Gorseclaw is a cat with an unknown description and gender.


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Code of the Clans

Gorseclaw is an ancient WindClan warrior with an unknown apprentice.
After Featherstar, WindClan's leader, picks Acorntail as her new deputy, one of his first tasks is to assign patrols for the day. New at the process, he assigns Gorseclaw, Cloversplash, and Sheeptail to the patrol.
Cloversplash replies that she, Gorseclaw, and Sheeptail had already done the morning patrol, and says that they should have time for training their apprentices. After being asked to handle the evening hunting patrol instead, Thistlepaw sarcastically replies that Gorseclaw and the others would be more than willing, after training their apprentices all day.


Interesting facts

  • Kate has said that she thinks Gorseclaw is a brown tabby tom with a white belly.[2]


Acorntail: "Gorseclaw, Sheeptail, and Cloversplash, you can go on hunting patrol."
Cloversplash: "We went on hunting patrol this morning. We should have a training session with our apprentices now."
Acorntail: "Oh yes, of course, training. Well, maybe you could take the evening hunting patrol?"
Thistlepaw: "Sure. We’re always in the mood for chasing rabbits all over the place after fighting all afternoon."
—Acorntail about the patrols Code of the Clans, pages 247-248

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