"StarClan? This is the Place of No Stars."
— Houndleap to Spottedpaw in Spottedleaf's Heart, chapter 5

Houndleap is a little, scrawny black tom with a torn ear-tip.[1]


In the Novellas

Spottedleaf's Heart

When Spottedpaw and Thistleclaw visit the Dark Forest, Mapleshade orders Thistleclaw and Houndleap to fight. The two toms attack each other with claws unsheathed. Thistleclaw slams Houndleap up against a tree and Spottedpaw realizes that she's in the Dark Forest. Mapleshade tells them to stop and then orders Thistleclaw and Rushtooth to battle. He is bleeding heavily and Spottedpaw rushes to grab some bracken to stop the bleeding. She asks Houndleap why Thistleclaw is there. The spiky warrior comes up from behind them and tells her he's becoming a better warrior. Spottedpaw tells him that it's evil and runs away when Thistleclaw doesn't seem to listen.

Character Pixels

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References and Citations

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