But then the wind shifted, and the Twoleg rock caught fire, and then the branch fell and trapped us. We never should have listened to Duskpaw!
Cloudpaw to Hawkpaw in Hawkwing's Journey, page 16
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Chapter Number: 1 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 5-17

Chapter Summary

Hawkpaw's PoV

Hawkpaw is woken from his dream due to Duskpaw's disturbance. Duskpaw explains that Pebblepaw spotted a few Twolegs carrying Twoleg food near the Twoleg greenplace, and their plan was to steal it. Hawkpaw disparages this idea, teasing Duskpaw that he will "turn into a Twoleg." The duo notices that Pebblepaw and Cloudpaw are waiting for them. Hawkpaw declines their invitation, and the other three apprentices leave without him. Annoyed, he attempts to go back to sleep.
Hawkpaw is on a patrol with Ebonyclaw, his mentor. He finds himself worrying about the apprentices that had left earlier that day but quickly disregarded it. Ebonyclaw questions Hawkpaw about a scent in the air, and neither of them can identify it. They catch another scent, and Ebonyclaw recognizes it as fire. The two hurry to check on the fire to ensure the safety of the Clan.
Hawkpaw finds it hard to breathe through the smoke as he hears yowls for help past the fire. Underneath a Twoleg rock is Cloudpaw, Duskpaw, and Pebblepaw. Desperate to save his Clanmates, he darts into the smoke in an attempt to rescue them. Hawkpaw finds himself having to choose between saving Pebblepaw or Duskpaw. Ebonyclaw pulls Cloudpaw from the blaze as Hawkpaw pulls out Pebblepaw. Duskpaw is also saved by Ebonyclaw, but must use extreme effort to move. Pebblepaw and Cloudpaw regret their decision, and Hawkpaw finds himself regretting his own decision of saving Pebblepaw. The patrol make their way back to SkyClan camp.






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