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These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Forest of Secrets that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Oakheart takes Bluestar's surviving kits, Mistykit and Stonekit, to RiverClan, in the middle of leaf-bare.
    • They arrive at the RiverClan camp.
  • Graypool demands to know whose kits they are, and Oakheart says he found them in the forest
    • Graypool agrees to suckle them, but knows that Oakheart did not tell her the truth.
    • She realizes they carry ThunderClan scent.

  • Fireheart returns from a hunting patrol.
    • The fresh-kill pile is pitifully small, with not much prey to be found in leaf-bare.
  • Tigerclaw taunts Fireheart and calls him disloyal, as he let a RiverClan warrior escape in the recent battle.
  • Fireheart shares tongues with Graystripe; after the battle, their friendship was rekindled.
    • Fireheart does not trust Tigerclaw and plans to speak with Ravenpaw, to find out more about the Sunningrocks battle when Redtail died.
  • The Gathering takes place, and Fireheart and Graystripe are chosen by Bluestar to attend it.
    • Bluestar does not speak about the rogue attack or about keeping Brokentail as prisoner.
    • The Clans are recovering after the recent battles.

  • Right after the Gathering, Fireheart and Graystripe go to see Ravenpaw.
  • Ravenpaw retells the story of the battle at Sunningrocks.
    • He insists that Tigerclaw killed Redtail, and Oakheart was killed by falling rocks.
    • He also reveals that Oakheart saved Stonefur during the battle, telling that no ThunderClan cat should harm him.
  • On their way back to the camp, Fireheart and Graystripe meet a WindClan patrol, but they are not hostile.
  • When they enter the camp, Tigerclaw spots them and asks where they have been.

  • Tigerclaw sees that Fireheart and Graystripe are full-fed, and accuses them of hunting for themselves.
    • He takes them to Bluestar, who is disappointed, and as a punishment, makes them hunt for the Clan until the next sunrise.
  • Fireheart retreats to the warriors' den, and sleeps next to Sandstorm.
    • He has a dream in which Spottedleaf warns him that "water can quench fire".
    • He wakes up barely earlier than sunhigh.

  • Fireheart goes hunting with Graystripe, Sandstorm and Brackenpaw.
  • Fireheart catches a rabbit and takes it back to the camp.
    • He takes it to Yellowfang, who is teaching Cinderpaw about herbs.
    • Fireheart recalls the accident that crippled Cinderpaw and suspects that it was a trap set up by Tigerclaw for Bluestar.
  • The next day, Fireheart and Graystripe sneak over to RiverClan to ask them about the Sunningrocks battle.
    • They meet Silverstream and Mistyfoot, and Mistyfoot reveals that Oakheart died because of falling rocks; he was not killed.
    • Fireheart asks why did Oakheart say that no cat should harm Stonefur, but Mistyfoot does not know. She tells that Graypool, their mother who is now an elder, might know.

  • Bluestar calls a Clan Meeting.
  • Graystripe tells Fireheart that Graypool will likely agree to meet them at sunhigh at Fourtrees.
    • Fireheart and Graystripe go to Fourtrees where they meet Graypool, Mistyfoot and Silverstream.
    • Graypool reveals that Mistyfoot and Stonefur are not her kits, but they are from ThunderClan.

  • Graypool asks Fireheart to not tell Mistyfoot and Stonefur that they have ThunderClan roots.
  • Fireheart returns to the ThunderClan camp to speak with Bluestar.
    • He tells that Oakheart's death was an accident and Tigerclaw was lying.
    • He also tells about Mistyfoot and Stonefur.
  • Bluestar refuses to listen to Fireheart's accusations about Tigerclaw, and about Mistyfoot and Stonefur having ThunderClan blood, and sends him away.

  • A group of kits jeer at Brokentail, who is kept as a prisoner, and prod him.
    • Darkstripe, who is supposed to guard Brokentail, makes no move.
    • Fireheart intervenes and sends the kits away, to Darkstripe's displeasure.
    • Fireheart tells Cloudkit that he was born a kittypet, and Cloudkit is shocked, finally realizing why the other ThunderClan cats dislike him.
  • Cinderpaw, Cloudkit, and Fireheart go out collecting herbs.

  • Fireheart has a dream about a silver queen fading away and leaving her kits.
    • He wonders if it was a prophecy, or whether if it was about Mistyfoot, Stonefur and their mother.
  • Graystripe is nowhere to be seen, and Brackenpaw complains that his training is neglected.
  • Fireheart, Sandstorm and Brackenpaw go hunting.
    • Fireheart acts as a mentor to Brackenpaw.
  • They rescue Cloudkit, who got away from the others, and was almost killed by a badger.
    • They drive the badger off, and Brackenpaw is wounded.
  • Tigerclaw makes Cloudkit look after the elders as a punishment.
  • Yellowfang takes Brokentail for a walk, and they rest on a smooth rock.

  • Cinderpaw treats Brackenpaw's wound while Fireheart explains about the badger attack.
  • Fireheart helps Cloudkit care for the elders.
    • Smallear is grumpy, but Dappletail praises Cloudkit.
    • Fireheart brings new moss, and he notices Tigerclaw slipping away from the camp.
  • Fireheart follows Tigerclaw and notices that the deputy was near Twolegplace.
    • There are fresh scents of several unknown cats that aren't kittypets, and Fireheart wonders if Tigerclaw met with them.
  • He meets Princess and tells her that he'll bring Cloudkit with him in newleaf.
  • Leaf-bare draws to an end and the thaw arrives.

  • Fireheart tells Bluestar about finding strange cat scents by Twolegplace, but does not tell about Tigerclaw
  • Newleaf draws near and most of the snow melts in the next days.
  • The queens change the bedding in the nursery and Cloudkit helps them.
  • Tigerclaw tells Fireheart to organize a patrol to check the RiverClan border.
  • Fireheart's patrol finds out that the river is flooding.

  • Fireheart and Graystripe are worried about RiverClan, but Runningwind is satisfied that they have problems.
    • The patrol heads back to the camp to report about the flooding river.
  • Bluestar calls a Clan meeting to announce the news.
    • She is worried that the flood will affect all Clans and announces that no cat can go out alone.
  • Graystripe wants to see if Silverstream is all right and Fireheart goes with him.
  • They notice two RiverClan kits balancing on some debris in the river, and jump into the water to save them.
    • They almost drown.

  • Fireheart and Graystripe rescue the two kits from the water.
  • They cross the river and head for the RiverClan camp to take them back to their mother.
  • They get spotted on RiverClan territory by Leopardfur, Stonefur, and Blackclaw.
    • Leopardfur accuses them of trespassing and of trying to steal the kits.
  • They get escorted to RiverClan's temporary camp.
    • Mistyfoot is reunited with her kits and she is grateful.
  • Fireheart notices that the RiverClan cats are skinny and weak, as prey is scarce and the river is poisoned.
    • Graypool says the Clan is starving and they need help.
    • Fireheart and Graystripe offers to feed RiverClan out of ThunderClan's territory, and Crookedstar accepts it.

  • Fireheart and Graystripe hunt for RiverClan, taking them prey several times in secret.
  • One morning, they go out again to hunt.
    • Cloudkit wants to go with them, but Fireheart tells him that he cannot come because they are on a secret mission.
  • They catch some prey and drop it off at RiverClan's temporary camp.
    • The cats are grateful, and even Leopardfur is friendly to them.
    • Silverstream tells Graystripe that she is expecting his kits.

  • Fireheart is shocked, but Graystripe and Silverstream do not regret their decision.
  • Fireheart and Graystripe head back to the ThunderClan camp.
    • They meet Cloudkit who followed their scent trail, and Tigerclaw turns up as well, asking what were they doing in RiverClan territory.
  • Tigerclaw reports them to Bluestar after escorting the three cats to camp.
    • Cloudkit is punished for leaving the camp by having to take care of the elders again.
  • Graystripe and Fireheart admit to Bluestar that they were helping RiverClan.
    • They are punished for breaking The Warrior Code by having to live like apprentices for a while, including sleeping in the apprentices' den.
    • Bluestar is worried about RiverClan and Fireheart wonders again if she has ties to the other Clan.

  • Longtail takes Fireheart and Graystripe to hunt.
    • Longtail treats them as apprentices, taunts them and scares away the prey.
    • At sunset, they head back to the camp.
  • Fireheart visits Yellowfang, and is asked to take a poultice to Smallear.
    • Smallear blames Cloudkit for bringing in wet bedding, but the other elders stick up for the kit.
  • Fireheart sees Tigerclaw sharing tongues with Brokentail, and is surprised by his compassion.

  • Fireheart and Graystripe's punishment ends, and they are full warriors again.
  • Tigerclaw leads a patrol to Fourtrees, to find out if they can make it to the Gathering in two days.
    • He chooses Fireheart and Longtail to go with him.
  • The stream crossing through ThunderClan territory has flooded, blocking the way to Fourtrees.
  • Tigerclaw finds an unstable branch and makes Fireheart test it.
    • The branch is swept away and Fireheart falls in the water.

  • Fireheart almost drowns, but Longtail saves him.
    • He wonders if Tigerclaw tried to kill him deliberately.
  • Tigerclaw concludes that no cat can cross the stream, and they head back to the camp.
    • He reports to Bluestar, and blames Fireheart for the accident.
  • Fireheart goes to the medicine den so that Yellowfang can make sure that he did not get a chill.
  • Yellowfang asks Cinderpaw to become a medicine cat apprentice.
    • Cinderpaw accepts and Yellowfang announces it in a Clan meeting.

  • It is the night of the Gathering.
    • Bluestar states that ThunderClan should go, even if the stream is impossible to cross.
    • She takes Tigerclaw, Whitestorm, Darkstripe, Mousefur, Willowpelt, Fireheart, Sandstorm and Graystripe.
  • They go toward the Thunderpath, which they find flooded, and cross into ShadowClan territory to continue.
    • They get caught by ShadowClan cats, led by Nightstar.
    • ShadowClan escort them to the Gathering.
  • At the Gathering, Nightstar announces to all Clans that ThunderClan are sheltering Brokentail.

  • The cats are shocked and angry to hear that Brokentail was given shelter.
  • The other Clans get hostile, and are about to fight, but a cloud covers the moon and they back off.
  • WindClan and ShadowClan declares war on ThunderClan.
  • At the end of the Gathering, Nightstar refuses to allow ThunderClan to cross ShadowClan grounds on their way home.
    • Crookedstar lets them pass through RiverClan territory to get back to their own.
    • Fireheart notices how much Bluestar, Mistyfoot and Stonefur look alike.
  • Fireheart takes Brackenpaw out hunting, as Graystripe is missing again.
    • Brackenpaw scents ShadowClan and WindClan coming to invade the camp.

  • Brackenpaw heads back to the camp to warn the others, while Fireheart climbs a tree to observe the rival Clans.
  • ThunderClan fight the enemy cats, trying to stop the invaders entering the camp.
    • Fireheart finds it hard to fight his WindClan friends, especially Morningflower.
  • The invaders push through the wall and enter the camp, trying to find Brokentail.
  • Eventually, the tide of the battle turns and the invaders retreat.
  • Every ThunderClan warrior is wounded except for Graystripe, who was out of camp, meeting Silverstream.
    • Darkstripe confronts Bluestar, telling that it was her who brought this on the Clan.
    • Tigerclaw tells that Graystripe is away too often for his liking.
  • Fireheart wonders if Mistyfoot and Stonefur are Bluestar's kits.

  • Fireheart tells Graystripe how Brackenpaw scented the invaders and how well he fought.
    • Bluestar calls a Clan meeting and Brackenpaw is made a warrior with the name of Brackenfur.
  • Graystripe slips away again to meet Silverstream at Sunningrocks.
  • Silverstream begins kitting at Sunningrocks, but it goes wrong.
    • Fireheart tries to get help, but Yellowfang is away. Cinderpaw agrees to help.
    • Tigerclaw turns up as well and demands to know what is happening.
  • Silverstream dies, but her two kits survive.
    • She is buried by Graystripe near Sunningrocks.
    • The kits are taken to ThunderClan, despite Tigerclaw saying no one will want half-Clan cats.

  • The cats head back to the ThunderClan camp, and Tigerclaw tells the Clan what happened.
  • Goldenflower agrees to suckle the kits.
    • Bluestar gets angry when Speckletail points out they are half-Clan and therefore unwanted.
    • Goldenflower is also suckling her own kits, Bramblekit and Tawnykit.
  • Cinderpaw feels guilty for letting Silverstream die.
  • Bluestar cannot decide yet what Graystripe's punishment will be.
    • She tells that she suspected what was Graystripe doing, but did not intervene, hoping they would work it out by themselves.
    • She admits to Fireheart that Mistyfoot and Stonefur are her kits.

  • Bluestar explains to Fireheart about her kits.
    • She tells that Mistyfoot and Stonefur's father was Oakheart.
    • She decided to give them away so she could become deputy, believing that this was best for the Clan.
  • Fireheart returns to Sunningrocks, where Graystripe buried Silverstream.
    • He tells Graystripe that his kits are alive and cared for by ThunderClan.
    • The two warriors head back to the camp.
  • Sandstorm is hostile to Graystripe.

  • The next day, Fireheart visits the RiverClan camp to take the news.
    • He meets Mistyfoot and tells her about Silverstream's death.
  • Graystripe stays all day in the nursery, watching over his kits, and the queens are tired of him.
  • Fireheart learns that Tigerclaw is the father of Goldenflower's kits.
  • Willowpelt is expecting Whitestorm's kits.
  • Bluestar calls a Clan Meeting.
    • She decides that Graystripe won't be punished; Silverstream's death having been enough for him.
    • Cloudkit becomes Fireheart's apprentice and is named Cloudpaw.

  • Fireheart takes Cloudpaw to show him the Clan boundaries.
    • Near Twolegplace, Fireheart detects Tigerclaw's scent again, mingled with the scent of unknown cats.
  • They visit Princess, and she is very proud of her kit.
    • Princess says there are strange cats in the area, and Fireheart asks her to report if she sees anything odd.
    • They hunt on the way back, and Cloudpaw catches a shrew.
  • Leopardfur, Mistyfoot and Stonefur visit ThunderClan to talk to Bluestar.

  • Leopardfur states that Graystripe's kits belong in RiverClan, and they came to take them home.
    • Bluestar admits that RiverClan has some right to the kits and promises to give an answer at the next Gathering.
  • Many Clan cats wish to get rid of the half-Clan kits, and Bluestar is inclined to give them away to prevent a battle.
  • Yellowfang and Cinderpaw visit the Moonstone for Cinderpaw's apprentice ceremony.
    • Fireheart and Cloudpaw go with them as far as Fourtrees.
  • Tigerclaw sends out several patrols, leaving the camp with barely a warrior to defend it.
  • Fireheart follows Cloudpaw on a solo hunting mission.
    • They notice that Tigerclaw is leading a group of rogues, consisting mostly of Brokentail's outlaws, to the ThunderClan camp.

  • Fireheart races back to the camp to warn the others, but the rogues are already there.
    • He asks Cloudpaw to find the patrols and call them back.
  • ThunderClan fight the rogues.
    • Tigerclaw pretends to be against them.
    • Brokentail sides with the rogues.
  • Fireheart finds Tigerclaw attempting to murder Bluestar in her den.

  • Fireheart fights and defeats Tigerclaw.
    • Bluestar is in shock.
  • Several patrols return, and RiverClan cats also arrive to help ThunderClan.
    • The rogues are defeated and scatter.
    • Yellowfang and Cinderpaw treat the wounded cats.
  • Bluestar announces Tigerclaw's betrayal to the Clan, and Fireheart also tells about Redtail's death.
  • Tigerclaw is exiled.
    • He invites Darkstripe, Longtail and Dustpelt to follow him into exile, but they refuse.
    • He swears revenge on ThunderClan.

  • Fireheart secretly watches Yellowfang kill Brokentail with deathberries.
  • Moonhigh comes, but Bluestar does not name a new deputy yet, breaking the tradition.
  • Eventually, Bluestar appears and announces that Fireheart is the new deputy.

  • Fireheart sends out hunting patrols.
  • Cinderpaw takes a magpie from the fresh-kill pile to take it to Bluestar, but it turns out to be crow-food.
    • Fireheart suspects that this is an omen from StarClan, meaning that Bluestar's leadership will rot away.
  • ThunderClan starts recovering after the battle.
  • RiverClan cats arrive again to take Graystripe's kits away.
    • Graystripe says that the kits should be given to them, and Bluestar reluctantly agrees.
    • He decides to join RiverClan, and Fireheart is heartbroken.
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