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"They brought me here a moon ago and wouldn't let me leave! They tried to make me join BloodClan and teach me how to fight but I'm no good at that. I just want to go home."
— Fritz to Violet in A Clan in Need, page 87
Fritz (RP)
Fritz (RP).kittypet
Current: Kittypet[1]
Mother: Mitzi
Book Appearances
Living: A Clan in Need

Fritz is a red-and-white tom with green eyes.[3]


In the Ravenpaw's Path Arc

A Clan in Need

Fritz is mentioned by his mother, Mitzi when she tells Ravenpaw, Barley, and Violet about BloodClan. She tells them that BloodClan had taken her son and she hadn't seen him since. Mitzi followed Fritz's scent but she didn't get close. Violet asks Mitzi to take them there, and tells her that they might be able to find her son. Mitzi leads them there and asks if they could bring back Fritz. Ravenpaw replies that they would.
Violet meets Fritz when he introduces himself. She asks him if they hurt him, and he replies that they hadn't. He explains to Violet that they had brought him there about a moon before and they wouldn't let him leave. They tried to teach him how to battle and to join BloodClan, but Fritz says that he wasn't any good at that and that he wanted to go home. Violet tells him that they'd take him home again, adding that Mitzi would be so happy.

Character Pixels

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Mitzi:[2] Living (As of A Clan in Need)


"They...they took my son. Those monsters from BloodClan. They just took him one night, and I haven't seen him since. I followed them, followed his scent. But I didn't dare get close."
—Mitzi about Fritz A Clan in Need, page 60

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