Hawkwing's Journey
Chapter Number: 6 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 65-74
Point of View: Hawkwing
Preceded: Chapter 5
Next: Chapter 7

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Chapter Number: 6 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 65-74

Chapter Summary

Hawkwing's PoV

Hawkwing stares up at the oak tree and he wonders since it forks into three, and a thinner fourth branch, if it was the tree Darktail told them about. He notes that every cat was beginning to wonder if they missed Darktail's landmark, but Billystorm proceeds to say he thinks it's the correct tree. Hawkwing takes a breath, thinking it was the first time speaking to his Clanmates since his outburst of anger, and gestures towards the tree. Waspwhisker points out the thinner fourth branch, and when Hawkwing retorts back, he comments about being a young cat.

They have a voting, and all except Hawkwing say that the tree is the landmark Darktail had mentioned. They then follow the direction of the setting sun, which is low on the horizon and staining the sky red. Hawkwing realizes everyone besides himself is in good spirits, drawing energy from finding the first sign, and believing they were only a short walk from the other Clans. Blossomheart wonders what the other Clans will be like, and if they will be surprised to see SkyClan. Pebblepaw wonders if the Clans will want SkyClan to join them, or if they will drive them out like before. Hawkwing snaps at her, saying that was ages ago, and murmurs under her breath that she is a mouse-brain.
Billystorm ignores Hawkwing's comment, saying that was a sad part of SkyClan's history, and that they did kick them out when SkyClan lost their territory. But he adds that Firestar had told them he regretted doing that, and he assumes that the other Clans feel the same way. Pebblepaw starts to argue but Billystorm cuts her off, saying that they don't know whats going to happen, but StarClan will not lead them astray. The younger cats keep quiet, while Waspwhisker and Billystorm casually chat about Firestar's kin.
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Important Events



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