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Chapter Number: 3 (of 36)
Page Numbers: 25-42

Chapter Summary

Firestar's PoV

Firestar wakes up tiredly as he had slept bad. He sees Ashfur telling Brambleclaw that his vigil is over and Firestar pads over to Cinderpelt's den. Cinderpelt is shown giving Brightheart borage for her milk. She eats it and walks out. Firestar advises her to get plenty of rest. He tells Cinderpelt that he needs to talk to her but is interrupted by a wail. Sorrelpaw stumbles into the den on three paws. Cinderpelt examines it and meows that it's only a thorn and that she had thought a fox had bitten it. As Cinderpelt pulls out the thorn, Firestar meows that every cat picks up thorns once in a while and that she will pick up many before she is an elder. When Cinderpelt was done, Sorrelpaw said that Sandstorm was going to teach her how to fight foxes, before bounding away. Cinderpelt says that Sandstorm will have a pawful with Sorrelpaw. Firestar argues, saying that she had her paws full already, also asking if it's always this busy. Cinderpelt replies, saying that busy is good and that as no blood is being spilled, its great. Cinderpelt's eyes were shining with enthusiasum, making Firestar note to himself that she would have made a good warrior if not for the accident.
Cinderpelt asks Firestar what he wants, and as she collects and readjusts her borage stock, Firestar explains to her about the dreams of wailing cats fleeing on the moor. He doesnt mention the visions he's had in the waking world, noting that they could be explained too easily. Cinderpelt asks if he might be thinking about WindClan, and Firestar declines, reminding her that the moor he dreamed about was different from WindClan's, and that WindClan has had no reports of trouble.
Cinderpelt then asks if Firestar might be remembering the battle with BloodClan, and Firestar tells her that the cats weren't making battle noises- they were wailing as if there was something wrong. He then expresses his desire to help those cats, and his helplessness for not knowing how.
Cinderpelt suggests poppy seeds to help Firestar sleep well, but he declines, adding that he wants an explanation and not easy sleep. Cinderpelt admits that she can't give an explanation, but if StarClan tells her anything, she will inform Firestar. She adds that if Firestar has more dreams then he should inform her, but the ThunderClan leader inwardly feels unsure about telling her if he does dream again.
Two days after Firestar's talk with Cinderpelt, his dream comes again, with the wailing cats who ignore the leader's questions of how to help them and who they were. He wakes up and leaves his den, watching as Clan life continues on peacefully; Sootpaw is bringing moss for the elders' bedding, and Ferncloud alongside Brightheart are sunning themselves while watching the former's kits wrestle. Firestar then hears wails of distress from outside camp, and for a moment he believes his dream has followed him into the real world. He pads towards the camp entrance to find what's going on, before Cloudtail and Brackenfur appear, supporting a wailing Longtail, while Cloudtail's apprentice, Rainpaw, brings up the rear.
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Important Events

  • A rabbit with dirty claws scratches Longtail's eyes.[4]

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