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"You have been the best deputy a cat could wish for. And you would have led your Clan with the same honor and courage. Every cat knows that."
Spiderstar to Honeyleaf in SkyClan's Destiny, page 5
Current: Loner[1]
Past: SkyClan[2]
Unnamed she-cat
Unnamed tom
Deputy Position
Succeeded by: Sharpclaw[4]
Book Appearances
Living: SkyClan's Destiny

Honeyleaf is a ginger tabby she-cat[2] with green eyes.[5]


In the Super Edition Arc

Firestar's Quest

Honeyleaf does not formally appear, but is mentioned several times by Sky. She is the mother of Lowbranch and was born in SkyClan. Like the rest of the Clan, she was driven out and forced to become a loner. While showing the former SkyClan border to Firestar and Sandstorm, Sky points out a tree stump and says his mother told him her mother remembered when it was a tree.

SkyClan's Destiny

Honeyleaf is the last deputy of ancient SkyClan.
In the prologue, when Swallowflight challenges the decision to fight with the rats, she glares at him and claims that they have to fight, because SkyClan still has its pride. Frostclaw shakily asks what they could have pride in, as they cannot feed themselves, being banished from their home, and there have been no kits born in moons. Honeyleaf bursts out that SkyClan can't be coming to an end, and that she's worked her paws off to be the best deputy she can be, and has never been afraid to fight. Spiderstar says that she would be the best deputy a cat could wish for, and that she would have led her Clan with the same honor and courage. She angrily asks what he means by would have, showing her ambition and pride in her position, but Nightfur cuts her off again.
Honeyleaf is alarmed when Frostclaw admits she's been taking food from Twolegs. She stalks among the cats with an icy glare in her green eyes. She demands to know why they would want to be kittypets, and insists that SkyClan warriors would never do that. Swallowflight agrees with her by saying he'd rather die than go crawling to Twolegs for food.
When cats begin leaving to become kittypets and loners, Honeyleaf is horrified, and she says she'd never thought she would hear a SkyClan warrior reject the warrior code by saying it's just words that can't feed or shelter them. She slides out her claws and it almost seems as though she would attack the gray she-cat who had spoken; instead, she turns her back. She insists that she would never turn into a mewling kittypet, and decides that she will go up the gorge where there might be better hunting. Swallowflight decides to go with her, saying they'd survive better together. Brackenheart gives her some traveling herbs, and she leaves without saying a word to the medicine cat, extremely angry at the entire situation as she does not wish any of her former Clanmates good luck as she leaves. Spiderstar watches their dark outlines slip up the trail and vanish into the oncoming darkness as they leave.

Bramblestar's Storm

Honeyleaf is briefly mentioned by Sandstorm while she is telling Bramblestar about the journey to restore SkyClan. Sandstorm speaks of how Sky knew the ways of a warrior because his grandmother passed the knowledge down to his mother, Lowbranch. Because of that, Lowbranch was able to pass her knowledge onto Sky, keeping SkyClan's memory alive.

Character Pixels

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Swallowflight:[6] Deceased, Verified SkyClan ancestor


Lowbranch:[3][6] Deceased, Residence Unknown


Unnamed she-cat:[3] Status Unknown


Unnamed tom:[3] Status Unknown


Skywatcher:[3] Deceased, Verified SkyClan ancestor
Twig:[3] Status Unknown



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"StarClan has given us the warrior code, and with that comes the courage and skill to defeat our enemies. SkyClan is not defeated yet!"
—Honeyleaf SkyClan's Destiny, page 4

"Then there has to be another answer! Spiderstar, I've tried to be a good, brave, loyal deputy, to you and to SkyClan. I've worked my paws off, and I've never been afraid to fight. I didn't come this far just to watch our Clan die!"
—Honeyleaf SkyClan's Destiny, page 5

"Kittypets? You want to be a kittypet? SkyClan warriors will never do that! It would be the greatest shame of all!"
—Honeyleaf SkyClan's Destiny, page 6

Gray she-cat: "I'll come too. There'll be food and warmth with the Twolegs. The warrior code can't feed or shelter us. It's just words."
Honeyleaf: "I never thought I'd hear a SkyClan warrior say that! The warrior code lives in all of us, when we hunt and fight and give thanks for the life of a Clan cat."
—Honeyleaf in shock over the she-cat's words SkyClan's Destiny, page 7

"My mother's mother was born into the Clan. By the time I was born, SkyClan was no more, but my mother taught me the ways of a Clan warrior."
—Skywatcher to Firestar and Sandstorm Firestar's Quest, page 235

"When the Clans were forced out of the gorge, most of the cats, including my mother's mother, became rogues and loners."
—Sky about his mother’s mother Firestar's Quest, page 238

"No, but his mother’s mother was born into the Clan. She passed down the warrior code to her daughter, who passed it down to Sky."
—speaker SkyClan's Destiny, page 442

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