"I made the right decision, no, the only decision, when I came back to the hollow. Nothing will threaten my place in ThunderClan again. "
Leafpool's thoughts in Leafpool's Wish, page 19
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Chapter Number: 1 (of 11)
Page Numbers: 13-19

Chapter Summary

Leafpool's PoV

Leafpool tends to Birchpaw's infected eye, much to his displeasure, and she threatens to have Dustpelt come and sit on him if he doesn't stop wriggling. He protests that it stings, and Leafpool skeptically replies that it couldn't be worse than badgers claws'. She squeezes the moss between her paws, and a bead of green juice slips out and into Birchpaw's eye. The medicine cat holds it still while the juice treats the infection.
Leafpool recalls the events of a badger attack that had taken place recently. When she'd arrived, she stood horrorstruck at the edge of the hollow with Crowfeather, watching the scene below. She remembers the sound of small furred bodies thudding to the ground, thrown by gigantic black and white paws; the rumbling of the badgers drowning out the warriors' shrieks. She winces at the memory of battling alongside Crowfeather and seeing Birchpaw get his eye clawed. Leafpool recollects the image of Sootfur and Cinderpelt being killed by the badgers, and instantly feels remorse in remembering Cinderpelt, upset that her mentor died without her. She solemnly thinks that Cinderpelt must have been terrified for the future of ThunderClan without a medicine cat, yet she still refused to leave Sorreltail's side.
She talks to herself in her mind, hoping Cinderpelt can hear her from StarClan when Brackenfur snaps her from her thoughts. Birchpaw grows impatient to leave her den, and Leafpool instructs him that he can't leave the hollow. Brackenfur tells her that Sorreltail sent him to get something to soothe Cinderkit's flea bites, and Leafpool tells Brackenfur that she'll bring something over to the nursery before sunhigh.
Leafpool sees Squirrelflight sharing fresh-kill with Brambleclaw. She feels concerned that she had chosen Brambleclaw over Ashfur and remembers the dream of Tigerstar training Brambleclaw in the Dark Forest.
Leafpool treats Cinderkit with some marigold. The medicine cat falls asleep, wanting to see if Brambleclaw was continuing to be mentored by Tigerstar. She wakes up in the Dark Forest to spot Bluestar, Yellowfang, and Lionheart, three StarClan cats. Bluestar warns Leafpool that she will meet cats that will shape her future. The StarClan cats remind Leafpool that they will always be with her.





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