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Current: WindClan[1]
Warrior: Hawkfur[1]
Book Appearances
Living: Code of the Clans

Hawkfur is a black tom.[2]


In the Field Guide Arc

Code of the Clans

Hawkfur is an ancient WindClan warrior.
When WindClan is fleeing the battle with RiverClan and a RiverClan warrior stops them, Ryewhisker crashes into Hawkfur because of a sudden halt. While the two Clans are fighting again, Hawkfur aims an attack at Cloudberry, a RiverClan warrior and Ryewhisker's mate, but Ryewhisker shoves him out of the way, and pins him down, saying he won't let his Clanmate hurt his unborn kits. Hawkfur is surprised to hear that Ryewhisker and Cloudberry are having kits, and in disbelief, asks them if it's true.


Cloudberry: "Ryewhisker, you can't do this! We have to fight our own battles!"
Ryewhisker: "You think I'm going to let our kits be harmed by my own Clanmate?"
Hawkfur: "Kits?"
—Ryewhisker, Cloudberry, and Hawkfur during the battle Code of the Clans, page 15

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