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This page has been labeled as a discussion page for a Project.


Warriors Wiki believes in the Wikipedia Pillar of Consensus.

While projects have Leaders, these leaders are not responsible for making every decision in regards to the content of the project pages. In practice, they serve as Chair-person to discussions, and work tirelessly to ensure that consensus is reached while working to ensure that project standards are developed and met.


Frequently project talk pages will be used to facilitate a Vote. These votes will usually be proceeded by a period of discussion.

Votes are used to help bring around consensus, and to ensure that all ideas are considered fairly for the purpose of the project.


Users are always free to bring up concerns or ideas for the project, even if they do not belong to that project. These topics will always be taken seriously by the project staff, and frequently the project will take action to attend to project concerns brought to their attention by an outside source.

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