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"So you think the warrior code should tell us how to defend our territories, do you? What kind of leader would be mouse-brained enough to need instructions like that?"
— Lionstar to Rowanstar in Code of the Clans, page 105
Current: ThunderClan[1]
Leader: Lionstar[1]
Book Appearances
Living: Code of the Clans

Lionstar is a massive, ginger tom with long fur.[1]


In the Field Guide Arc

Code of the Clans

Lionstar is an ancient ThunderClan leader.
He meets with SkyClan's leader, Rowanstar, and the Clan's deputy, Nightmask, along with the ThunderClan deputy, Greeneyes, and one warrior, Oddfoot, to discuss why SkyClan cats are always being found at the border. Nightmask greets them in the SkyClan camp and welcomes them to speak with Rowanstar. Greeneyes then accuses them of spying on ThunderClan, and Lionstar says he is too concerned about why there are always SkyClan cats at the border. Rowanstar comes out of his den and replies that there shouldn't be a problem, since the SkyClan warriors are on their own territory. Lionstar argues that all there is at that border is the start of ThunderClan territory. He becomes infuriated, and tells Rowanstar that ThunderClan should not have to patrol its boundaries to keep cats from trespassing. The two leaders argue about the subject and Greeneyes steps in to mention that the warrior code says nothing about it being a Clan responsibility to do so.
One of Rowanstar's warriors, Poppycloud, suggests that it should be part of the warrior code to patrol boundaries daily. Rowanstar believes the idea is great, but Lionstar expresses his contempt, asking if the warrior code should tell them how to defend their territories too. He begins to leave with Greeneyes but Rowanstar calls him back, saying he will put forth the suggestion at the next Gathering. Lionstar asks Rowanstar if he realizes that this way he'll be able to tear the fur off of any apprentice who happens to cross the border, and Rowanstar smoothly replies. Mottlepaw, who had been watching, hides behind some brambles near the apprentices' den as he hears Lionstar saying this. Lionstar spins around and stalks out, saying that they will see what the other Clans think of the idea at the Gathering.


"I am concerned that there are always SkyClan cats on the edge of our territory, and I want to know what they're doing there."
—Lionstar after silencing Greeneyes Code of the Clans, page 104

Rowanstar: "I think you'll find they're on the edge of our territory. So there shouldn't be any problem."
Lionstar: "But there's nothing there. Nothing but the start of ThunderClan's territory."
—Rowanstar and Lionstar arguing Code of the Clans, page 104

"ThunderClan should not have to patrol its boundaries to make sure SkyClan isn't trespassing!"
—Lionstar getting angry at Rowanstar Code of the Clans, page 104
Leader Info
Name From To
Greeneyes Code of the Clans Code of the Clans

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