Goosefeather's Curse
Chapter Number: 5 (of 10)
Page Numbers: N/A
Point of View: Goosefeather
Preceded: Chapter 4
Next: Chapter 6

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Chapter Number: 5 (of 10)
Page Numbers: N/A

Chapter Summary

Goosepaw's PoV

Goosepaw is reciting and pointing to different herbs in an attempt to memorise them, being guided by Pearnose, a friendly StarClan cat and an ancient ThunderClan medicine cat. Goosepaw mistakes some chickweed for mallow, Pearnose pointing this out before telling him to try again. The young cat whines, flopping over on sun-warmed stone and looking up at the sky, claiming it's too hot him to remember anything and begging Pearnose to tell him a story about LeopardClan instead. Pearnose tells him that he is not a kit anymore and that he does not deserve to be a medicine cat if he doesn't start learning his herbs.
She offers him another herb and asks him what it is and what it is for. He stares at it for a few moments, tossing up between comfrey and chervil before deciding on tansy for treating coughs. Pearnose politely tells him that he is wrong, correcting him by saying it is yarrow to induce vomiting, but praises him for knowing that tansy can be used to treat coughing. Goosepaw insists that his brain has melted because he can't remember anything. Moonpaw walks into the medicine cat den, asking who he was talking to. Goosepaw insists that he was talking to himself, as it helps him to remember his herbs better, but his sister just calls his methods freaky and pointing out that Cloudberry doesn't talk to herself. Goosepaw retorts that he isn't Cloudberry. Stormtail calls out for Moonpaw, causing Goosepaw to see a vision of badger. He tells his sister that Stormtail is looking for her, but she is already bounding across the rock, yowling that she is coming. Goosepaw calls that she shouldn't make it obvious how she feels about Stormtail because it'll only make his head bigger, and she calls back that at least he is normal, asking why her brother has to be so different.





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