"I'm Lightningpaw. With this life I give you humility."
— Lightningpaw giving Crookedjaw one of his lives in Crookedstar's Promise, page 442-443
Current: StarClan[1]
Past: RiverClan[2]
StarClan Resident:
Book Appearances
Dead: Crookedstar's Promise

Lightningpaw is a golden tabby[3] tom[1] with jagged stripes that look like lightning. He has white paws, white splotches on his fur, and orange eyes.[3]


In the Super Edition Arc

Crookedstar's Promise

Lightningpaw is one of the cats who gives Crookedjaw his nine lives. He gives him the life of humility, giving Crookedjaw the feeling that the world is huge, and is surprised to feel that RiverClan is only a tiny speck in the world.

Character Pixels

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