"Why did you have to come? Your father doesn't even know you exist. You're going to ruin everything!"
Leafpool to her unborn kits in Leafpool's Wish, chapter 5
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Chapter Summary

Leafpool's PoV

Berrykit is limping into Leafpool's den, and Hazelkit explains that he had stepped on a giant thistle. Leafpool examined his paw, seeing a small thorn in one of his paw pads. Brightheart steps in to deliver the cobwebs she was sent to gather. She is asked to take the thorn from Berrykit's paw, which she does easily.
When the kits leave, Brightheart asks Leafpool if there's something she needs to tell her. Leafpool is uneasy, and asks what she means. The ginger patched she-cat states that she feels as if she is Leafpool's apprentice, doing all of her medicine cat duties. The tabby acts like that was her motive, and asks if Brightheart would like to be her apprentice, but she declines Leafpool's offer and leaves her den, leaving the brown tabby she-cat feeling alone.
Three sunrises later, Leafpool is in her den, mulling over her decisions. She looks up to see Cloudtail carrying Whitepaw's body on his shoulders. She runs over and records that the apprentice's breathing is shallow with a weak heartbeat. Brackenfur explains that Whitepaw was practicing for her assessment, chasing a rabbit, and was found collapsed. Leafpool notices a swelling on the white cat's face, and she asks if the hare had struck her. Thornclaw reveals that it had, and Leafpool states that the hare must've been too large for the apprentice to take on. She also notices that Whitepaw's tail is dislocated. She tells the group to keep the apprentice awake while she snaps the tail back in place. Leafpool is anxious as the ThunderClan cats hold Whitepaw down, but she eventually snaps the bones into place, and the she-cat wakes up, shivering.
Sandstorm approaches Leafpool, congratulating her, but she then asks if anything is troubling her. Leafpool dodges the question and leaves the camp, spotting Crowfeather. He admits that he needs her, and the two share a moment. Leafpool tells him that she is ThunderClan's medicine cat and that their relationship is over, adding that he needs to go back to his Clan, and she won't let him ruin everything again. Crowfeather is heartbroken before going back to his patrol consisting of Nightcloud and other cats. Nightcloud asks who he was talking to, to which he responds that it was nobody important.
Leafpool crawls from her hiding spot, thinking that Nightcloud is the important one now. She wonders if the black tom had lied about wanting to be her mate, and she accepts that she's on her own with her kits. Leafpool believes that though the StarClan cats say they can't do anything, Yellowfang will be able to help her. She plans to beg for advice, for she can't raise the kits on her own.





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