"Falling Dusk, Morning Star, and Melting Ice, were already awake, wrestling together and trying to see who could jump the highest."
— Narrator in The Blazing Star:Bonus Scene, page 13-14

Falling Dusk is a tom[1] with an unknown description.


In the Dawn of the Clans

The Blazing Star

Falling Dusk is one of Dewy Leaf and Sharp Hail's sons. When Sun Shadow returns to their family's sleeping hollows, Falling Dusk is noted to be already awake and wrestling with his brother and sister, Morning Star and Melting Ice.
Later that night, he is spotted sleeping with Dewy Leaf beside his brother, sister, and mother, nestled within the curve of his mother's body.




Dewy Leaf:[2] Living (As of The Blazing Star)


Sharp Hail:[1] Living (As of The Blazing Star)


Morning Star:[1] Living (As of The Blazing Star)


Melting Ice:[1] Living (As of The Blazing Star)


Dancing Leaf:[1] Deceased, Residence Unknown
Sun Shadow:[1] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)


Crow Muzzle:[3] Deceased, Residence Unknown


Sharp Hail
Dewy Leaf
Moon Shadow
Morning Star
Falling Dusk
Melting Ice
Sun Shadow
Dancing Leaf
Crow Muzzle

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"The three kits, nestled cozily within the curve of Dewy Leaf’s body."
—Narrator The Blazing Star (Book), page 21 (Bonus Scene)

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