The Jouney to the Mountains takes place in Outcast and the beginning of Eclipse, and occurs when cats from each of the Clans have to go the mountains to assist the Tribe.[source?]



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Before the Journey

A group of stranger cats come to the mountains and attack the Tribe. Stormfur, who had joined the Tribe to stay with Brook, suggests Clan tactics to deal with these strangers. A large battle takes place and the Tribe is defeated. Stoneteller blames Stormfur and banishes him. Brook is so loyal to her mate that she left with him too. Both cats travel to the Clans where they settle and stay with ThunderClan.

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The Original Cats And The Apprentices

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An Old Friend

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At The Mountains

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The Intruders

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Boundaries and Training

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The Battle

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Return Home

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Characters that took part in the Journey




The Tribe of Rushing Water


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