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  • OPEN - Nominations can be posted.
  • CLOSED - Nominations cannot be posted, barring the ones already on this page.

Before editing this page, make sure you are clear on the guidelines for editing it.


If you wish to nominate an image, you link the image (like so - [[:File:image.png]]) underneath the appropriate subheading, and list the reason(s) you wish it to be redone/tweaked. Project members with the ranking of warrior or above can vote, and only five votes are necessary for the vote to pass or fail.



Approved Tweaks

Once an image is under this heading, it may be reserved on the project main page and crossed out with a <s> and a </s>. The image may only be removed from this list when it is approved and archived.

All project leaders are to keep track of the number of images on this list, including those that are crossed out. Should the number rise above 50, nominations will close and remain closed until the number of images on the list is down to 40.


  1. File:Blossom.warrior.png - have tail match rogue (Reserved to Branchwing until 28 August)
  2. File:Clovertail.rogue.png - Colors need to match warrior (Reserved to Patchfeather until 27 August)
  3. File:Doestar.kit.png - match the white chest to the other images (Reserved to Fox until 25 August)
  4. File:Gorseclaw (TC).kit.png - remove spiky fur
  5. File:Mole (Cat).star.png - remove ragged fur (Reserved to Broken until 28 August)
  6. - make darker to be dark gray
  7. File:Perchwing.warrior.png - match gray on tail to other images
  8. File:Sandynose.kittypet.png - remove darker face
  9. File:Slash.rogue.alt.png - needs mangy fur
  10. File:Smallstar.leader.png - add black on ear to match kit
  11. File:Tallpoppy.queen.alt.png - remove texture, lighten (Reserved to Jayce until 27 August)


  1. File:Antpelt.df.png - multiple issues
  2. File:Fallowpaw.mca.png - multiple issues (Reserved to Winter until 28 August)

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