"It wasn't your fault those kits fell in. I'm sure they were told over and over to stay away from the gorge."
— Ivystar comforting Graywing after the WindClan kits die in Code of the Clans, page 114

Ivystar is a she-cat[1] with an unknown description.


In the Field Guide Arc

Code of the Clans

Ivystar is an ancient RiverClan leader.
Although shocked at the news, she tells her medicine cat, Graywing, that she had been right not to let the warrior Brindleclaw save the three WindClan kits who had fallen into the gorge, as Brindleclaw could have been lost too. She is sympathetic with Graywing, and tells her to get some rest, saying that she'll have patrols look out for some mallow plants for her herb store.
Later, when Graywing comes rushing out of the medicine den, Ivystar wonders if some cat has fallen ill. She permits Graywing to take a patrol out to look for the dead kits although the information that the patrol will look for the dead kits is unknown to her. She tells Graywing to be careful, as the river is still flooded.


Graywing: "Their poor mother. Such a terrible loss for their Clan."
Ivystar: "And it could have been a terrible loss for RiverClan, too, if Brindleclaw had gone in after them."
—Ivystar after she hears about the kits falling in the river Code of the Clans, page 114

"Do we need herbs so desperately? Has a cat fallen ill?"
—Ivystar questioning Graywing about going out of the camp Code of the Clans, page 117

"Very well. But be careful. The river will still be flooded."
—Ivystar reasoning with Graywing about going out of camp Code of the Clans, page 117

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