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"We all raced into the den. Pepper was already dead. The dogs were tossing his body about. We attacked, but there were too many of them, and they were too big and fierce for us. Every cat was injured. The dogs ripped Frosty to pieces, and Jester was so badly wounded that he died after we brought him back here."
Jingo remembering Frosty in Sunrise, page 133
Current: Loner[1]
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Killed by dogs[1]
Loner: Frosty[1]

Frosty is a white tom with green eyes.[2]


In the Power of Three Arc


Frosty is mentioned by Jingo as being one of the cats banded together by Sol to fight the dogs. They are mentioned as being gruesomely torn to shreds by them.

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