fire devastates the ThunderClan territory
Tigerstar takes over ShadowClan

Leaf-fall Into the Woods [9]
A Dangerous Path[10]
Bluestar's Prophecy (prologue)[11]
Tigerstar takes Sasha as a mate
A dog pack menaces ThunderClan, but they are eventually driven out



Year 8
Leaf-bare The Darkest Hour

The Rise of Scourge[13]
Escape from the Forest[14]

Firestar is made the leader of ThunderClan
Tigerstar tries to take over the forest, but is killed by Scourge, who is later killed by Firestar
BloodClan is defeated in the final battle
Newleaf Escape from the Forest Sasha lives as a rogue and she expects Tigerstar's kits Hawkfrost [15]
Spiderleg [16]


Greenleaf Firestar's Quest


Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt are made warriors
Firestar and Sandstorm find and start rebuilding SkyClan
Crowfeather [18]
Whitewing [19]
Leaf-fall Firestar's Quest
Return to the Clans[20]
SkyClan is rebuilt, and they defeat the rats
Hawkpaw and Mothpaw join RiverClan as apprentices
MintfurSagepaw Rainfur
Year 9
Leaf-bare Firestar's Quest (epilogue)
Shattered Peace [21]
Firestar's kits are born in early leaf-bare[22]
Ravenpaw and Barley are driven out from the barn by rogues
Newleaf A Clan in Need


Rogues - former BloodClan cats - harass ThunderClan
Greenleaf Midnight


The cats see omens about the destruction of the forest
Six cats must journey to the sun-drown-place, to learn about a prophecy
Hollykit (NP)
Leaf-fall Midnight
Moonrise [25]
The six questing cats learn that the Clans must find a new place to live
Feathertail is killed on the way home, fulfilling a prophecy of the Tribe
The destruction of the forest begins
Willowshine [26] Feathertail
Year 10
Leaf-bare Dawn [27]
Starlight [28]
The Lost Warrior [29]
The Clans suffer as the forest is being destroyed
Graystripe is captured and taken away; he meets Millie
The Clans begin their journey to their new homes and finally arrive to the lake
They explore and divide the territory, and find the Moonpool
Newleaf Twilight [30]
Sunset [31]
The Lost Warrior
Tigerstar's spirit urges Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost to take over the Clans
Leafpool runs away with Crowfeather, but later returns
Badgers attack the ThunderClan camp but retreat after WindClan warriors come to help
Brambleclaw resists Tigerstar and eventually kills Hawkfrost to save Firestar
Molepaw (NP)
Greenleaf Warrior's Refuge


Graystripe and Millie start out on their journey to return to the forest Jayfeather


Leaf-fall After Sunset: We Need to Talk [35]
Warrior's Refuge
Warrior's Return
Crowfeather talks with Leafpool; it is revealed that he had a kit (Breezepelt)
Graystripe and Millie reach the old camp, but find it abandoned


Year 11
Leaf-bare The Sight

Warrior's Return[39]

Jaypaw, Hollypaw and Lionpaw become apprentices
Graystripe and Millie find the new camp and reunite with ThunderClan
Newleaf Dark River


The cats discover tunnels running under ThunderClan and WindClan grounds
Lionpaw starts meeting with Heatherpaw, but they later break up
Jaypaw meets with the Ancient Cats in his dreams
Greenleaf Outcast
The Clans help the Tribe in defeating rogues Rosepetal
Leaf-fall Eclipse
Long Shadows[43]
Brightspirit's Mercy[44]
Fights break out between the Clans, Squirrelflight almost fatally wounded
ShadowClan turns away from StarClan under Sol's influence
Greencough breaks out, and later a fire ravages ThunderClan
Ashfur is found dead on the WindClan/ThunderClan border
Year 12
Leaf-bare The Clans Decide


A party finds Sol and brings him back to ThunderClan
It is revealed at a Gathering that the Three are Leafpool's kits
DovewingIvypool Honeyfern
Newleaf No known events
Greenleaf The Fourth Apprentice


There is a drought, and the Clans suffer
A party travels upstream to dismantle the beavers' dam
Leaf-fall Fading Echoes


A tree falls into the ThunderClan camp
Tigerstar incites a battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan over a border
Year 13
Leaf-bare Night Whispers Coming Soon Mistkit[50]

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