Leafpool's Wish
Chapter Number: 11 (of 11)
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Point of View: Leafpool
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Chapter Number: 11 (of 11)
Page Numbers: ???-???

Chapter Summary

Leafpool's PoV

Leafpool, Squirrelflight, and the kits had left the hollowed-out tree at sunrise. The forest was cold, and calm, but snow drifts lay under the trees in the denser forest parts. Her kits had stafted out with lots of enthusiasm, but it had faded after becoming tired, with their legs sinking into the snow. Leafpool was exhausted too, full of milk, and an aching sensation in her stomach. Her sister darts from one kit to another, helping the kits from the snow. Jaykit had refused to move, despite Squirrelflight trying to nudge him.
It was sunhigh now, and Leafpool had settled down in a patch of ferns. The queen had told her kits to rest, and while Squirrelflight went to fetch prey, Hollykit and Jaykit snuggled in for milk. Lionkit however, sits up-right, his eyes curious. The tiny golden kit asks where they were headed, and Leafpool replies that they were going to ThunderClan. She tells her son about the hollow, describing it as a place with warm dens, and lots of space to play, with plenty cats. Lionkit looks doubtful for a moment, complaining that he had liked the tree. Leafpool tells him that his Clanmates will need him, as he will grow big and stay there forever.
Squirrelflight returns, carrying a scrawny vole. She shares it with her sister, and when the she-cats finish crunching the bones, Leafpool declares that it was time to go. Jaykit wails in protest, but Squirrelflight suggests to climb on her shoulders, and crouches low enough for him to climb up. Hollykit says it wasn't fair, but Lionkit replies that their brother was shorter, glancing at his fluffy paws. Then he challenges Hollykit to a race, and Leafpool watches as they streak towards a tree, kicking up flecks of snow. She knows her kits are already close, and as long as they had each other, they'd be able to survive anything.
The little group follow the stream, until they were able to see the stretched of grass down to the lake. They head for the ridge above ThunderClan's territory; and there, the snow was melted, so the three kits were sniffing around. Squirrelflight informs her sister that they'd have to cross the border soon, and Leafpool feels sick as she nods. One step would change her life forever, and she'd have to ne a medicine cat again, rather than mother her kits.
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References and Citations

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