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"I'd easily beat that dumb apprentice over there. Every cat knows he's half kittypet!"
— Harepaw about Berrypaw in After Sunset: We Need To Talk, page 3
Current: WindClan[1]
Mentor(s): Tornear[1]
Apprentice(s): Slightfoot[4]
Deputy Position
Preceded by: Ashfoot[5]
Book Appearances
Living: The Sight, Dark River, Outcast, Eclipse, Long Shadows, Sunrise, Hollyleaf's Story, The Fourth Apprentice, Mistystar's Omen, Fading Echoes, Night Whispers, Sign of the Moon, The Forgotten Warrior, The Last Hope, Dovewing's Silence, Bramblestar's Storm, The Apprentice's Quest

Harespring is a brown-and-white tom.[3]


In the Super Edition Arc

Bramblestar's Storm

Harespring is made deputy of WindClan after Ashfoot's death in the battle against the Dark Forest. He is first seen before a Gathering just behind Onestar as the WindClan cats approach the ThunderClan cats on the lakeshore.
Later Bramblestar spots him with his apprentice Slightpaw, Crowfeather, and Heathertail blatantly trespassing on ThunderClan land, heading towards the stream, but Bramblestar is unable to confront them with only Jessy, a kittypet, with him. The same patrol is chased back across the border by Squirrelflight's patrol. The WindClan cats look disheveled, but none are seriously injured. Harespring stops beside the tree trunk that allows safe passage across the stream, and springs after his Clanmates with a final hiss at the ThunderClan patrol.

In the Power of Three Arc

The Sight

Harepaw, a WindClan apprentice, is first seen at a Gathering when Berrypaw announces that he is going to go talk to him and Hazelpaw follows. He later appears with Graystripe, Millie, and his mentor, Tornear, after having successfully led the dogs away from the WindClan camp, when ThunderClan helps WindClan chase the dogs from WindClan's territory.

Dark River

Harepaw and Breezepaw are seen on a hunting patrol by a ThunderClan patrol, chasing after a squirrel. They are close to crossing the border when Dustpelt steps in and orders them to stop. Surprised, the apprentices skid to a stop and are joined by their mentors almost immediately, who are furious. Harepaw accidentally blurts out that they were using squirrels for prey because there weren't enough rabbits.
During a border skirmish, when two WindClan apprentices chase a squirrel over the border and kill it, Harepaw and Breezepaw are battling against Brightheart, along with the help of Whitetail. Lionpaw takes on Breezepaw, while Harepaw then begins to fight Hazelpaw. The she-cat succeeds in driving him off just before Ashfoot, the WindClan deputy, sounds the retreat. When he runs away, Hazelpaw taunts him, telling him he should go back to the nursery, like a kit.
On a patrol with Tornear, Nightcloud, and Owlwhisker, Harepaw patrols the ThunderClan border when they find a patrol of ThunderClan cats waiting for them. They talk and Tornear agrees to take Leafpool and Jaypaw to their camp to speak with Onestar. Tornear orders Owlwhisker and Harepaw to stay at the border to make sure the remaining ThunderClan cats don't cross the border.


Harespring does not formally appear in Outcast but is listed in the allegiances. Harepaw receives his warrior name, and is now known as Harespring.


While on a patrol with Ashfoot and Owlwhisker, Harespring is the first to confront a ThunderClan patrol that is on their territory. None of the three bother to hide their anger at the patrol, which consists of Brambleclaw, Sandstorm, Brackenfur, and Hollypaw. Harespring streaks over to the cats, stopping just in front of Brambleclaw and hissing at him to stay where he was. Just as the ThunderClan deputy begins to move forward again, Harespring attacks him but is pinned to the ground easily. Brambleclaw releases the young warrior at Ashfoot's request, and then takes his patrol home.
On the raid against ThunderClan, Harespring attacks Lionpaw, just as the WindClan cats begin to appear to attack Lionpaw's patrol, as they are covering up a fox hole that leads into the tunnels that WindClan used to attack.

Long Shadows

Harespring does not formally appear in Long Shadows but is listed in the allegiances.


Harespring does not formally appear in Sunrise but is listed in the allegiances.

In the Omen of the Stars Arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Harespring does not formally appear in The Fourth Apprentice but is listed in the allegiances.

Fading Echoes

While meeting with Tigerstar in the Dark Forest, Breezepelt reports that he can already beat Leaftail and Harespring in training, showing how Tigerstar's training is working very well.
When Dovepaw and Ivypaw sneak into WindClan but are caught by Weaselfur who wakes the Clan up, Onestar comes and orders Harespring to take Leaftail and Owlwhisker to search the area for any more signs of ThunderClan.

Night Whispers

Harespring doesn't make an appearance, but Dovepaw mentions that she can hear Heathertail teaching Harespring a new route.

Sign of the Moon

Harespring does not formally appear in Sign of the Moon but is listed in the allegiances.

The Forgotten Warrior

Harespring is part of WindClan's patrol in the battle in the tunnels, after Sol convinced some warriors to attack ThunderClan, along with Breezepelt, Whiskernose, Weaselfur, Heathertail, and Furzepelt.

The Last Hope

It is revealed that Harespring is training in the Dark Forest when Birchfall tells Ivypool to come with him and Mousewhisker to meet Sunstrike, Larkpaw, and Harespring at the border between WindClan and ThunderClan, to practice battle tactics that they had learned in the Dark Forest.
He is seen scanning the border, looking for Birchfall, Ivypool, and Mousewhisker, when Foxleap comes with Brackenfur and Graystripe yowling at the WindClan warriors, telling Harespring, Larkpaw, and Sunstrike to stay back. Harespring is then showed to be defiant, saying they did not cross the border. He retreats with the other two WindClan cats afterwards.

In the Vision of Shadows Arc

The Apprentice's Quest

At the Gathering, Cherryfall points out Harespring sitting on the roots of the Great Oak, and mentions him to be WindClan's deputy, to Alderpaw and Sparkpaw. Later, when Kestrelflight announces the prophecy at the Gathering, Harespring is the first to speak, wondering what it could mean. Kestrelflight informs him they don't know yet and Harespring is dissatisfied with that answer.

In the Short Stories and Plays

After Sunset: We Need to Talk

On a WindClan patrol, Harepaw and his Clanmates find Crowfeather and Leafpool, at the WindClan border. He mocks Berrypaw for being born a kittypet, and Berrypaw challenges him to a fight, but Brambleclaw and Onestar prevent the fight before it starts. As the patrol leaves, Harepaw mocks Berrypaw once more, stating that he would be ready for Berrypaw the next time they meet.

In the Novellas

Hollyleaf's Story

Harespring does not formally appear in Hollyleaf's Story but is listed in the allegiances.

Mistystar's Omen

Harespring does not formally appear in Mistystar's Omen but is listed in the allegiances.

Dovewing's Silence

Harespring does not formally appear in Dovewing's Silence but is listed in the allegiances.


  • He has been described as a light brown tom.[6]

Character Pixels

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"Isn't there enough prey in ThunderClan territory?"
—Harespring to Brambleclaw, Brackenfur, Sandstorm, and Hollypaw Eclipse, page 97

"We haven't crossed the border!"
—Harespring to Foxleap's patrol The Last Hope, page 66

"Harespring keeps coming home with unexplained injuries."
—Onestar to the other Clan leaders The Last Hope, page 230

Harespring: "And what did he mean by that?"
Kestrelflight: "We don't know."
Harespring: "Well, great."
—Kestrelflight and Harespring after the announcement of the prophecy The Apprentice's Quest, page chapter 3

"Bye, kittypet! I'll be ready for you next time!"
—Harepaw taunting Berrypaw After Sunset: We Need To Talk, page 4

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