"Leafshine's death is still fresh in our memories."
Heatherstar at a Clan meeting in Tallstar's Revenge, page 30

Leafshine is a she-cat with glossy fur.[2]


In the Super EditionsEdit

Tallstar's RevengeEdit

When the tunnelers are disappointed that none of Mistmouse's kits were chosen to be trained as tunnelers, Heatherstar informs them that she understands, but reminds them that Leafshine's death was still fresh in their memories. Tallkit recalls that he had heard Palebird and Brackenwing talk about Leafshine, who died in the same cave-in that crippled their fellow Clanmate, Lilywhisker.
After Heatherstar decides to stop letting any Clanmates train as tunnelers again, Hickorynose supports her, saying that he did not want his kits to die like Leafshine or Sandgorse.


Interesting factsEdit

  • Kate thinks of Leafshine as a dark brown striped tabby with white paws and pale blue eyes.[2]


"Tallkit had heard Palebird and Brackenwing talking about the tunneler killed by the same cave-in that had crippled Lilywhisker."
—Narrator about Leafshine Tallstar's Revenge, page 30

"I don't want my kits to die like Sandgorse... or Leafshine."
—Hickorynose about Leafshine and Sandgorse's deaths Tallstar's Revenge, page 221

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