"Do we look like we take in strays?"
— Firefern about adopting Rileypaw and Bellapaw into SkyClan in Ravenpaw's Farewell, chapter 8
Current: SkyClan[1]
Past: Kittypet[2]
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Sickness[3]
Book Appearances
Living: The Rescue, Beyond the Code, After the Flood, Ravenpaw's Farewell, Hawkwing's Journey

Firefern is a long-legged[5] ginger she-cat[1] with green eyes.[6]


In the Super Edition Arc

Hawkwing's Journey

She walks behind Sandynose to see the commotion after Duskpaw gets brought back to the gorge.
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In the SkyClan and the Stranger Arc

The Rescue

She is born to Leafstar and Billystorm along with her two siblings. Shortly after her birth, she, her siblings, and her mother are discovered when one tumbles out of the den, and are taken in by an elderly Twoleg woman. Leafstar can't think of any names for them yet, but says that once they're a bit older, she will be able to think of good names for them.
Leafstar fears that her kits will think they are kittypets, since when they open their eyes, the first thing they see is the Twoleg nest that they are trapped in. After a short time, Sharpclaw and a few other SkyClan cats try to rescue her, but fail. They try to rescue them again, and this time, Fallowfern pretends to be hurt, and while the Twoleg is distracted, Leafstar and her kits escape, with the help of Harry, the elderly Twoleg's kittypet.
Leafstar and Billystorm name her in honor of Firestar. Her sister, Stormkit, is named after Sandstorm, while her brother, Harrykit, is named after Harry, before they know his real name.

Beyond the Code

Firekit is seen playing with her littermates, Stormkit and Harrykit. Her mother is sad that her kits will have to go into battle, but Firekit doesn't know this. She is present when Harrykit pricks his nose and when her father attempts to calm her and her siblings down. Her mother, Leafstar, has to put Firekit, Stormkit, and Harrykit before her Clan which worries her.
During the fox attack, Leafstar is fighting off a fox who is trying to grab the kits. Firekit and her siblings run down from the nursery and try to join the battle. The fox is about to take the kits, but Lichenfur runs down and grabs them just in time, saving them from harm.
Firekit is worried and upset by the storm outside when Leafstar returns from a Gathering early on account of it, but she is soon soothed by her mother and Billystorm. Firekit is carried out of the den when they are forced to evacuate, and narrowly escape the floods before reaching shelter.

After the Flood

Firekit tells her brother and sister that there will be another flood, still frightened from the last one. Leafstar comes along and notes their fear of the gathering storm clouds. Leafstar and Billystorm find some sharp object, known as silverthorn. Billystorm states to the kits to stay away from it as Harveymoon and Leafstar discard the silverthorn.
Unknown to Leafstar, Billystorm tells the kits that they can come to live with him and his Twolegs, hoping to provide them with a safe place to live. When Leafstar discovers this, she is infuriated and banishes the tom from SkyClan. The kits, distraught when their father doesn't return, wonder if he has stopped loving them.
Firekit and her siblings later go missing while Leafstar is out with Echosong. Eventually, Leafstar discovers that Sol had taken the kits away, the tortoiseshell tom explaining that the kits were a distraction for Leafstar that stopped her from completing her duties as leader. When Leafstar attacks Sol for this, Firekit asks if Sol had done something wrong. Leafstar doesn't reply, instead she fights with Sol. Sol says to Leafstar that he can be a warrior but Leafstar replies that he doesn't respect the warrior code and that he'd never be a true warrior.

In the Field Guide Arc

The Ultimate Guide

Firekit and her siblings, Stormkit and Harrykit, are mentioned on their mother's page. It tells of when the three kits were kidnapped by an elderly Twoleg woman, and how Leafstar fought to get them back. This event also caused their father, Billystorm, to rethink his rank as a daylight-warrior. Although not mentioned by name, it is mentioned that Sol took Firekit and her siblings and him them far from the gorge to play the triumphant role of finding them, impressing their mother and leader, Leafstar. His plot was discovered and the consequence of this was Sol's banishment.

In the Novellas

Ravenpaw's Farewell

A ginger warrior is seen jumping out from behind a holly tree and confronts Ravenpaw, Barley, Riley, and Bella. A gray warrior and a white apprentice are with her. She growls and asks them what are they doing here and warns them that this is SkyClan territory. Riley protests they came a long way, but the ginger she-cat snarls they'll have a long walk to go home. Ravenpaw says he is Firestar's friend and asks her if she knew him and she stares at him blankly. Then she mentions that her mother talked about someone of that name and asks what they want and if Firestar is here. She sniffs Ravenpaw, saying he doesn't smell like a Clan cat, just cows. Ravenpaw requests to speak to Leafstar, and the ginger she-cat sends Cloudpaw to get her mother. The warrior introduces herself and Plumwillow. Leafstar arrives and stands beside her daughter as Ravenpaw says Riley and Bella want to join SkyClan. Firefern bristles her fur, asking if it looks like they take in strays. After her mother rejects the offer to let Bella and Riley join, she and her patrol walk away.
Leafstar eventually lets the visitors help the Clan, including with patrols. Barley trots to a patrol that includes Firefern and she greets the tom frostily.


Interesting Facts

Character Pixels

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Billystorm:[8] Deceased, Residence Unknown


Leafstar:[1] Living (As of Shattered Sky)


Harrybrook:[1] Living (As of Hawkwing's Journey)


Stormheart:[1] Deceased, Residence Unknown


Unnamed she-cat:[9] Deceased, Verified SkyClan ancestor



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Leafstar: "By the way... I've thought of some names."
Billystorm: "Oh? What have you come up with?"
Leafstar: "I hope you like them... Firekit for our little ginger she-cat...and Stormkit for the gray and ginger she-cat. After Firestar and Sandstorm. And for the gray tom, Harrykit, after the cat who helped us escape from the Twoleg."
Billystorm: "I do like those."
—Leafstar and Billystorm naming their kits The Rescue, page 86

Harrykit: "Here we come, Mama!"
Firekit: "We'll help you fight those mean foxes!"
Stormkit: "Just hold on!"
—Leafstar's kits trying to go into battle with the foxes Beyond the Code, page 50

Stormkit: "I'm great at choosing feathers!"
Harrykit: "Nuh-uh, I'm great!"
Firekit: "I'm better than both of you! I'll pick the softest ones!"
—Leafstar's kits saying they're the best at choosing feathers After the Flood, page 15

Harrykit: "Billystorm says we can go live with him now! To keep us safe if there's another flood."
Firekit: "Yeah! He says the housefolks' den never floods!"
Stormkit: "Never ever!"
—Leafstar's kits saying that Billystorm wants them to live with his housefolk to keep them save from another flood After the Flood, page 34

Riley: "But we’ve come a long way…"
Firefern: "Then you’ll have a long walk home."
—Riley and Firefern Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 8

"My mother has talked about a cat of that name. What do you want? Is he here?"
—Firefern about the name Firestar Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 8

"You don’t smell like a Clan cat. You smell of cows."
—Firefern to Ravenpaw, Barley, Riley and Bella Ravenpaw's Farewell, page chapter 8

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