"He recognized Fall and Slant, who had spoken to him before, and Rain, who had been an elder when Jayfeather had first visited the Tribe."
— Narrator in Sign of the Moon, page 291
Current: Tribe of Endless Hunting[1]
Past: Tribe of Rushing Water[1]
Known/Given: Fall[1]
Book Appearances
Dead: Sign of the Moon

Fall is a tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with brown and orange patches and green eyes.[2]


In the Omen of the Stars Arc

Sign of the Moon

Fall is gazing down on Jayfeather along with the other Tribe of Endless Hunting cats, and is seen while Jayfeather is scanning the crowd of Tribe of Endless Hunting cats to look for Half Moon. Fall is recognized along with some other deceased Tribe and Ancient cats, but Fall is said to be with Slant, another cat of which Jayfeather had spoken with before.


Interesting Facts

  • Though Fall is mentioned to have spoken to Jayfeather before, she is not seen in Outcast, the only other time Jayfeather is seen meeting the Tribe of Endless Hunting before this point.[1]

References and Citations

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