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"Something's wrong. My pelt's been itching all day."
— Hawkstar sensing oncoming danger in Code of the Clans, page 95
Current: SkyClan[1]
Leader: Hawkstar[1]
Leader Position
Preceded by: Dewstar[1]
Succeeded by: Robinstar[2]
Book Appearances
Living: Code of the Clans

Hawkstar is a mottled brown tom with orange eyes.[3]


In the Field Guide Arc

Code of the Clans

Hawkstar is an ancient SkyClan leader.
At a Gathering, he asks the ThunderClan leader, Finchstar, how plentiful prey is for him. It is noted that he and the RiverClan leader, Reedstar, are avoiding each other due to the war going on between their two Clans over a strip of shoreline. It is revealed that the former SkyClan leader, Dewstar, died in one of these battles, and the rival Clans are far from forgiving each other for it. They are seen as being quite cruel to one another.
When ShadowClan attacks, Hawkstar leaps into the clearing to help his Clan fight the ambush.


Hawkstar: "How's the prey running, Finchstar?"
Finchstar: "Fast. It doesn't like being out in this weather any more than we do!"
—Hawkstar to Finchstar before the Gathering begins Code of the Clans, page 94

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