Were we fools to trust Darktail? Was I a fool to bring him back into our camp?
Hawkwing's thoughts on Darktail in Hawkwing's Journey, page 87
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Chapter Number: 7 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 75-87

Chapter description

Hawkwing's PoV

Hawkwing staggers to his paws to stretch and shakes the dew off his pelt. All night he sat by Billystorm's body keeping vigil, and now milky dawn light is creeping in. Hawkwing feels stiff and light-headed and still is stunned by grief. The wounds he has are throbbing, but he almost welcomes the pain so he can forget about the battle and the uncertain future. It seems impossible the small group thought they were sunrises away from finding the four Clans, and now they just got attacked by badgers.
He wonders if Darktail was wrong about the badger dens if he was wrong about anything else. The gray tabby thinks back to the dispute about the tree split in three, and wonders if he was right and they were currently on the wrong path. He looks at his Clanmates and shakes his pelt, sighing. Among all the questions he has, one thing was undeniable: Billystorm is dead and Hawkwing has no clue what is going to happen now. He wonders about who would have thought that the quest ends up with a cat getting killed.
Blossomheart and Pebblepaw sit pressed against each other on the opposite side of Billystorm's body. At first, Hawkwing can't see Waspwhisker, but the gray-and-white tom limps out from behind a bramble thicket. The tom murmurs that he was looking around and thinks they should move and bury Billystorm since the badgers are so close. Pebblepaw raises her head, disagreeing and saying her mentor should be brought back so they can bury him with his Clanmates. Waspwhisker shakes his head, understanding her but arguing that its too far and his body would attract predators.
Pebblepaw replys with a small murmur of grief and inspects the ground before going over to a tree and scratching the ground. Hawkwing and Blossomheart join her as they struggle to dig a grave for Billystorm, ignoring their own wounds and weariness. Hawkwing can not believe how many bad things have happened, first Duskpaw, now Billystorm. He wonders if bad things will keep happening till they find the "spark that remains". When Hawkwing looks at Pebblepaw, he now sees empathy and understanding, not the hostility that used to be so clear.
The gray tom's heart feels like it's breaking for her, and he can see her paws shaking as he digs her mentor's grave. He relates with her, remembering how he felt when Duskpaw died. They lay Billystorm's body into the grave and cover it. When the task is done the group stands in silent respect as Hawkwing tries to remember the words Echosong said over Duskpaw's body. He wishes him good hunting, swift running, and shelter, then bows his head.
A shaft of sunlight shines on his body, and Waspwhisker believes it is a sign from StarClan. Hawkwing wants to believe it, but it did not comfort him, nor did it comfort Pebblepaw. The cats pad away and Hawkwing wants to speak to Pebblepaw, but can't find the words. He knows that any words, even nice ones, can be another claw at your heart. He goes up the grieving she-cat, thanking her for saving him and Blossomheart.
She stays silent, then spins around, hissing that if she hadn't left Billystorm to help them, he might still be alive. Hawkwing's heart sinks into his belly and he realizes that Pebblepaw has regrets like him, and he knows they have a lot in common. He blames himself for not saving Duskpaw first, and she blames herself for not sticking with Billystorm. Hawkwing wonders if he should talk to her, but instead keeps his mouth shut. Waspwhisker calls the group together, asking the group what to do since they are so close to the badgers.
Hawkwing asks if they should carry on, and Waspwhisker thinks they should. He reminds the others they are only two days away from the other Clans according to Darktail, and asks for anyone else's opinion. Blossomheart agrees with the gray-and-white-tom, and Pebblepaw disagrees, saying it will be disrespectful to Billystorm. Waspwhisker and Pebblepaw argue briefly before Waspwhisker asks for Hawkwing's opinion. Hawkwing, knowing how Pebblepaw feels and wondering if Darktail was wrong about anything else, agrees with the speckled she-cat.
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